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Hot couples??????

posted 10/21/2009 9:19:44 PM |
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Ok, what is with these young "hot couples"????? I got 2 emails today from couples in their 20s looking for a "woman only" to join them for a 3sum...there is nothing at in in my profile to indicate that i am bisexual, and at my age, I think if i wanted a woman, I would have tried by now...let alone, why would I want to be a third wheel with a couple...

these "happy" couples are really getting annoying!!! if they are so happy together, why are they searching for another...crap, I cant even find a man for myself, they have each other and its still not enough!!!

geezzz...and I thought horny men were obnoxious!

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Oct 21 @ 9:28PM  
crap, I cant even find a man for myself, they have each other and its still not enough!!!

AFREAKINGMEN!!!!!! I hear ya!

But there again........people don't read the profile AND probably wouldn't make a difference if they actually did though! what is wrong with people?! Some are just stuck on stupid!

Oct 21 @ 9:31PM  
Good to see you posting again, sorry for it being this subject. I can't speak to this with firm knowledge. But when it comes to the ads looking for the FMF package deal thing, the theories are that it is largely the man posting it as the lady or the woman is the sub. Often the women are attractive and the man, not so much. But don't put too much weight into what I am saying. Much of what I convey is based upon responses people have given over the years to blogs like yours.

Oct 21 @ 9:34PM guess is that the female doesnt even KNOW what he is trying to conjure up...i had one "woman" from a couple emailing...i could just sense that it was the male of the couple...

Oct 21 @ 9:56PM  
Aww hell, face it girl, they just want your hot blonde bod! You can always just take it as a compliment, and move on! lol But yeah I think you're right, so many times it's the guy that is gonna try like hell to convince his wife/gf/so to play after he convinces you! Hang it there, better times will be along any day now!

Oct 21 @ 10:00PM guess is that the female doesnt even KNOW what he is trying to conjure up...

I'm absolutely convinced that's true at least half the time.

Oct 21 @ 10:09PM  
From a different view here. My husband and I , talked about doing this to be honest. Funny thing is. it was MY idea, not his. I like women though and he is the shy partner. Tried to get him to talk to other females on a differnet website to no avail, I had to do it all. We never did anything more then talk. It was something I wanted to try and didn't want to do it alone without him and leave him out, if that makes sense. Not that he isn't enough for me, I adore him, love him and consider myself damn lucky to have him, but the fact is he can't be both male and female for me. Sometimes I wonder if it is more of a fantasy for me then anything else. Just talking about it turns me on and we end up having awesome sex. JMO.

Oct 21 @ 10:24PM  
Let me explain my perspective. I have known women who would be into it. But they would be into a threesome or full swat in the heat of the moment during a hot interlude supplemented by a couple of bottles of pinot grigio. Bring it up straight when not naked, no way.

Many intimated that being with a woman was intriguing or desired, but not a package deal with the other woman's man. I tend to think (now this entirely speculation on my part), that they would have been much more open to the idea after they had pleasurable one on one, or FMF encounters with me.

They were unenthused about engaging in an interlude with some guy that they didn't know. I feel it involves trust and comfort zone. My take may be worth a penny but I doubt two cents. Point being that these things probably have a better chance of succeeding if the women hook up first before any men enter into the equation.

Oct 21 @ 10:34PM  
I just consider the source and hit block or delete. Not like I am going to switch at this point in my life. The strangest one was a guy who wanted me to be with him and his bi boyfriend. I said a polite no thank you then blocked him when he tried to talk me into it. Takes all kinds to make a world and we sure have them on this site.

Oct 21 @ 10:46PM  

Look in the mirror girl; Why wouldn't they want you.?

Oct 22 @ 12:16AM  
But when it comes to the ads looking for the FMF package deal thing, the theories are that it is largely the man posting it as the lady or the woman is the sub.

I'm going with that since I get a good deal of "happy couples" too

Oct 22 @ 2:32AM  
I had that happen to me a few times. It was really disgusting. . This woman I was dating her cousin wanted a threesome and he was a guy (Yuck). Can you say INCEST. I'm not joking. After I heard that I stop talking to her. That really grossed me out. Then once on this site, I had a guy and gal approach me for a threesome.I jokily sent them a pm that said I'd do your woman, but you have to be out of the country. I didn't get a reply back. She was pretty hot too, but I seriously wouldn't have fucked her. That really freaked me out cause he wanted to do me to. I'm not gay. I've had a few guys hit on me in my life. It was disgusting. I don't have a problem with gay people, but that made me ill.

Oct 22 @ 8:43AM  
My answer is very similar to Taisen's. Not that I would call us a "hot couple" lol....that sounds silly to me

My husband and I have been with another woman once and I had a "relationship" with her for a few months, but it just sort of dissipated. It was really more for me than for him (not that he didn't enjoy it!), but when it's all said and done, it was a lot of work for him (LOL! Truly!). He and I would much rather just have each other....if another women comes along in the future, that's cool. If not, no biggie. Doesn't matter to us because we are both very happy with each other in and out of the bedroom

As for the "hot couples", well a lot of them probably are the men looking instead of the women (and it should be the women looking and not the men when it comes to that). They probably want to have that experience and some of it is probably just a fantasy for them, but they will find that it's not easy to find a single woman who is willing to be the third wheel in that situation and you will notice a lot of times they will be complaining about how they cannot find a woman to join them......DUH!

Oct 22 @ 10:37AM  
A hot couple ? Wouldn't you get burned in more ways than one?

Oct 22 @ 11:35AM  
I think for a lot of guys this is the Holy Grail of sexual fantasies and they become obsessed with it. And the truth is when it finally happens it can never live up to what it has been built up to be.

Oct 22 @ 4:05PM  
aww I dunno about hot but I'm part of one of those couples.. in fact that's how come I came here in the first place.. G said.. hey .. check this site out.. and i did.. arentcha glad?

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Hot couples??????