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Childhood memories

posted 10/19/2009 11:11:17 AM |
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I got to thinking this morning (yes, I do think once in a while! ) after reading an email from a friend that I really do not "hate" winter. I know I gripe about having to shovel the snow from my driveway, and the cold, but, I think the 2 things I really don't like about winter is the high heating bills, and the fact that for roughly 6 months, my house is closed up. I like having my windows open, hearing the sounds outside, birds singing and all that other stuff.

Anyway, I'm wandering off here. Not sorry. In all reality, I have always loved the first snowfall. Something so serene and beautiful watching the snow flakes falling and that blanket of white on the ground. I can remember being a kid and being so excited when the first major snow fall arrived. My sisters and I driving our Mom crazy with our eagerness to get outside and play in the snow. Mom trying to make sure our snow suits were zipped, our hats on snug, and our mittens on. And then getting us to hold still while she put on our boots. Then it was out to play in the snow. Making snow men, snow ball fights, snow angels, snow forts, and then the sled. Oh yeah...we used to go to this park in Frankenmuth that had hills galore for sledding down. What a rush!!! The higher the hill, the faster we went down hill. We weren't cold because we were having way too much fun. I look back today, and I realize, I still like that first snow fall, and the dogs, they are so silly in it. Running around, rolling in it, running around the yard with their noses in the snow making "nose trails". And I will put my coat and mittens on, and go out there with them and make snow balls for them to jump at or chase. And you know what? I'm having fun with my dogs, and I don't feel the cold. Of course, I wear glasses, so, when I go in, instant fog. I'm going to have to try to remind myself of these joys when I'm digging my driveway out of 11 inches of snow, or, I'm out there trying to stay on the road and having the bozo's out there flying as if the roads are cleared. Of course, 6 times out 10, I'll see those same bozo's spun out on the side of the road while I'm still driving along. Only once did I see where someone flipped their vehicle and I stopped to check on them. They had worn their seat belt so there were no injuries, just an injured pride because their 4 wheel drive spun out on a patch of ice. But they had already called a wrecker and said they would be ok and thanks for stopping

I think this winter I'm going to try to be that kid again. No, I'm not going sledding, I don't have a sled anymore. Besides, I don't know if bouncing back up will be so easy anymore. But, I do plan on spending more time outside with the dogs, watching them enjoy the snow. Because when one really looks at's only around for a short time. Typically 3 or maybe 4 months. When one looks at it like that...that isn't so long.

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Oct 19 @ 11:35AM  
Several years ago, I had a small dog (Missie). It snowed one night and I let Missie out the next morning. It was the first snow she had ever seen. She stepped ever so carefully, not knowing what all the white stuff was. She dropped her head down and licked the snow. Evidently she liked what she tasted. She dropped her lower jaw and took off running, scoopin up a mouthful of snow then sitting down to enjoy her treat. She did this several times and really loved the snow.


Oct 19 @ 11:40AM  
...the snow. Because when one really looks at's only around for a short time. Typically 3 or maybe 4 months.

I guess it is a matter of perspective. When you are used to it and lived your whole life with it, it seems like a short time. But when the Las Vegas is the furthest point north where you have resided, it doesn't sound too short!!!

Oct 19 @ 11:48AM  
Well, I grew up in Michigan...and I remember it would start snowing in October. Seems lately now we don't get our first real accumulating snow till late November/early December. Some years it's we wonder if it will be a white Christmas or not.

You're right Bruce, it is a matter of perspective. Believe me, some of us Northerners get a chuckle out of how some who are not used to snow will close down schools over an inch of it on the ground. Up here, it takes almost a foot of snow and high winds to get authorities to even consider it.

Oct 19 @ 12:54PM  
They are calling for 3 inches of snow here tonight............sorry kiddo but i am not a happy camper ..............I would like to see snow for christmas and thats about it...............actually tho if it stayed about 25 degrees i wouldn't mind 50 ft of snow..........i just hate the damn cold..............getting too old............

Oct 19 @ 12:56PM  
They are calling for 3 inches of snow here tonight............sorry kiddo but i am not a happy camper

I guess right now wouldn't be a good time to tell you it's 55 degrees here right now?

Ok...I'm gonna go run and hide for a while now!

Oct 19 @ 1:53PM  
It was in the 30s here last night for the first time. I am hoping we do have snow this winter because I miss it.

I remember living in Watertown NY for a year. And I remember the antique bearskin coat, hat and gloves and the fur lined boots. I was warm but the joke with my friends was that I was the one most likely to be shot by a hunter while walking down main street. My oldest son was three at the time and had on so many layers of clothes he complained of being too warm in 20 below weather. Every time it would snow we would be outside playing in it.

So if anyone does not want their snow I will be happy to take it off their hands

Oct 19 @ 2:00PM  
See, here's my rub.. I love snow.. it's beautiful, it's fun to play in.. it makes the world seem cleaner and quieter...

I HATE cold. It hurts. I guess if they made warm snow my life would be perfect!

Oct 20 @ 6:14AM  
Well, I have to admit, I got a bit grumpy when I was snowed in for 2 weeks last year. I live on a cul-de-sac and we aren't a priority street for the snow, fun.

The saving grace in these 2 weeks was that it happened at Christmastime...and I wasn't scheduled to go out of town. I played lots of board games, watched lots of movies, read 3 full books and caught up on my sleep.

KitKat25--------->Snow Angel Extraordinaire

Oct 20 @ 8:51AM  
Northerners get a chuckle out of how some who are not used to snow will close down schools over an inch of it on the ground.

Down here an inch of snow or ice is not needed to close schools or businesses. An even coat of frozen precipitation of a couple of millimeters will suffice!

Oct 20 @ 5:13PM  
What's snow?

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Childhood memories