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posted 10/21/2009 7:13:00 PM |
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Just when I thought I was starting to feel almost nearly human again.. I woke up this morning with my head pounding and stuffed solid.. coughing and choking and sore throat.. I am soooooo OVER this shit.. would it hurry up and be over me????

Yes, damnit, I do want sympathy... LOTS of sympathy.. and someone to come do these damned dishes cuz I can't stand up long enough.. almost passed out making juice from concentrate.

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Oct 21 @ 7:23PM  
I'd come over and do your dishes for you but my daughter left me with a mountain of dishes to do when I got home just so I could fucking cook! I'm hotter than hell!
Back to you though.... awwwwwwwwwwww poor baby!!! *rubbing your hair* Here's some vitamin C's ! Lots of them! Chicken broth! I'll make you a nice warm cup of it!! Feed a cold, smother a fever!! Eat Eat Eat something! Even if you don't want to eat! Make that cold go away!!!!!!

I hope you get feeling better again soon Skwirl!!!!! Think some nuts might help!??!?

Oct 21 @ 7:44PM  
Think some nuts might help!??!?

That might depend on who's they are

Hope you feel better soon

Oct 21 @ 7:56PM  
Hot toddy with rum, black strap molasses and sweet lemon coming up

Oct 21 @ 8:01PM  
A nice hot cup of herbal tea with honey, but I think luna has a good idea with the run... or maybe cognac/brandy... even a wee dram of nice smooth whiskey would be good.

Wish I were there to clean up the kitchen and make some yummy chicken soup for you. Hope you feel better soon!

Oct 21 @ 8:08PM  
The thought of a flu extending out to like three weeks now is like spinning through Dante's stages of hell in slow motion.

Oct 21 @ 8:40PM  
I will be happy to pass you the bottle of Irish Whiskey. May not get rid of the flu but drink enough of it and you won't care. Actually some coffee with a little whiskey in it will help with the breathing.

Oct 21 @ 9:10PM  
I know I sent you this in private email but thought others might benefit from it as well. I got this "home remedy" in an email, and it's supposed to work very quickly.
Clean and peel an onion, slice thick slices and place them against the bottom of your feet. Slip on cotton socks over them and sleep with them on your feet. Supposed to "suck" all the toxins and poisons out of your body overnight. OR if you can't bear to sleep that way, clean an onion and stick a fork in the side of it. Place the handle of the fork in a glass so that it holds the onion upright over the glass. Set the glass on bedside table or floor beside your bed. It is supposed to absorb all the germs and toxins from the room overnight. Sounds crazy I know but if you've tried all the traditional remedies, and they aren't working that well, can't hurt!

Oct 21 @ 9:10PM  
it could be a secondary infection...sinus, most likely...perhaps see the dr...

Oct 21 @ 9:16PM  
Clean and peel an onion, slice thick slices and place them against the bottom of your feet. Slip on cotton socks over them and sleep with them on your feet. Supposed to "suck" all the toxins and poisons out of your body overnight.

I recall over the years hearing this from at least a couple of people that swear by it. I have never tried it myself though. They are/were people I did not consider to be kooks.

Oct 21 @ 9:27PM  
A bedtime lullaby just for you. Ok everybody lets sing to Sammy.

Rockabye Skwirly in the treetop
A cool clothe for your brow and a rag for your snot.
A blankie for warmth and a shot of hot rum
we'll tuck you in with a pat on the bum.
Vicks salve for your chest (OMG I am blushing)
Bed pan for your 'stuff' I ain't doin' flushing!
But we'll all gather 'round and the blankets we'll tuck
We'll stand back and smile and say...
Wanna fuck?

How's that?

Oct 21 @ 9:59PM  
We'll stand back and smile and say...
Wanna fuck?

If that doesn't heal her, nuthin will!!!

Oct 21 @ 10:16PM  
Great poem Softie! Hell that even made me feel better!!!!

Oct 21 @ 10:20PM  
awwwwwwwww Poor Skwirl!!!!!!!!! *gives hugs*. I'd do your dishes but you're on the other side of the country. All I can do is offer you these

And hopefully you can get rid of this damned flu once and for all. Get some more rest, and take your vitamin C, stay hydrated, and I agree with Pink...chicken broth, drink plenty of it.

Oct 22 @ 12:22AM  
Hang in there, Sam, it won't last forever

Oct 22 @ 2:39AM  
Stir some powdered cayenne pepper in a full glass of water & suck it down. It usually is a temporary fix for the stuffiness. I don't think a mans root oil would be the cure. That's all I got so get better there Sam.

Oct 22 @ 3:59AM  
I just got my flu shot today and I've never seen so many sick people in one place. There was a big sign that said ...if your sick go home...yeah fat chance of that...Now I gotta go back next week and get the H1N1 shot..if I'm not too sick by that time...shit ..its like walking into a mine field of virus...I guess its called ..share the misery. Now they are saying by next year the virus will mutate and a second round of vaccine will be needed...fuck ...does it ever end? We eat cow's, and stuff...the virius eats us...everything eats gawd ...what a nightmare. Now when I watch the nature shows I think ..I wonder what little virus is stalking me now....its enough to give ya the creeps ...its like a bad acid trip..

Anyways ...sorry for the bitching Sqwirl...I'm gonna send some healing thoughts your way right now....

Oct 22 @ 8:23AM  
My mom swears by vicks on the bottom of your feet.

I like Hot Damn Cinnamon Schnapps and hot apple cider.

Oct 22 @ 8:31AM  
Get better soon skwirly girl!!! I had the flu and my right ear is still messd up....can't hear anything in that ear!!

Oct 22 @ 8:48AM  
Awwww poor lil Skwirly.....Get well soon!!!
I think that I have that "Pig Shit" also...... it friggin Sucks!!!

Oct 22 @ 8:54AM  
I'm sorry to hear that......I hope you starting feeling better real soon

Oct 22 @ 9:46AM  
Come here Skwirly Girl, I'll wrap some wool around you and keep you comfortable until that nasty shit goes away..............

Oct 22 @ 1:32PM  
I am so sorry your sickness has extended to weeks of suffering. I am not sure what to tell you to do or how to offer you any assistance? You better go to the doctor honey, it sounds like you might have phemonia. Please take care of yourself and make a moe to get help! I hear the pain in your words and it scares me!

Oct 22 @ 3:59PM  
You's guys rawk. I don't feel up to twenty thank yous so I'm just gonna say one big one.. yeah I'm seein Doc in the morning.. I think my sinuses are infected cuz I smell onions and no I ain't got em on my feet.. but I do remember my mom doing that with high fevers.. I think it worked.. I'll think about it.

Today is some better cept my damned nose won't stop doing icky stuff.. gawd.. I'd kill for the ability to take sudafed right now. I can't take that stuff cuz it makes my heart jump around.. can't take most cold n flu meds.. sigh... saline nose rinses and that's about the size of it.. every once in a while I get desperate and swig some nyquil and pay for it the next day.. but ugh.

I got almost all my dishes done today.. dangit.. now someone come do laundry and I'll be set..

loves ya all.. but thru glass so yas don't get sick too.

(BTW: Doc says the reason I'm having such a rough case of it is cuz I have a compromised immune system.. psoriasis, diabetes and arthritis are all autoimmune diseases.. so if you have any of em.. you might wanna demand the shot)

Oct 22 @ 5:59PM  
Hey Skwirly...coming over now to do all your laundry. I'm one of those sick puppies who actually likes doing's my "thinking time". I've made a lot of important decisions while folding the towels.

Anyway...I hope you start feeling better real soon. I personally do sinus rinses all the time and they're suppose to help a lot. You should rinse multiple times a can't overdose on them and it helps clear out all that gunk.

Take it easy and gathering nuts for you missy...we'll send the guys out to stock up okay?

Sending you a greenie just because.

Oct 22 @ 7:04PM  
Just for future reference what's a sinus rinse?

I feel so bad that you feel so bad. I don't like it when my Skwirl is sick, so you have to get better soon, and I mean quick dammit!

I love you, virtual huggs and kisses coming your way.

Oh for the congestion my mom swears by Vick's vaporub, put a lil under your nostrils and some on your chest. Doesn't smell the best but it does work.

Oct 22 @ 11:28PM  
Just for future reference what's a sinus rinse?

A sodium chloride/sodium bicarbonate mixture that you dissolve in distilled water and use to rinse your sinuses out when they get clogged. I use NeilMed Sinus's available about most of the major drug stores.

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