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what is your favorite sex position?

posted 10/23/2009 4:05:30 PM |
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what is your favorite sex position?

with soooo many to pick from what
is your fave? which is your least fave? and which is the freakiest
one??? ohhh c'mon..don't be'll
be interesting to see what everyone likes and dislikes!

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Oct 23 @ 4:51PM  
there is the well-hung position, but its not recommended
for amateurs. its for men who are very well hung.
swingers do get well hung by those who like
to see people swing from a tree, well hung,
for being real swinging. she was a swinging gal.
so was he, and there they were, so well hung,
and plastered together with krazy glue in her twot.
and his dick glued to her twat, swinging from
a rope from the tree, both heads tied together
in the eternal mystical magical mystery of true blue love.
this was done for a movie, it was a documentary.
to teach people about bein swinging. they were so swung.
swing, swang, swung. but they reached orgasm as
they choked on their own true blue love. for they were true blue,
to being blue in blue movies and disobeyed all the monday thru sunday blue laws.
many were blue to see their faces so blue. suffocationa and asphyxiation
will do that to a face. they phucked till they were blue in the face. so misty blue.
sad really. sniffles. isnt't that too bad.

Oct 23 @ 5:30PM  
In properly

Oct 23 @ 5:36PM  
it was a very sad funeral for the two, so
true blue to blue. all the women
wore pure black, so did the men.
and they were all so blue over
the true blue to blue. sniffles
crying, out and out breakdowns.
but then for the crew of the true blue
to blue film company, wicked pictures
the president and founder felt moved,
and announced that even though
their prize two moneymakers and heroine
and hero had fallen and been swung for
being well hung there was a major
consolation, for the president had
made damn sure, they were insured
with major life insurance. fifty million
dollars worth a piece, and the film
company was saved and so were
all the members of the blue crew.
suddenly, heads began to lift,
they no longer cried, they sighed,
relief. they thought for sure
all was gone, even they themselves.
that never again would there be blue
only p.u. but the funds allotted
by the life insurance policies
enabled wicked pictures
to make forty more of
the best of the wicked.
no rest for the wicked.
even when playing croquet through a wicked wicket.
imagine he pinched her ass, when she leaned
over to smack the croquet ball through the wicket.
ya'd think the jackass would have some manners.
the story of how the president of wicked
pictures took the croquet mallet and
smacked him over the head, killing
him for messing with his dear daughter
devinn lane is another story. but
let's stay with the lorry and laurie.
laurie is a truck drive in this picture
who picks up hitchhikers. against
common sense. guys who like
to hijack trucks and their cargoes.
who will seduce who? she may
get his wallet, and she may be
an undercover united secret service
agent doing a major stung operation.
which will it be?? who will get stung now?
scorpio a time of great stings
on those who were stung by the well hung,
or those about to get well hung.
crime lords do get stung, and hung
by their own petard. a canard you say eh?
yes, bernard shaw was a canard. oddly enuff.
mallard ducks. geese and ganders. gandering? take a gander.
and then what of the viking lander? mars, off to his pad
in mars orbit tonight eh? it being friday. ya better bee home
by tomorrow, mars time. or dad will get mad.

Oct 23 @ 6:54PM  
At this point in my life, ANY position would be my favorite!

My favorite is her on top- that way, she has stimulation control and I get to use my hands and mouth to play with her boobs! But 69 is right up there too- just don't ask me to choose one over the other!


Oct 23 @ 7:49PM  
Personally, I'm a back door man!

Oct 23 @ 9:45PM  


Face down between your legs.

Oct 23 @ 10:44PM  
There's only one position I do not care for.. #78 in the 101 sexual positions.. likely to pull a hamstring in that one.. everything else is my favorite.

Oct 23 @ 11:09PM  
I love the bottom to where she can ride me any way she desires. Love to be grind on till she cums all over me whether she's riding my face, cock, or both.

Oct 24 @ 1:07AM  
Bending me over the back of the couch...gaud I'm so glad I have a couch now but I need to put rubber stoppers under the legs...on a tile floor it manages to somehow end up across the room....

Oct 24 @ 3:56AM  
On top...bent over the kitchen table...or laying on my's ALL good to me. I guess if I HAD to pick just one...I'd have to say I have a special fondness for being on top.

Bending me over the back of the couch...gaud I'm so glad I have a couch now but I need to put rubber stoppers under the legs...on a tile floor it manages to somehow end up across the room....


Oh Softie...that would be my luck too...thanks for the laugh.

Oct 27 @ 11:24AM  
Definitely 69, with her on top

Oct 27 @ 6:47PM  
Anything that manages to be pleasurable for both (or all) parties involved.
I'm reminded of one of the colorful sayings we have in Texas (there are many of them) "head down, butt up, shut up!"
Or..."yeah, I'd turn that down.....face down!"
Anything that doesn't cause a camp! Hate those!

Oct 27 @ 10:38PM  
doggystyle to see your sexy culo bounce like jello as we make love.

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what is your favorite sex position?