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What a tear jerker

posted 10/14/2009 9:26:51 AM |
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tagged: dogs

Yep, I finally saw it. Been wanting to see this movie since it came out. It was on HBO last night, and I finally got to see it. The movie? Marley and Me. OMG!! That movie was hilarious! I loved the part where they are driving to the vet to get the dog fixed, and right there on the road, the dog climbs out the window and the husband is holding the dogs ass up while the dog is "walking" alongside the car. And taking the dog for a walk? Yeah, looks like me when I try taking my dogs for walks. If one is a dog lover, this is a movie they would appreciate. I sat there watching, and I could see my own dogs in some of the scenes. Except for the thunderstorms....none of my dogs are affected by them. Unless I try to let them outside, the goof balls think they will melt if they get a little wet. Yet, let it snow, and they're out there rolling and romping in the snow.

Then ending of Marley and Me, wow. I haven't cried like that at the end of a movie since I saw Old Yeller. I could relate with the guy at the end of Marley and Me. I had to take my beloved King to the vet when he was 18yrs old. That poor dog had lost the use of his back legs, and one day I was watching while he was getting a drink of water, and I noticed not even 20 minutes after that, he threw it up. I thought.....ok, more like hoped, it was a one time thing, that maybe he had swallowed it wrong. No, he tried again later, and same thing, 20 minutes later, threw that up too. He tried to eat, same thing. So, I called the vet and set an appointment for him for the next day. A huge part of me was hoping for the miracle of medicine to help my friend, but, alas, the vet told me, there was nothing he could do. King's body was starting to shut down. I was told that his life could be extended, but, that his quality of life would be poor, that he would be suffering. I couldn't do that to King. In his day, King was active, he and I would wander in the woods by my parents house, he wasn't on a leash, he never ran off on me. Of course, put him on a chain, and he would get off and take off wandering. Never broke a chain or a collar either. He would roll by a tree root until it caught the clasp and he was free. Smart ass dog. Anyway, the vet told me my options, and, when I looked at King, the light in his eyes was gone, instead, he looked tired, ready to go. That was the hardest decision to make, to have my best friend euthanized. It sucked in all honesty. Thankfully, Mick was there. Cause I admit it, as soon as I saw the needle, I could stand there and watch my friends life slip away. Mick, he was great, he understood. I did tell the vet that we were taking King home to bury him. I waited in the car till they brought him out. He looked like he was sleeping. I knew better. It was about 5, maybe 6 months, after that that I felt ready to get another dog. Face it, my whole life, there has always been a dog, and those few months after King, even with Mick there, there was a hole. So, Mick got me my German Shepherd, Deifenbacher. (if any of you are familiar with a show called Due South, you will know where the name came from). He is a pure bred, his parents are AKC registered. Thing is, Dief's ears never stood. Bad cartilage or something like that. His pic on my profile is the big black dog standing in front of the patio door. He will be 8 years old this November 22.

Yep, after seeing that movie last night, I looked around at my 5 friends here, and yes, I dread the day I lose them. Until then, I'm going to enjoy having them in my life.....even when they drive me crazy.....which is 2 or 3 times an hour.

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Oct 14 @ 9:45AM  
I'll have to check out the Movie..thanks for the Heads Up!!! BTW..I didnt read the blog..cause I dont wanna know what Happens before I watch it!!! thanks again!

Oct 14 @ 9:47AM  
I got to the Marley & Me part......I couldn't read the rest of the
I don't wanna cry.......

Oct 14 @ 9:47AM  
You should have read it..It's about Sugar's dogs
Rascals all

Oct 14 @ 10:00AM  
Yeah....I watched that movie with my kids and my husband. My husband was even in tears.....there wasn't a single dry eye watching that movie. It really was a sweet movie.

Oct 14 @ 10:35AM  

Yes it is a good movie. Even my Chihuahua's cried.

Oct 14 @ 12:56PM  
I will say this. If your one who loves dogs, this is a great movie. I could see a lot of my own dogs in this movie. Like when they "walk" Marley...omg.....It was like watching myself trying to walk either Dief or Buddy. Put either one of those two on a leash and you had better hang on for dear life. At least Sasha, Princess, and Tazzy are a little more mellow on a leash. Oh yeah, and Buddy is my "chewer". And for some reason, ink pens are his favorite things to chew on.

Oct 14 @ 2:02PM  
OK i may get crucified for this BUT even tho I cried at the end.........I thought the movie sucked big time............I didn't think it was half as good as everyone was saying prior to watching it...........and I was thoroughly disappointed. The dog, was the only cute part of the movie, I thought the actors sucked..........and I happen to like the actors in other movies.........sorry Sugar...........I usually love these kind of movies and I wouldn't waste the time watching this one again.

Oct 14 @ 5:34PM  
I haven't seen it yet

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What a tear jerker