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Can you name a tv show or movie with the setting set in Chicago?

posted 10/20/2009 9:26:23 PM |
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tagged: fun, game, entertainment, straddle

Can you name a tv show whether it would be a comedy or a drama, or a movie with the setting set in the city of Chicago? I was on the phone the other night with a friend and this topic came up for whatever reason. I named off such shows as Punky Brewster, Perfect Strangers, and Family Matters. With movies, these would include The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller's Day Off to name a few. How many can you come up with?

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Oct 20 @ 9:30PM  
Full House??

Oct 20 @ 9:31PM  
Oops.....that was San Francisco.......

Oct 20 @ 9:32PM  
wasn't ER set in chicago?

Oct 20 @ 9:35PM  
Oops.....that was San Francisco
Yep, that was San Fran.

wasn't ER set in chicago?
Yeah, I believe so

Oct 20 @ 9:38PM  
Home Alone (I love that movie!)

Blues Brothers

Oct 20 @ 9:39PM  
Okay, I'm not sure about these tv shows, so anyone correct me if I'm wrong. Different Strokes, Good Times, Gimme a Break, and Silver Spoons.

Oct 20 @ 9:46PM  
studs lonigan (1960)starring christopher knight and venetia stevenson.
prohibition and depression era chicago. me and eileen were in the movie
as kids. i was 9 she was 7. we were in the merry go round scene, filmed
at griffith park she was lucy, i was studs as kids. lotsa of it got edited
out to for perverts in denmark. the book is pretty racy. it was different
than the movie. james farrell wrote the book. an american classic.
laverne and shirley was about chicago too.

Oct 20 @ 9:48PM  

Uncle Buck

Adventures In Babysitting

Never Been Kissed

Childs Play

Tommy Boy

Good Times

Married With Children

ummmmmm.......that's all for now, lol

Oct 20 @ 9:51PM  
laverne and shirley
Actually Whapper, that show was suppose to be in Milwaukee. Later on they changed it to Hollywood for the setting.

Oct 20 @ 9:52PM  
According to Jim
The Untouchables
(both TV shows)
Any gangster flick involving Al Capone

Oct 20 @ 9:53PM  
Married With Children
Damn, how could I have forgotten about this tv show.

Megan, wasn't all John Candy movies pretty much set in Chicago? Well, except for when he was in Stripes with Bill Murray.

Oct 20 @ 9:53PM  
Christmas Vacation

Oct 20 @ 9:54PM  
My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Adventures in Babysitting (I just love this movie lol)

The Breakfast Club

Wildcats (LOVE Goldie Hawn)

The Sting

Sixteen Candles

Plane, Trains and Automobiles (hilarious)

Hmmm... I'm thinking I'm thinking!!

Good blog Shawn!

Oct 20 @ 9:55PM  
I just love According to Jim .. he's such an insensitive pig!!

Hill Street Blues was set in Chicago... I used to love that show!

Oct 20 @ 9:56PM  
Childs Play 2
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Risky Business
Wild Cats
While You Were Sleeping

There's a few I could come up with.

Oct 20 @ 9:59PM  
Thanks, Donna!

I think Richard Pryor's "The Toy" and "Moving" was suppose to be set there too.

What about Rodney Dangerfield's "Easy Money" and "Back to School"?

Oct 20 @ 10:00PM  
TV Shows:

Chicago Hope....c'mon, how can you not get that one? It's in the name.
Due South
Kolchack The Nightstalker....My Mom loved that show
Perfect Strangers

Oct 20 @ 10:05PM  
Sisters (chick show for sure) lol

Isn't Jerry Springer in Chicago?

Oct 20 @ 10:05PM  
i thought it was chicago. i stand corrected.
i only watched laverne and once or twice for fifteen minutes.
do you realize how many shows have come and gone
since movies have been developed. silent films etc.
not to count documentaries, and films for educatoinal
purposes for schools. and how about amateur filmings.
and home videos and home movies. ever have friends
over to watch home movies of your latest trip to the market?
when gasoline gets to 35 cents a gallon, then 'the troubles' will stop.
till then, heap big plenty trouble everywhere, for everyone.
my favorite chicago tv show was married with children,
starring christina applegate, the main reason i watched the show,
and bud, al and peggy, and the guy who made bank loans next door
and his wife, and then her new husband, the don johnson type
who turned kelly(christina applegate) in to a pool shark.
i liked the episode where al, lifetime career shoe salesman
has an amazing business idea, to sell 'god's shoes'.
buys tv advertising plans on goin world wide with his idea.
that's kinda like everyone's hero, joe karbo who wrote 'the lazy man's
way to riches' he sold millions of copies of his book. only ten dollars.
had an amazing daytime tv advertising blitz in the mid 1970's.
i bought a copy. he had been a brooklyn cab driver and in february
he hadn't had a cab fare since november, and he came home
to the flat and his wife said, look joe we got a new pony.
and there was horse shit all over the apartment. so he
got the kids and wife, stole the taxicab and moved to los
angeles, ca and using his mother's heirloom diamong
and pulling a connection with a cousin, he became
world famous and filthy rich. all his kids became
m.d's. and his wife became a social worker.
he spends his days at the beach, surf fishing
and listening to barbara streisand cd's on his portable cd player.
being a consummate con man, often beats freezing to death in the snow.

Oct 20 @ 10:08PM  
Well that was a quick rundown by Whapper!

Pretty good too actually!

Oct 20 @ 10:26PM  
Chicago Hope....c'mon, how can you not get that one? It's in the name.

Awww took my answer!

Which btw, I cannot believe it took you guys this long to even mention it in the comments. You guys are slipping tonight.


Oct 20 @ 10:33PM  
Perfect Strangers

I Balki Bartakomous

Married With Children

Hell yeah

Oct 20 @ 10:41PM  
Plane, Trains and Automobiles (hilarious)

Planes, Trains and Automobiles
That is one of my favorite flicks. I thought of it, but didn't feel it qualified as the whole movie is about trying to get to Chicago. Only the last five minutes or so is in that city.

With Moving, it is the same thing only the opposite. Only the first 20 minutes or so is in Chicago, the rest is about after they move to Chicago. The movie was pretty boring after they moved.

Here is another one. From the late eighties, Crime Stories starring Dennis Farina.

Oct 20 @ 10:41PM  
thx pink toe nails. now here's a strange one.
can straddle your nose, with his superior
intellect invent the 'thought camera'. it
takes pictures of thoughts. movies and stills.
it can also with attatchment, police thoughts.
giving punishments for bad thoughts or good thoughts
as programmed to do. in effect it can be attatched
to a satellite and 'read' and 'police' all thoughts
within a radius of ten thousand miles. can you invent that straddle your nose?
oddly enuff, some say it was developed in the soviet union by the soviet union.
and the americans have it deployed up in space as i type. maybe you
straddle your nose can invent a better one. a better system. of thought
control and thought policing and photographing of thoughts and ideas
from imagery to words to all types of thoughts. good luck. go now, invent.

Oct 20 @ 10:43PM  
the rest is about after they move to Chicago

Oops, make that Idaho.

Oct 20 @ 10:44PM  
The Fugitive with Tommy Lee Jones

My Best Friend's Wedding with Julia Roberts

Backdraft with Kurt Russell

The Negotiator with Bruce Willis

About Last Night with Demi Moore

Lake House with Sandra Bullock

The Breakup with Jennifer Aniston

Wayne's World with Mike Meyers

The new Batman movie is currently being filmed in Chicago now.

Yes...I'm a huge movie geek.

Good blog Shawn.

Oct 20 @ 10:45PM  
That is one of my favorite flicks. I thought of it, but didn't feel it qualified as the whole movie is about trying to get to Chicago. Only the last five minutes or so is in that city

Bruce honey, sorry to call you out but... can you not just give it a rest sometime? Or do you always feel like you have to put a damper on things?!?!??! I just don't get it with you! Let it go man! Enjoy the moment!

oh.. and................ ..............just cuz!

Oct 20 @ 10:54PM  
sorry to call you out but...

Then don't. Damn lady!

I am just talking true along with explaining why I didn't cite it early in the blog. I had been enjoying the moment popping in and out when I thought of another show. Well, I was until until you piped up. I love ya, PN, but pullease, you give it a rest.

I'll catch you all later, have fun and have a nice night.

Oct 21 @ 2:05AM  
About Last Night with Demi Moore

And Rob Lowe...that was going to be one of my answers...

While You Were Sleeping

The Good Wife

Not sure about these:

shoot...forgot which ones I was thinking of. My inner clock is off...I need to get some sleep and adjust it...

Oh, St. Elmo's Fire and Mannequin? Like I said, not sure...


Oct 21 @ 2:22AM  
Maybe...Homicide?...maybe an old show with Bruce Willis and Cybill Shephard called Moonlighting?

Oct 21 @ 2:26AM  
One of the brand spankin new shows "The Forgotten" is in Chi-town.

I can't think of any others that no one else has mentioned right at this moment.

Oct 21 @ 3:48AM  

Oct 21 @ 4:26AM  
I worked on a movie called "A Family Thing" with James Earl Jones (aka Darroth Vador from Star wars) and Robrt Duvall. We made part of it in Chicago.

Oct 21 @ 6:49AM  

If you mean Homicide, Life on the Street, it was one of my favorite shows in the nineties and was set in Baltimore.

Oct 21 @ 7:49AM  
Tv shows: "Wonder Years" and "It's your Move" (in 1984 for one season)

Movie: "Pretty in Pink"

Oct 21 @ 8:47AM  

The Tramp and the Dog
Corner Madison & State Streets, Chicago
A Chicago Street
Illinois Central Terminal
Soldiers at Play
Lincoln Park
Chicago Police Parade
Dewey Parade
Gans-McGovern Fight
Chicago Fireboats on Parade
A Hot Time on a Bathing Beach
Business Rivalry
Chicago Fire Run
The Girl in Blue
Trip Around the Union Loop
View of State Street
Humpty Dumpty
The Tramp Dog
The Tramp and the Dog
An Awful Skate/The Hobo on Rollers
The Grafter
The Dancing Night
The Confession
The Baseball Fan
Gotch-Hackenschmidt Wrestling
The Count of Monte Cristo
Hunting Big Game in Africa
Ten Nights in a Barroom
The Magic Melody
Levi's Dilemna
Gotch-Zbyszko Wrestling Match
Henry's Package
The Wizard of Oz
Hank & Lack: Lifesavers
The Coming of Columbus
Winning an Heiress
Nepatia, The Greek Singer
Brotherhood of Man
The Starbucks
Famous Illinois Canyons and Starved Rock
The Jungle
The Pit
Joliet Prison
Chicago Herald Movies
The Adventures of Kathlyn
Golf Champion Chick Evans Links with Sweedie
Dreamy Dud, a Visit to Uncle Dudley's Farm
Dreamy Dud at the Old Swimmin' Hole
Dreamy Dud, Cowboy
Dreamy Dud, Goes Bear Hunting
Dreamy Dud Sees Charlie Chaplin
Dreamy Dud in King Koo Koo's Kingdom
Dreamy Dud Lost in the Jungle
Dreamy Dud in Love
Dreamy Dud in Swim
Dreamy Dud Resolves not to Smoke
Dreamy Dud, up in the Air
Dreamy Dud Visits the Zoo
His New Job
The Crimson Wing
A Black Sheep
In the Palace of the King
The Whirl of Life
The House of 1000 Candles
Should a Woman Divorce
The End of the Road
Dreamy Dud has a Laugh on the Boss
Dreamy Dud in the African War Zone
Dreamy Dud Joyriding with Princess Zlim
Dreamy Dud, Lost at Sea
Cousin Jim
The Misleading Lady
The Right to Live
The Sting of Victory
The Truant Soul
Uncle Sam Awake
Three Pals
The Little Girl Next Door
Vernon Howe Bailey's Sketch Book of Chicago
Two Knights in Vaudeville
Cousin Jim
The Dumb Girl of Portici
Cracked Ice
The Frozen Warning The Baseball Revue of 1917
The Penny Philanthropist
The Small Town Guy
The Black Stork
Mercy, the Mummy Mumbled
And the Children Play
The Birth of a Race
The City of Purple Dreams
Movie Marionettes
Are Working Girls Safe?
A Busted Romance
Barnacle Bill
Black Sherlock Holmes
Billy the Janitor
The Bully
The Comeback of Barnacle Bill
Fixing the Faker
Good Luck in Old Clothes
A Milk Fed Hero
The Painters
A Reckless Rover
Spying the Spy
When You Hit-Hit Hard
When You're Scared, Run
The Challenge of Chance
Where's Mary?
Through Hell and Back with the Men of Illinois
Breed Of Men
The Homesteader
In the Depths of our Hearts
Within our Gates
Do the Dead Talk?
Adam's Rib
Gentle Julia
The Little Girl Next Door
International Eucharistic Congress
Sweet Adeline
Faith of Millions
Chicago After Midnight
King of the Rodeo
Three Girls Lost
The Exile
Call Northside 777
Appointment with Dange
City That Never Sleeps
The Prime Time
Raisin in the Sun
Tomboy and the Champ
The Adventures of Lucky Pierre
How the West was Won
Mickey One
Nashville Rebel
Something Weird
Fearless Frank
Country Western Hoedown
In the Heat of the Night
The Busy Body
The Young Runaways
Gaily Gaily
Medium Cool
The Monitors
Five Easy Pieces
T.R. Baskin
Rocco Papaleo
The Naked Ape
The Gore Gore Girls
The Sting
Uptown Saturday Night
Three the Hard Way Harry and Tonto
Cooley High
Mahogany Brannigan
Monkey Hustle
Whisper the Sounds Roller Coaster
Looking for Mr. Goodbar
Crackle of Death
Stony Island
A Piece of the Action
The Wedding
The Fury
Promises in the Dark Towing
Damien: Omen II
Somewhere in Time
My Bodyguard
The Blues Brothers The Hunter
Ordinary People
The Psychotronic Man
Endless Love
Escape From NY
Four Friends On The Right Track
The Perfect Circle
The Music Box
Pennies From Heaven
They Call Me Bruce
Continental Divide
The Devil at Your Heels
Endless Love
Four Friends
Things Are Tough All Over
Bad Boys
Risky Business
Dr. Detroit
I Was a Mail Order Bride National Lampoon's Vacation
The Apprentice
Windy City
Streets of Fire
Sixteen Candles
The Big Score
Come Around The Naked Face
Here's Chicago
Doctor Detroit
Savage Beliefs
Touch & Go Code of Silence
Death in California
Club Paradise
Nothing in Common
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Raw Deal
Running Scared
The Car Thief
Red Dragon
The Breakfast Club
Code of Silence
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
No Mercy
The Color of Money
Light of Day
Native Son
End of the Line
The Untouchables
Big Shots A Night in The Life of Jimmy Reardon
She's Having a Baby
The Big Town
Goodbye Judy
The Messenger
Raw Deal
About Last Night

Sorry about any repeats

Oct 21 @ 8:56AM  
Now Doc, this is suppose to be a game for people to think of these at the top of their heads and not looking it up on the computer.


Oct 21 @ 9:06AM  
I thought of another movie, Red Heat with Arnold Schwartzenegger and Jim Belushi.

Oct 21 @ 9:48AM  
I can't believe, nobody's mentioned OPARAH!

Oct 21 @ 9:56AM  
The Bob Newhart Show.

Oct 21 @ 3:43PM  
this is suppose to be a game for people to think of these at the top of their heads

I haven't been to a movie for 20 years and rarely watch them on TV..
Although, there are more if you want them

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Can you name a tv show or movie with the setting set in Chicago?