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Should I get this checked out?

posted 10/14/2009 5:25:05 PM |
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First of all I like to say thanks to all the people who has put up with me as I have been sounding off about my family in my blogs. My mother is 72 years old about 5 foot little over 100 pounds gray hair. Not a day will go by that she don't put on her make up and fix her hair even if she is not going any where. She has always been very up right kinda person. She had never said a nasty word in her life..Alway had a kind word. Well here lately things has came out of her mouth that has floored me. In a blog I wrote not to long ago I told all of you that she called another woman a slut and said if her friend's husband was not cheating she would kiss a duck's ass. Well today I had to take my mom and dad to the doctor. When we got back dad said he wanted to go to bed for a while. After I put dad down for a rest mom asked for a cup of tea. I fixed us both a cup and mom had this far away look in her eyes. I said mom are you ok? Now before I tell you what she said.....My mother never talks about sex....She said sex is between a man and a woman and should only be talked about in the bed room.....Now let me tell you what she said....She asked Anna do you have a boyfriend ? I said no mom not as of right now. She said well when you get one and you two have a fight just jerk down his pants and suck him off it will end the fight....I almost drop my tea cup...I said mom? she then said it always worked on your father,,,,we was always fighting. I said I do not recall you and dad fighting all the time.Then she just zipped up did not say another thing. I called my sister she said I needed a life which I might have had by now if I had not ran that guy off Mon. night. My dear sister she was as helpful as a hell cat in a rain storm. Any way this would be funny if it was not so out of character. Should I call her doctor?

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Oct 14 @ 5:49PM  
Is this the only change you're noticing? Is there any other behaviors that could be a danger to her or your father? If she's always in a daze, confused, etc..then yeah. But if all that has gone on is that she is more "open" talking like that...I would say use your best judgment.

Oct 14 @ 7:29PM  
Personally if it was my mother, and she was being treated for anything on a regular occasion............anything and I mean ANYTHING that was so totally out of the ordinary would be brought up at the doctors may not be anything but than again it could be a lot going it could be just a case of your mom in her advancing years is just going with What the hell...........let the chips fall where they may...............but usually when that happens it starts out slowly but within a short time becomes a usual attitude..........again if it was my mom ..........i would certainly be talking to her doctor.............of course with my mother what you just mentioned would have been totally in character

Oct 14 @ 8:29PM  
oh wow! That's funny! I would have spit my tea right out of my mouth and dropped the tea cup! I don't think I would be too concerned over what she's said lately.... you sound like a free spirit so maybe she's just feeling like she can let loose a little with you... I would have to pick myself up off the floor if my mom ever said anything like that! Too funny! I admire you for being there for your parents! I've been there for my mom thru her chemo and will always be there for her.

Your dad is a lucky man apparently!!

Kudos to you Anna!

Oct 15 @ 1:45AM  
The older we get the less inhibitive we tend to be. If this is the only change in behavior then it's probably nothing to worry about. Bring it up at the next doctors visit and see what he/she has to say. I wouldn't stress over it though.

Oct 15 @ 7:27AM  
similar experience with my dad. he was pretty much a stuffed shirt when i was grownin up. always proper in public and paid attention to the important things in the family and around us.
at about age 70 he started to loosen up quite a bit. i was a little worried and one day i decided to quiz him on his behavior. got a bit of a shock at what he shared with me.
"son, all my life i have done the right thing. didnt fool around, paid my bills, didnt gamble, and kept a roof over all our heads." "i never got your respect, nor any from your brothers or sisters. even after awhile your mom started to pretty much take me for granted."
bout a year ago i met a lady and she showed me a few things bout life that i have wondered about. the one thing she showed me was you can have fun and still do the right thing. the wrong thing to do is not to enjoy life.
well i am enjoyin life now and do not have to hold back or watch my tougne. if i am happy i can let it be known. if i am angry, well damn it i let that be known as well.
i couldnt talk to you like this befor because i was ashamed to let you know how i felt. i couldnt risk losin any more respect from you or the rest of the kids.
at my age i think i am aloud to say or do anything i want to as long as i dont hurt anyone or break a law.
i am free from the restrictions my father put on me and even if you think it is a little late, i am gonna live a little better and more at peace with my maker than i have been most of my life."

for the next five years i alternately kicked myself in the u know where for bein such an ass, and did my best to let him know how much i did respect and love him. i did not conform to his way of life and did a lot of stuff just to prove to me that i was alive. no excuse just the way it was.
never thought it would come back to bite me as hard as it did.\
any way pop and i did connect and when he did die, i got to know him a lot better.
hang in there kiddo, just another way of gettin ready to go.]

peace and love to you and yours

Oct 16 @ 2:48PM  
Actually, I think your mum has more character than any problems. Go with the flow, enjoy her and any other odd or funny comments. There is nothing wrong with her. Dave XX.

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Should I get this checked out?