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I just wanted to get laid

posted 10/21/2009 8:21:21 AM |
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I ran into this guy Mon. night I dated back when I was 17. He asked if he could take me to dinner and I said yes after I had put my parents to bed. So we went out and then we went back to my place for a drink. Well one thing lead to another and we had each other down to our underwear. Then there was a big knock at my door.....My sister had a fight with her hubby. I told her this is not a good time . She just pushed her way in and needless to say I did not get laid....Please someone just shoot me

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Oct 21 @ 8:52AM  
Please someone just shoot me

Based upon this blog and previous ones that you have posted, I tend to think that the optimal solution might be for someone to just shoot you sister instead.

Oct 21 @ 9:17AM  
What ^he^ said!!!! Your sister sounds like a pain in the ass!!!

Oct 21 @ 9:26AM  
I agree with them ^^^^

Oct 21 @ 9:53AM  
Please someone just shoot me

Funny, shooting your sister was also the first thought that came to my mind! Put everyone out of their misery!

Oct 21 @ 9:55AM  
I tend to think that the optimal solution might be for someone to just shoot you sister instead.

LMAO, what Bruce said!

Oct 21 @ 9:56AM  
Wow we are all on the same wavelength here this morning................I agree shoot the sister instead............

You know I have a suggestion.........I have always hated unexpected company. So when I lived with my late husband and after by myself I had this policy. If you don't call prior to coming over, I am not answering the door. I don't care if you can hear the TV or music playing, I really don't care if you can see me thru the window.........if you can't be courteous enough to call prior to coming over, that I won't be courteous enough to answer the door. People learn real quick to call before they come over. I live with my daughter now and I don't feel right about doing that because she has friends too...........but if I lived by myself it would still be a policy in place.

Your sister thinks her life is so wonderful and so busy that she can't help out with your parents............well than she needs to take that perfect life ass home and deal with her husband. Where would she have gone if you hadn't moved don't owe her a damn thing. Tell her from now don't call...........I don't answer the door..................and ignore her knocking.........JMO

Oct 21 @ 9:59AM  
I may be out of line here, I know very little of your situation. Just what I read here. But you need to set some boundaries with your sister. Showing up at your door unannounced is not cool. Pushing her way in is not cool. You need to tell you sister to back the hell off and give you some space. She sounds like a spoiled brat.

Oct 21 @ 10:04AM  
Please someone just shoot me
I know how you feel in this situation... I wish I had the perfect answer to solve all of these problems.

One of the few things that worked for me was to develop a VERY strong backbone. I would talk with my sisters reasonably, but when they wouldn't cooperate I didn't let them run over me. I learned to say NO. One of the rules was 'do not come to my house without calling first'! If she shows up on the door step you do not answer the door (unless her hubby is chasing her with an axe). Your sister and brother won't like it, but it may be the only way they will learn.

Establishing boundaries and scheduling alone or companion time is essential. I hope you can find a way to surmount this situation. Peace to you.

Oct 21 @ 10:43AM  
I am pretty sure that the home in question is their parents' house, not hers. That makes a very big difference. If I am wrong about whose home it is, delete my comment with my apologies in advance.

Oct 21 @ 10:46AM  
Never mind, I am wrong.

Oct 21 @ 12:59PM  
the optimal solution might be for someone to just shoot you sister instead.

I personally have always put friends and family first, so you could have put him to bed and woke him up with some nice oral stimulation after you got rid of your sister.

Oct 21 @ 1:08PM  
I'd kinda welcome the idea of being in that situation for a change! But, I agree with the statements here! It's disrespectful to just pop in on someone's residence, family or friend, without calling first!

On the other hand, a person who does things like that, probably wouldn't mind being interrupted, during the process of being strangled, for reasons like that!


Oct 21 @ 1:15PM  
I don't have any sisters or brothers, but anyone who pushed their way into my house like that would not have their feet touching the floor until they were back on the other side of that door which would then be locked not to be answered again. I would not care if they were the family, the pope or the president, rude is rude.

Oct 21 @ 2:29PM  
Does your place have more than one room?
All you have to do, is tell 'sis that your gonna go get you some, so she should
not bother knocking on your bedroom door, or bathroom, kitchen, living room,
or wherever you feel like getting lucky. A trampoline in the back yard can occasionally be fun.
Besides, if she gets frisky, she can always get some Make-up sex from her hubby.

Oct 21 @ 3:19PM  
Did 40DWM say trampoline? OH YEAH!

Oct 22 @ 1:58PM  
I don't know about you kids, but if someone knocks on my door and I didn't know they were coming over I don't answer the door.

Oct 22 @ 3:38PM  
By all of your blogs, Just kill the bitch she's the root of all of your problems you'll feel so much better , at least not as stressed.....

Just show her my post and say "I've been contemplating this I believe it's sound advice" .....aah hell mine wouldn't why would yours, some people are clueless

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I just wanted to get laid