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posted 10/23/2009 10:56:29 AM |
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tagged: fuck, opinion, news, sunshine

Should children be part of reality TV/Commercials??

There is an influx of children being used on TV, from commercials selling cars
to reality shows about some mother with 10 million kids.

The reason I ask this is because I just read an atricle on "Ballon Boy". People are sayng his parents set him up for a lifetime of anxiety & depression from making him go along with this hoax & lie to the TV reporters. Here's the link

Should kids be exposed & put on television?? Whether is be for a reality show or for a business selling something, should kids be used?

All I know is, I'm tired of seeing the million used car commercials with these little 5 year olds trying to sell me a car. Sorry, your cute face isn't getting me onto that car lot. Let these kids go be kids.......IMHO

Anybody wanna fuck?

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Oct 23 @ 11:08AM  
I don't have much problem with it unless the kids might be adversely effect. Example Jon and Kate plus 8. My wife used to watch it until the network started as she put it showing favorites. The last one she watched Kate had a back yard movie night and everything went perfect and Jon took the kids fishing or something and everything went wrong. My wife thought it appeared the network helped Kate with everything and did nothing to help Jon. Making Jon look bad to his kids. I thought it was great that Jon put a stop to the show at least for now.

If kids are used in shows or commercials then the kids should get payed and the money should be put in trust funds that the parents cannot touch.

Oct 23 @ 11:14AM  
Kids have been in commercials since TV began, so what.

No comment on reality TV.

Oct 23 @ 11:39AM  
Well if they didn't use kids in some of the commericials they would have a hard time selling their product.............would I like to see children taken out of commericials.......yes I for reality shows like jon and kate, toddlers and tiara's..............I think most of those parents should lose custody of their kids.........they just want the fame and i do believe this will affect them for life.........

Toddler and Tiara's is a showing children that if you are not totally beautiful you have no kids don't have to deal with that already........but lets just dress them up and tell them they have to win or they will be a loser all their life..........cause only looks count....such good lessons to teach toddlers..............

Oct 23 @ 11:44AM  
Common sense I tell ya...just using common sense. But sadly there ain't much of that around anymore.

Oct 23 @ 11:55AM  
I'm far more concerned about little tots such as JonBenet Ramsey being pressured into performing in beauty pageants, than I am with tots in commercials! At least in commercials they get paid, although I presume their parents have control of what happens to the money- which also concerns me, being how greedy some people can be!


Oct 23 @ 1:15PM  
I don't have much problem with it unless the kids might be adversely effect

If kids are used in shows or commercials then the kids should get payed and the money should be put in trust funds that the parents cannot touch.

That's how I feel about it too!

Oct 23 @ 1:16PM  
The commercials don't bother me depending on the product they are trying to sell. I mean they do better with baby food using babys right? I couldn't see a commercial with an adult eating baby food lol, might be funny but still.

Jon and Kate + 8.. ANNOYING and I seriously think those porr kids are being used by both parents. More Kate then Jon IMO. To me , they used thier kids to gain fame for themselves and I am sick of hearing about them and thier shit.

The show Dayna is talking about I have never seen, but sounds like a bad thing for the kids. Reality shows shouldn't be for parents to get famous, make money and make a name for themselves using thier own children.

Oct 23 @ 1:17PM  
opps spell check.. Meant POOR not porr .. lol

Oct 23 @ 2:28PM  
Commercials.. no big shit.. Reality TV... first, unless it's on discovery, nat geo, Food Network or HGTV.. no such thing as reality TV.

And NO.. children should not be exploited for the parents to have their fifteen minutes of fame.

Oct 23 @ 3:45PM  
Commercials? Yes, that's been going on since tv began. Advertisers want kids to encourage parents to buy their products, they're going to use kids to get kids attention.

Shows like Toddlers and Tiara's...I think shows like that would be harmful. But, that's my opinion. I've never seen Jon and I'm not going to say anything on that.

Oct 23 @ 4:23PM  

Kids ?? I'm not sure but I think I use to be one.

Oct 23 @ 5:47PM  
Commercials yes.."reality" TV, no
With the exception of the stupid kid who throws away his rollover minutes..
That stupid little fucker should be slapped up along side the head by mama!

Oct 23 @ 10:50PM  
I'm fine with kids being in commercials. I'm not okay with them taking part in reality T.V.

I personally know a few kids who have been able to use the money they made from doing commercials when they were younger for their college education. The money was set aside in a trust and the parents couldn't touch it. It was a win-win situation for them.

Oct 23 @ 11:15PM  
I don't have a problem with them doing commercials, but as far as reality tv, it really depends on the type of show and the people involved.

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