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this is me at heart,,im a romantic

posted 10/18/2009 9:06:34 AM |
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tagged: sex, single, relationship

am just wondering why is it hard to believe that there is a man out there who is secure in himself sexually and mentally?
That is looking for his soulmate, that one person who makes the other feel whole? Is love at first site possible? I dont think so, but lust is and it is possible to make love to a woman you have just met if you are in tune with each other and everything is right ,the music, the wine, the candles and you have a man that would rather make love to you than just use you.
A man that will rub you down, massage all them worries and day to day things away ,one that will enjoy your body for what it is not what it looks like, one that last..

.I would like to find her I know you are out there and I am a good person so I know god will put you in my path so lets get together and lose each other for awhile and let this mundane angry world go and enjoy what time we have decided to put aside for us.

I would like to find a woman who likes smooth jazz ,candles, erotic massages ,and wine is a scenario .

.we meet at a local restaurant have some good food ,not a loud place but something that has a nice cozy atmosphere.

And we eat and have some wine and look into each others eyes and get to know one another while in the back of our minds we know why we met

As we eat and drink more and the wine beginds to kik in you start to feel a tingle and begin to get moist and I get a rumble and another hunger begins to develop in us .

We leave and meet again and I light some blue candles and dim the lights and put on some smooth jazz and pour you a glass of merlot while you grin and the tingling between your legs gets more intense but you are being a lady and you control yourself.

As we begin to get comfortable with each other once more I walk over to you and begin to kiss he back of your neck ,

as I do this I can feel your hair tingling my forehead and we both get more aroused from these subtle gestures,

you turn to face me and we kiss in a long deep kiss getting to know each other even more as we kiss I am gently rubbing the back of your thigh with one hand while the other is gently holding the back of your head,we fall on the bed,

we are starting to get lost in the moment and the more we kiss and the more I massage your thighs,calves and breast the more heavily you begin to breath.

The tingling has turned into a electrical charge and the moist has turned into wetness and my rumbling is now solid, hard, big and soft and hot in your hand.

I go down on you starting at your feet taking my time letting you wait and as I get closer you start to squirm and finally when I am going down on you you gasp as all this has been building up you orgasm as you do your back lifts and you try to get away from the pleasure but I hold your belly down and get you off again and then I enter you!

You gasp again i am HARD and you can feel the heat from me inside you, the rythym starts out slow as we feel each others movements and soon we are moving as one together ,moving, your head tilts back as I enter you deeper and deeper I kiss your neck I am inside you,we are both in a sweaty embrace of love.

The motion gets faster and more animalistic we are one we are lost the world is gone it is just you and I and for that moment we have found love we have put the world away

We are at peace

Talk to you soon.


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this is me at heart,,im a romantic


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Oct 18 @ 10:05AM  
A little advice... most people (including myself) probably won't read a story that is all one paragraph- to hard to read and stay focused! Break it up into paragraphs! You can still edit it to do that! JMO


Oct 18 @ 10:56AM  
Ditto ~!

Oct 18 @ 11:20AM  
Not only what they say, but you aren't supposed to post shout outs, read the terms of service.

Oct 18 @ 11:25AM  
how do i edit it?

Oct 18 @ 11:47AM  
When you sign in, you see the home page with your photo on it! Under your photo, you'll see several links! Click on Blog and a list of your blogs will pop up on a separate page! At the end of each blog Subject line, will be two icons- one is a pencil (that is the edit icon)- the other icon is for deleting your blog! Click on the edit icon (pencil icon) and in another window, it will allow you to edit your blog! Once you edit it, then simply re-post it!

Just break up your one paragraph story in a few smaller paragraphs of maybe six to eight lines each or so!


Oct 18 @ 11:52AM  
I should add... you don't have to sign in again to do this- just click on the home tab (upper left tab) when you're already signed in!


Oct 18 @ 12:34PM  
Yeah...sorry, I just lookes at that hugh chunk of words and said...that's a big chunk of words...wouldn't read it if my life depended on it.

Oct 18 @ 2:04PM  
What they said^^^^^^^ Also capitilize the first word in a sentence..
It's a bitch to read when everything is all run together..

Oct 18 @ 3:12PM  
If you had written this blog like you have written your essay..........we might have been able to read it and finish the whole thing. Your essay shows some sense of humor and you wrote it with an idea in mind and than you went on..........when you write a blog you should do the same...........

As you look around at the blogs you will see that there are not really that many regular bloggers.......understand that there are a lot more readers (lurkers) of the blogs than writers of the you want to make things easy for them to read.

So break your blogs up........put a space between each paragraph and than write to your hearts content......-

In reading the first lines of your blog I will agree with WOW that this could be considered a shout out..........and that is against TOS...........but this is a good place to write your thoughts, feelings, ask questions........doesn't have to be about sex.................but telling us what you are looking for is not allowed here.........unless your Fordman........we are use to his begging for women...........

Anyway........welcome to Pervia and enjoy your stay.

Oct 18 @ 3:20PM  
I was a journalism major and did not feel like getting out my editor's pen to go through all that, but anyway welcome here and hope you enjoy your stay. Promise to read it once you edit it though.

Oct 18 @ 6:44PM  
I appreciate your attempt to salvage this blog with line breaks. I think that you will do better if you take your time, write it off line, and reread it a few times before you post it. Your essays in your profile are much better. Read a few blogs and note the comments to get an idea of what people are interested in reading. Yeah, there is a lot of mindless crap and stale, rerun jokes. But if you note the number of comments and reads, you will see that those don't get many.

Oct 18 @ 10:51PM  

Oct 19 @ 1:15AM  
I was going to post a comment here, but instead it's turning into a huge rant, and not towards you. So here I will just state welcome to Pervia. Don't let the blog police get you down. Write what you want, when you want and best of luck in your search.

Oct 19 @ 1:26AM  
what did that guy mean by that comment about a shout out?this is not a shout out is it?

Oct 19 @ 1:41AM  
Technically a shoutout is posted on someone's profile, but it can also be "shouting out" in a blog what you're seeking. Personally I didn't read your blog that way. I read it more as the musings of someone that is seeking that special person and then I felt it veered a little more into erotica. Either way, don't let them get you down. Write what you want, when you want. That's what a blog is for. Your own personal journal of sorts. Your thoughts, feelings or emotions, stale jokes included. Allowing comments, that too is up to you. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

Oct 19 @ 1:53AM  
I read it more as the musings of someone that is seeking that special person and then I felt it veered a little more into erotica.

I agree with ladybootscooter.

I've only been here a couple of months, so I'm still a bit of a newbie myself. There are some really wonderful people in here, so keep the blogs coming.

Welcome to Blog Land aka Pervia.

Oct 19 @ 2:07AM  
I apologize if my advice and suggestions came off as if I was telling you what to do............I have been around here a long time and have written a lot of blogs and I was just trying to give some helpful advice..............but apparently I pissed in some cheerios by doing that..................You can be rest assured will never fucking happen again.

Oct 19 @ 2:16AM  
i never took it anyway negative,,advice is always taken well no-one can know it all and WTF!!!!!i post a blog and now it has turned into something totally not right?some ppl need to google im a drama queen and find that site. shit im here just to meet someone and maybe meet some friends along the way and in no way shape or form did i intend to piss ppl off or get under ppl's if i did sorry and to all the others kiss my ass

Oct 19 @ 2:24AM  
I am so sorry TTownkeller ! I didn't mean you wrote the blog wrong, I just couldn't read it. Plus I was just being silly. That gets me in trouble sometimes too. Welcome to AMD. I am sure you have a lot to offer and I look forward to seeing more blogs written how ever you desire to write. I apologize for kicking you while you were just jumpin in.

Oct 19 @ 6:14AM  
I wouldn't be too concerned about it. I think most of the comments were intended to be presented as observations by people that have been here for a while for you you to consider. But what one person may intend to be a helpful hint, another can see as being condescending. It is all a matter of interpretation and of little real significance.

There are a lot of good people here and that is what is important.

Oct 19 @ 8:51AM  
some ppl need to google im a drama queen and find that site.

Amen brutha!!!

Welcome to Pervia my fellow Toledo neighbor

Oct 19 @ 8:54AM  
Oh...and droppin you a kudo for being such a good sport

Oct 19 @ 10:22AM  

Oct 19 @ 10:45AM  
Since all this apparently took place while I was sleeping, my comment comes late! And since I'm the first one that gave you some 'advice'- it was just that- some advice! When you asked how to edit your blog, I answered in a manner to help you out! In no way, was I critiquing or criticizing your blog... just trying to help out! BTW, I'm not 'bitching' at you, even now- none of what has transpired, is your fault!

Had I known ahead of time, that the initial advice I gave you, was going to cascade into an unbelievable response that you have received, I would have simply by-passed your blog! The idea behind my 'advice', now apparently known as 'bitching', was to help you avoid just that- people by-passing your blogs! Obviously if people by-pass your blogs, it makes it difficult to meet people!

Far be it for me to try and give 'advice' anymore, whether it be for writing a blog, helping people think of other ways to generate income (like I have in the past) or any other form of what I feel, may be helpful for someone!

Welcome to, as they say Pervia, have fun and good luck!


Oct 21 @ 4:13AM  
Personally I didn't see this as a shout-out. It didn't seem to me to be directed at one person, which I believe is what a shout-out is.

I liked your blog and hope even after all of the negative comments you will continue to blog.

Write what you want, how you want, and in the way that you want. There have been many others that have been criticised by the way thier blogs were written, that have become very popular bloggers.

Welcome to Pervia, it seems you've been initiated

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this is me at heart,,im a romantic