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The Blogs They Are A Changin...

posted 12/20/2006 4:14:05 AM |
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tagged: humor
  DickSlippery I'm perusing the new blogs page (I do, from time 2 time, actually read other people's blogs. U know...whenever I'm not 2 busy feeding the homeless or trying 2 sneak a peek N2 the girl's locker room at 24hr Fitness) when I notice there is a new tab titled "Popular Blogs". Well, naturally, my ego got the better of me (which hardly ever happens) and I clicked on it. Now I have a question...

Just who the fuck does a guy have 2 blow 2 get on the "popular blogs" page anyway? Love me or hate me, even those who claim 2 have some problem or another with my style (U know that U like my style) or my subject matter or my language or whatthefuckever else they can come up with still fucking read my shit! (otherwise how the fuck would they know they don't the way I write? Are they fucking guessing?)

I'm really not trying 2 hate here. I'm just thinking that...perhaps...someone should rethink the whole idea of having a stuffed teddy bear make the big decisions. Otherwise, I just don't see any relief in sight. I mean, c'mon already...who the fuck does he consult...Pop n Fresh? Give me a break already. At the very least they should add another tab that is specifically 4 those blogs they don't want anyone 2 read 4 whatever reason (often just an acute case of hateritis...nothing 2 be 2 concerned about). At least that way we would be guaranteed equal exposure (I'd prefer prefer indecent exposure but we takes what we can get).

Still, overall I'd have 2 say the changes they have made 2 the blogs are positive (I'm still taking credit 4 numbers six and seven, BTW) ones. I'm sure there will be more changes in the future and hopefully they won't suck balls. I know U can see how optimistic I am about it.

I want 2 say I don't really give a shit about any of this, but that would be a lie and I think all of U would know it. It's not that I'm particularly adverse 2 the idea of lying...I just hate getting caught at it. So, I'm not going 2 try 2 hedge my way around it. I'm just going 2 put it out there the way I feel it. I WANT 2 BE ON TOP OF THE POPULAR BLOGS PAGE! Even if it means getting polyester stuffing stuck in between my teeth, goddamnit!

I guess we'll just have 2 wait and see how it all plays out...

I'll keep U posted

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Dec 20 @ 4:28AM  
Nah, I don't think the Bear has time to decide these things. They probably use some programmed formula involving number of comments, number of views, number of kudos and of course the posting date/time.

Dec 20 @ 5:38AM  
Well, Dick, I wish you didn't have all the text talk in your blogs, amking it a pain for an old gal like me to decipher 'cause, dayum!, sometimes you are down right funny. But, most of the time I just skip over them because I don't want to work so hard at trying to figure them out. That said, I think it's like Bentan stated, some formula that is tracked to decide what is popular with the readers here. Maybe there are others, like me, that skip your blogs because they have tried reading them in the past and don't want to work so hard at it. Yeah, I know, I could change. But, then, people are looking at what few blogs I've posted. (Sorry, just had to put that little aside there...I really don't care if my blogs are read or not...really.)

Dec 20 @ 6:40AM  
well ...i think most of what you write is pretty funny.......i have a dry sense of humor and hell for all i know ..i'm reading your blogs and having flashbacks but now and again ya get a bit out in left field....i'd have to go read backwards if it matters WICH blog/blogs i refer to....just use thought n write like your normal self like this one.....and you prob get best results giving time between blogs if more then one a day.....kinda like a timing thing for a joke too soon after the first...loses some of it's affect....

Dec 20 @ 7:12AM  
Okay, here's the truth...I cornered the Bear (wasn't too hard given his arms are bound, heh-heh) and started torturing him - waving fish in front of his nose, taunting him by singing "The Bear Went Over the Mountain" and doing Yogi Bear impressions...finally he gave in and told me the Magic Beach Ball was in charge. Well, isn't that special! So, I hunted his ass down and manged to wrestle him to the floor - got him in a headlock between my thighs, and I'm sure you can figure out the rest...

It's not who you blow, it's all about providing a good meal to the over-worked staff here.

Dec 20 @ 9:19AM  
Hey DS, maybe this blog will make it to the popular list, it's getting feedback, right? Give it another three or four comments and some more views and I'm sure it will.

Dec 20 @ 10:42AM  
I watch for your blogs constantly and took a look at the top ones,,,looks more like a random draw to give those who are not endowed in blogging a feeling of accomplishment..Atleast you know you have the popularity vote and avid readers,,its a start.

Dec 20 @ 10:52AM  
Weasell, I have seen some pretty good blogs that are considered the more popular ones on the sign in page because of with the more comments and more views on that the typical blog. So I don't think you're on target with your accessment on this. Go check it out for yourself and see the pattern...

Dec 20 @ 11:22AM  
Hey now - my blog has over 400 views...what's it take to be considered popular??? (Big tits, I's been said before *sly grin*)

But, I have to say, when looking through the list, the rhyme and reason for which blogs it to the "Most Popular" list is confusing. I'm sure there is a system but we don't know what it is. Think I should corner the Bear again? That was fun!

I also read DS's blogs and he is a popular blogger...not sure why he's not higher on the list, but I'll keep checking and do my part to get it up there (no pun intended...well, not really intended! :)

Dec 20 @ 11:34AM  
Anyone notice that one of the most popular blogs is Looking's "I'm not gay mister!!!" blog? I almost died laughing when I saw that one (again). It had like 1090 views and 75 comments and probably the information content of a shrivelled peanut if you go by all the nonsensical comments directed by and against a certain smelly troll. Personally I'm still going by the old chronological order, skipping over the obvious one-line cockroach droppings, just to give all reasonably well-written blogs a fair read.

Dec 20 @ 12:20PM  
There's a formula involved with getting onto the popular blogs page. Based on how many comments and kudos your blog gets and the timespan in which your blog receives those comments and kudos. The formula is still being tweaked. Popular blogs are basically blogs with a lot of activity on them.

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