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Halloween Candy Survey

posted 10/12/2009 3:18:39 PM |
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As a child, what was your most favorite Halloween candy? Your least favorite?
I found this survey for the least liked Halloween candy. Personally, I couldn't stand those
peanut butter kisses that were wrapped in the orange and black wax paper wrappers.
How about you?

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Oct 12 @ 3:25PM  
Yeah, I am with you...not sure what is in those orange and black wrappers....ick. I've always loves Smarties, Sweet Tarts, etc. As I got older Mary Janes and Snickers. Candy corn is always good. Pixie Stix, while good, suck at Halloween because they break in your bag. Palmer's chocolates are gross...I never buy those to hand out. As for the trick or treaters, I try to buy candy that kids like and their parents won't steal...when I have trick or treaters that is...

Oct 12 @ 3:43PM  
Anything chocolate worked for me! I hated getting apples or oranges...what kind of treat was that anyway? Halloween ain't a time for healthy food...yanno?

Oct 12 @ 4:15PM  
Slipping you one of those green cow pies for a good blog subject. Anything sold in a store by the cash register was cool by me. I especially liked the people that gave you the full sized name brand candy bars.

The stuff I hated the most was the cheap crap involving wax like wax lips, or the skulls with juice inside of unknown origin. I didn't care for those little packets with four kernels of candy corn in them either. Then there were the people that deposited a little mini-brochure in your bag with Bible verses. Thanks for nothing. But some people gave money, a few would toss in a quarter. Hell, that was my weekly allowance in 1959!

I actually enjoyed the peanut butter taffy in the orange and black wrappers. I still do. I go to Dollar General around November 5 and stock up on it at 75 percent off!!

My mom was a stickler that everything be wrapped and nothing homemade was allowed. Some elderly women made candied apples. Nope, my mom was afraid the lady was wacko and going to murder us. Those got tossed, same with apples. We learned to eat the popcorn balls we got that night before coming home.

By the time we were about ten, we got sophisticated as a group. We planned our route to take us to the grocery store where we snagged a grocery cart and go in and get more bags. Then we ranged suburbia. We knew we had to back by 9:00 so we returned at the end of our range, revisiting the best candy houses for primo double dipping. I assure you, if we were not back by 9:00 our moms were upset and our dad's belts were waiting, a different era.

It was oh so cool!!!

Oct 12 @ 4:16PM  
Definitely Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for my favorite. Least favorite that comes to mind is candy corn....blech.

Oct 12 @ 4:45PM  
Wow, my favorites have to be almost anything chocolate especially snickers, reese cups, butterfingers, neslte crunch and so forth. Don't care much for anything with nuts besides the snickers and baby ruths.

Worst candy or least fav I think would be the lollipops, tootsie rolls or the pop corn balls.

I used to like the chewy sweet tarts and the now and laters to ! Yum....

Hubby and I are always stealing candy from the kids rofl....Some of the things we like they don't and they always end up with so much candy.. Last year in the new neighborhood they came home with 4 pillow cases over half full that ended up almost filling up my huge laundry basket ( big blue round bin with handles ) .

Oct 12 @ 5:09PM  
Favorites: 3 Musketeers, Snickers, Baby Ruth, Sweet Tarts, Smarties, Nestle, Reeses Pieces and Peanut Butter Cups, Now and Laters, (grape was my favorite), and candy corn.

What I didn't like: Gum, apples, McDonald's gift certificates (didn't eat McDonald's much as a kid to get excited over that stuff).

Our trick or treating nights as kids always started and ended at the grocery store behind my parent's house. The owners always gave us full sized candy bars.

Oct 12 @ 5:47PM  
Favorites: Mounds and Mounds with almonds, 3 Musketeers, Snickers- anything along those lines!

Non-favorites: any of the hard candies, apples, candied apples etc., especially peanut brittle- if I want to eat what about amounts to glass, I'll go to the nearest home improvement center!

In my neighborhood, houses are too far apart for kids to bother with Halloween night! I buy candy that I like so that if they don't show up [like they haven't for the three years I've been here] then it won't go to waste!


Oct 12 @ 5:54PM  
In my neighborhood, houses are too far apart for kids to bother with Halloween night!

In our neighborhood, there is so many children it isn't funny. Last year , our first Halloween here I went through about 4 bags of candy. First time I got to stay home and pass out candy. Hubby took the kids while me and my mom spent time here handing out candy. The lil ones were so cute !! Older girls though WOW , if my daughter tried to walk out halloween or not dressed like that .. NO WAY....

Oct 12 @ 6:17PM  
Never went trick or treating as a kid. We lived out in the country and no one wanted to take me to a nearby town 10 miles away to go. When I got older I did go to the school carnival.

My favorite candy back then was sweet tarts and candy corn around that time of year.

Oct 12 @ 7:13PM  
My favorites then and now are Reese's cups, and Hershey bars. My mother always raided our candy bag. But I really never missed it.

Today I give out packages of Microwave popcorn. Most kids can have that, even the one with Diabetes. And it's a snack most parents approve of. I get about 8 kids a year in the apartment complex so A box of popcorn isn't a huge expense.

Oct 12 @ 7:28PM  
My favorite favorite FAVORITE is Baby Ruth!!!!

Hated those black and orange wrapped candy..... ick! Surprising too cause I love peanut butter!

I just don't eat much candy since I'm diabetic but once in a while I'll eat a piece... candy corn is good too! but not the brown ones....Smarties were another favorite.... hate black licorice.... *barf* lol

Oct 12 @ 8:46PM  
I hated and still hate licorice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 12 @ 10:51PM  
I always loved those little candy pumpkins and sweet tarts.. my very faves. I think the only thing that really really got on my last nerve was bit-o-honey.. could never get those things off my teeth.. ohh and Chick-o-sticks gag..

On another note.. I loved the wax bottles with the goo in em.. too bad I didn't know ya then Bruce.. we coulda traded off.

Oct 12 @ 11:26PM  
I don't think there was a candy I didn't like...except the coconut and peanut butter bars..yanno, the ones in the brown and grey wrapping? I looove reeses cups, twix and snickers- esp with a glass of cold milk, nom nom. My mom would always jack us kids for our candy corn, but I didn't care because she could have them. They were pure sugar through and through.

Oct 13 @ 12:01AM  
hersheys with almonds, snickers...

Oct 13 @ 1:01AM  
I love candy corn! and yes, I hated those peanut butter thingies wrapped in black and orange wax paper

Oct 13 @ 5:42AM  
One guy in our neighborhood gave out comic books. How cool is that to an 8 year old boy!

Oct 13 @ 6:43AM  
Best: My grandmothers homemade popcorn balls, with their sugar coating food colored green. ( She is now 83 and still makes and hands them out yearly (with her name and address on a little slip of paper under the saran wrap ). Fairly small town though, not too many do not know my granny anyway. I think she said she gave out like 75 last year.

Worst: Any kind with black licorice....

Oct 13 @ 1:38PM  
I was raised in a small community so we got a lot of homemade things ......which were our aunties neighbor always made caramel apples............another popcorn balls............yummy.............but I loved the peanut butter candies in black and orange wrappers, bit o honey..........and the best of all tootsie rolls..................

now we had one neighbor that our folks always made up go to ..........and she always thru in a handful of stale mini marshmallows.........which i don't like when they are fresh...........they usually ended up on the floor board of the car after we dug them out of our bags and threw them at each other..................oh yea.........we all lived to far apart to walk so dad loaded us up in the car and drove us around to each neighbors

Oct 13 @ 2:01PM  
Even though this is suburbia, I think that some parents formulate a list based on previous years. I am no cheeser and always give out Nestles Crunch bars, Hershey with almonds, etc. If there is anything left over, it has to be something I like. But I digress. Through out Halloween night, there will be several pickups loaded with kids in the bed that will stop in front of my house. The kids pile out, come to the door, get the loot, scamper back to the pickup, hop in the bed and they drive off.

Oct 14 @ 1:03AM  
Slipping you one of those green cow pies
Green cow pies?!? My favorite! I haven't had one of those in DECADES!!
What? Oh...Sorry!

I just wanted to thank everybody for the great response to my Halloween blog. Lots
of memories out there that were jogged, and the survey website looks like it received
quite a jolt from all you pervs!! Who says you can't go back??

Oct 14 @ 6:15PM  
I love peanut M&M's, Resses Cups, 5th Avenues, twix to name a few.

Hey, what ever happen to that candy bar Summit?

Oct 14 @ 6:16PM  
Damn, I forgot to mention that I love Kit Kats!

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Halloween Candy Survey