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CHEESE AND FUCKING RICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted 10/19/2009 1:30:33 AM |
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I started writing this as a comment on a blog posted earlier today, but it turned into such a long rant I apologized to the blogger and decided to post this here. Don't like it? Don't fucking read it. Wanna tear into me for it all being in one paragraph? Go ahead I figure you'll find something to bitch about no matter how it's written. CHEESE AND FUCKING RICE PEOPLE!!! Is there no pleasing the fucking blog police around here lately? Yes I'm calling ya'll out and most of you are on my damn friends list. You bitch about stale jokes being reposted, you bitch about one line broadcasts, you bitch you're bored, you bitch it violates TOS. Someone writes a blog about something that is in fact different from the ones you usually bitch about and you bitch that it's all in one paragraph. So he goes back in and edits (not apparently to please himself mind you but because you were all to fucking lazy to read one damn paragraph) Now some or at least one of you is still fucking bitching. DAMN! WTF is wrong with you all??? Don't like it, Don't fucking read it. What the hell happened to welcoming new bloggers to Pervia? Huh?? Can you tell me? What ever happened to that? You sit back and bitch about the lack of pleasing blogs, you post blogs wondering why regulars have basically quit posting. Big conspiracy, some of us are just "lurking". Well fuck me running, could it be that every single blog is going to have dissenting little comments? Each torn apart for punctuation, spelling, grammatical content, and subject matter. It doesn't matter a rats ass to me if you have a degree in journalism (which by the way I fucking well do) It doesn't matter to me if you're a published writer/ author. (which by the way I fucking well am) To sit back and continuously bitch about the quality of the blogs and then to pick apart every blog posted is bullshit. It's really simple. If you don't like it, don't fucking read it.

Feel free to get the stones out now, you'll find me in the middle of the damn street waiting.

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Oct 19 @ 1:45AM  
Feel free to get the stones out now, you'll find me in the middle of the damn street waiting.

You go girl!

However, I'd rather give you a greenie...and some flowers.

Remind me never to get on your bad side.

Oct 19 @ 1:48AM  
Don't get me wrong, most of the folks I was just bitching about are on my friends list and I love em, but that's just it, I love them enough to call them out when they are dead ass fucking wrong. And they were.

Oct 19 @ 2:05AM  
You know I love you stormy girl............but i was just offering some advice........I enjoy reading new blogs and new blog writers but I couldn't read his..........too much together and just a bit much for these old eyes...................but you did exactly the reason I no longer write blogs here or make many comments..............You write a blog you get bitched make a comment to try to help someone you get bitched at.............I am not sure what is worse...........the blog police or those who think they need to police the blog police..............either way I dont care...............I can go back to lurking and not give any comments.............tho I do remember a day when you too stormy girl went out of your way to offer advice and help to the new ones...........

Oct 19 @ 2:17AM  
Yeah, you're right. I'm guilty as hell. Or at least I used to be. But I finally figured out that it just doesn't matter what I think of someones blog. Because after all it's just that. Their blog. Their thoughts. Their feelings. Their emotions. Their words. Lately there's been such an overflow of whiny ass blogs asking why no one ever blogs anymore, and then when a newbie writes one and the first nine comments address the same damn thing! Not a single "welcome to the neighborhood" just......."you did it wrong" kind of thing. Most even said "I didn't read it, because you did it wrong" And Dayna, you yourself have been mad as a wet hen when someone tried to tell you how or what you could blog. Seems I remember you left completely once for that self same reason. Why should ANY of us, as members have any right at all to tell someone what they can or can't blog? We don't. We're not moderators. That's the Mods job. It just pissed me off that some have become so grammatically correct, they've forgotten their manners to welcome a new poster and more worried about making sure they do it "the right way"

Oct 19 @ 2:26AM  
Oh you are so right stormy............I should have welcomed him to pervia...........Oh wait a minute.............I did!!!

I am not going to argue with you about this...........first off I dont give a rats ass who writes what..................but maybe you should read the comments all the way thru before you start jumping on people................but like I said..............its bullshit like this is the reason why i rarely write a blog or make a comment.............cause no matter what...........someone can and will take it out of context so they can write a rant blog or comment.....................not original but drama sells.............

Oct 19 @ 3:33AM  
I don't writes much cuz I ain't gots big brains.. .

I gots deep thoughts on panties but folks donts likes dat no more. Maybe they wants blogs on socks or mittens.

I will make another blog nest and poop some blog eggs out and see's what happens.

In the means time ..I gots floors to clean and plan on polishing my balls...

Oct 19 @ 4:21AM  
It's fucking BLOGNAZI.COM !!

Oct 19 @ 6:03AM  
True story. Ironically, I had my main dinner around three yesterday afternoon. Around 7:30, I found myself wanting something else to eat that I could put together quickly in the microwave. I surveyed the fridge and took inventory. Then looked in some of the cupboards and spied an orphaned cheese sauce packet. I took it and mixed it with some mozzarella on top of left over Rice A Roni, Cheese and fucking rice really hit the spot! I thoroughly enjoyed it which more than I can say for the Phillies/Dodgers game, but the Bears/Falcons game remained interesting.

Oct 19 @ 8:34AM  
i must agree with the comment that i pray i am never on your bad side. as a newbie myself i have yet to receive any rants on what i blog or any of my comments so i cannot really relate to the whinners you have had bitch, piss, or moan to you about what you say.
point of fact i have had some really good feedback on statements and have enjoyed reading the comments as well as the blogs. mmmmmmmmmm
tell you what, shoot me with a bitch or a moan on this comment and let me see if it causes me any anxt (sp?)
i kinda doubt it will, because there are not too many things in the world that will make me angry or hurt my feelings. i do my best to stay positive in anything i do. on occasion i run into a negative thought or two and only consider it if it is something i might need to improve.
my spelling seems to have gone south on me this morning and my grammer is lacking or i would most likely be able to really express myself a little better. i guess what i really mean to say is i agree with you, if they dont like it why read it?
keep on keepin on, i dont know you but damn i really would like to get to know you.
frank 747

Oct 19 @ 8:42AM  
No shit!!! It's RIDICULOUS!!!! Leaving you a greenie

Oct 19 @ 9:21AM  
*waves a white flag* Is it safe to come in?

Maybe all of us should just step back and take a look here. The blogs are for us to let our thoughts out/show. Some of us like to post jokes, some write stories, some like to get opinions on events going on out there....instead of criticizing each other, we should play nice? Granted, not all blogs catch everyone's attention, but, should we really feel like we're blogging so as NOT to get criticized? Dayna and Softie, for example, I have always loved their blogs, but I've seen both of them say the same thing...they don't want to because they are tired of their blogs being "graded". Myself, I would love to see these two blogging again, even if it were once a week...I miss their blogs. And the newbies, if they are in violation of TOS, be nice about letting them know. What LBS says is true, we haven't been very welcoming lately. Guess we all needed a good kick in the ass to get back on track.

Oct 19 @ 9:34AM  
Whew!!! I'm just glad I didn't comment on his blog!!

LBS couldn't be more correct!

The only problem I had with his blog was that he sent that to me in an email and then posted it word for word in a blog but I didn't call him out on it in a comment.... I did mention it to him in a personal email that it just didn't seem genuine after it was posted as a blog.

Oct 19 @ 9:55AM  
I just wanted to add....

I think it's okay to give advice to newbies (as long as you are nice about it), but I think LBS' irritation comes from the fact that 7 people had to tell this person the EXACT same thing. that necessary? I think after 1 or maybe 2 people give the advice, I don't see why it has to keep being reiterated.

Oct 19 @ 10:24AM  

Oct 19 @ 10:39AM  
I did a blog on this subject several days ago. It got a good response but I have since removed it. Why? Because I could see where it was going and I wanted to stop it in its tracks.

Let's fuckin' be straight here. There is pretty much just one problem child for the most part who promised not to behave in that manner anymore and has since resumed this unbecoming conduct.

I have made a decision folks and this is it....

Ya'll know I don't have a problem with anyone disagreeing with me on anything. I welcome debates as long as they are civil and done with peoples feelings in mind.

What I will not tolerate is snide remarks and criticism meant to belittle me. There was a remark left on my last blog that was totally uncalled for and was placed there for no other purpose than to just plain be snotty.

Those who are guilty of this know who you are and let this be a warning. If you persist...or anyone for that matter....behaves in a matter that is rude, snide or bullying then you will be blocked...again....and nevermore to come off my list.

And furthermore, I will be the judge of whether a comment is blog, my call....don't like it?

And what the hell is wrong with people when assisting a newbie...don't you know how to use private e-mail??? Don't you know how to assist them with a civil tongue??? And people in general...don't you know when you need to just keep your mouth shut and practice self control?

An that's all I gotta say about that....for now....


Oct 19 @ 11:06AM  
I just commented in ttownkeller's blog! It's a little after the fact considering this all took place after I hit the sack so, it comes somewhat late here too!

My last comment in ttownkeller's bolg a few minutes ago was:

"Since all this apparently took place while I was sleeping, my comment comes late! And since I'm the first one that gave you some 'advice'- it was just that- some advice! When you asked how to edit your blog, I answered in a manner to help you out! In no way, was I critiquing or criticizing your blog... just trying to help out! BTW, I'm not 'bitching' at you, even now- none of what has transpired, is your fault!

Had I known ahead of time, that the initial advice I gave you, was going to cascade into an unbelievable response that you have received, I would have simply by-passed your blog! The idea behind my 'advice', now apparently known as 'bitching', was to help you avoid just that- people by-passing your blogs! Obviously if people by-pass your blogs, it makes it difficult to meet people!

Far be it for me to try and give 'advice' anymore, whether it be for writing a blog, helping people think of other ways to generate income (like I have in the past) or any other form of what I feel, may be helpful for someone!

Welcome to, as they say Pervia, have fun and good luck! "

I will say this: I try to make any blog I write, as interesting and easy to read as I can, sans a "degree in journalism!" Yes, I admit, there will be grammatical errors at times, on purpose or... not but my intention is to convey my thoughts in a format that people can enjoy! Last thing I want to happen, is for people to 'by-pass' my blog- otherwise, what is the point of even writing a blog, in the first place?

So, in closing- I agree with Ewe_Wish... so much for giving any advice! I'll just"lurk" around from now on and comment in a humorous way, as usual!


Oct 19 @ 1:48PM  
If you don't like it, don't fucking read it.

And if it ain't up to your standards.. write a better one!

Oct 20 @ 6:16PM  
And if it ain't up to your standards.. write a better one!


This is just one of many reasons I don't write blogs here anymore. Not that I got alot of criticism, but too many others were bitching and complaining about the quality of blogs...and not doing anything to improve it by writing something themselves. There are only two or three writers that I actually bother to read (Ya'll know who at least one is, right?). The rest I pass right by.

Seriously...if I had gotten the response that person got when I first started writing blogs here...well, I still would have kept writing but I would have been blocking alot of people.

Oct 20 @ 6:17PM  
Oh gets a kudzo too!

Oct 21 @ 10:54PM  
To those that posted either agreeing with me or in dissent, Thanks.
For the record, this blog was not due in any part to:

1) Any stresses in my private life that I haven't shared with the class. You all know I'm stressed over my son and the fact that he may be deployed to a "hot zone" very shortly. Hell I've got alot more than that going on, but nope, it wasn't that.

2) "Drama queen" ? Really? possibly I am, Biatch is much more likely, but again, not the reason for it.

3) Menopause. Again a sound, Nope. I quit having those symptoms quite a while back. Is that really what some of you men assume to be wrong with every woman that gets pissed off? Menopause or menstrual cycles??

4) Which leaves us with the last option. That I've noticed alot of regular bloggers have basically stopped blogging, or at least slowed waaaay down as of late. I suspected it was largely due to the same type of comments I read in the comments made on that other blog. The huge number of private emails I have received in the past couple of days from many of those same "used to be" regular bloggers have confirmed this theory, or at least have confirmed it in my own mind.
So go ahead, think what you like of me, or my "temper fit". It never really mattered to me what some think of me anyway. I remember what my granny always said "as long as they're badmouthing you, they're letting someone else rest".

Oct 23 @ 3:49PM  
Boots, i think i posted a similar blog quite while back, and ya know what? not one of the pissheads that were bitchin, moaning groaning and complaining tried to flame me for it.just goes to show, they do't have anything in their lives worth a pile of fly shit, much less anything more worthy, like bullshit.

if i didn't, post it here, it was on the sister site, but i'll be happy to bring it over here if ya want to read it. good on ya for standing up to the whiners, pants pissers, maoners and general good for nothings that can only complain.

bt way what is a two word synonym for jack ass?
liberal democrat.

now who'
s gonne bitch at ME for that one, tough.

Oct 23 @ 4:24PM  
I gots deep thoughts on panties but folks donts likes dat no more.

No, Borty, some of us do. Some of us appreciate that there is a variety of blogs to CHOOSE from.

Yeah, CHOOSE people. The choice is yours. Read or don't. It's as simple as that.

Am I guilty of whining? Yeah. I'm human.

As for giving suggestions to other writers...what about the politeness of correcting in private? Send them a personal note with suggestions on how to make their stuff more readable IN YOUR OPINION. No one wants to be called out in front of that class. Do you?

Oct 23 @ 4:38PM  
So go ahead, think what you like of me, or my "temper fit".
I think you have some stressful shit going on in your life..........and I truly believe that you misread some of the comments on that blog or at least took what they were trying to say happens we all do it....................

As for giving suggestions to other writers...what about the politeness of correcting in private? Send them a personal note with suggestions on how to make their stuff more readable IN YOUR OPINION.
You are totally correct L4E, it should have been done in private...........but after this little incident.........I just decided I will write blogs comment on those that I want and if newbies come in and there is a way I think I can help them...........I won't..........because in the same way they might not want to be told how to improve things so people can read their blogs.............I don't care to be accused of attacking someone I was just trying to see no more problem at least from me..........

Stormy Girl............Hope you are doing know where I am if you need someone to talk to...................


Nov 1 @ 11:51AM  
hey all i fuckin want to know is DOES the blog police give out kudos ??? IF NOT,...fuck em!!!!

seems i found my first troll in a fourm..thanks DMB....doctorcocboy i can see his wit n humor must get him..ummm NOTHING

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