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Please help if you can

posted 10/10/2009 5:02:59 PM |
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Ok guys i need your help im trying to make some changes in my life....I need help and advice on how to stop having sex...................... HAHA made u talk. No really what i need help with is quitting smoking ....Ive been saying for months now that i want to quit smoking but holey hell i am having a really hard time kicking this awful habit i want to try it with out depending on medications... all i need is a few suggestions to try i got me some lolly pops and gum but i still crave the smoke. The researchers who said smoking is more addictive then some drugs is telling the truth..So please if you could help me i would really appreciate it .

Oh i forgot one thing

Who wants to fuck

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Oct 10 @ 5:37PM  
Smoking is a strong addiction. I am one of the lucky ones who can smoke and not be addicted, but I know that others with a different body chemistry are not that lucky.

Drugs like Chantix might really be a good way to go.

Something you might try is Affirmations. Self-talk. You are what you think.

Just as negative name-calling ("You are stupid") .. leads to negative self perception, repetition of positive phrases can help you make positive change, like re-programming a computer.[

This site has some good examples of affirmations and how/when you can use them. I particularly like the idea of an affirmation you keep on a slip of paper and read several times a day:

I enjoy being a non-smoker
It is easy for me to be a non-smoker
I am happy and healthy
Smoking does not interest me.
I am smoke-free!

Other phrases I liked:

I deserve, create, and have health and happiness in my life.
I find and employ ways to improve my health daily.
I enjoy relaxing, meditating, and exercising.
I love myself unconditionally.
Every cell, nerve, tissue, and muscle of my lungs
and my whole body is now healing and becoming 100 percent healthy.
I enjoy being and now am smoke-free.
I believe in myself and my ability to be smoke-free.
I easily refuse cigarettes or any form of tobacco.

Tweak and re-write these into an affirmation that is your own, And say it, sing it, write it as often as you can.

Note that none of these affirmations are weakened by saying "I want to be" or "I need to be". The brain does funny things when you say "I want" or "I need".. It only hear the wnat or the need part, and you can end up being very needy or wanting.

Oct 10 @ 6:24PM  
I dont smoke, but I come to find that replacing a habit helps or keeping busy with something else keeps the urge away.

Oct 10 @ 6:35PM  
I haven't had a cigarette in almost 2 weeks and every day is easier than the day before it. Quitting smoking is very just have to have the willpower and tell yourself that you can do this. The first few days are gonna be the hardest. I chew lots of gum....and when I start craving one, I tell myself that it's pointless to light up because I know it's gonna taste gross. I've avoided drinking alcohol as well because when I drink, I ALWAYS want to smoke. Good strong!

Oct 10 @ 7:58PM  
Aftershox, just gave you some excellent suggestions. Addiction to nicotine and the physical act of smoking is extremely hard to break. Affirmations are a large part of self hypnosis, but you can use them without being hypnotized. I have used both with clients over many years.

Here are a few suggestions. They will seem very simplistic and even silly to some, but the reason they work is their simplicity. You need to get new ideas into your subconscious. This take many repetitions of the same thing over a period of 28 to 30 days, minimum. First thing is make a list of the times when you most crave a smoke. After dinner, at a bar, having a drink, over coffee. The point is to identify the "Danger" times when you are most likely to smoke. Some things you can avoid, some you can modify the situation. Once done start the affirmations. The more religoiusly you do these the faster they will work. Second thing is to get rid of all smoking products in the house or where ever you can. Clean all surfaces with a good cleaning agent. Air out curtains or have them cleaned. The point is to get the scent of smoking out of your living, working, driving and clothing. The scent alone will work against you and make it harder. Then it is time to start the affirmations.

To do this try these affirmations. If you are alone say out loud first thing in the morning when you get up... "I am not a smoker! Smoking is not my master nor my crutch. I am not a smoker." If you live with someone explain what you are doing and ask for their support, not ridicule of laughing at you doing this. If they are not supportive saying to yourself works, but it helps at first to say it out loud so you both think it in your head and hear it with your ears. If possible say it to a mirror so you can see yourself saying this. It is important that this is done daily and upon first waking.

Throughout the day, every time the erge to smoke comes on you, tell yourself very firmly with as much conviction as you can muster that, "I do not want a cigarette! I am not a smoker!" You will be saying this to yourself constantly at first, but you will soon notice that as soon as you say this the urge will leave. It will return, but just repeat that affirmation. This is not a quick fix, but it will work. Using a patch of some kind, will help with the physical cravings. Do NOT fool yourself into "tapering off." this almost never works in the long run. Studies have shown this is one of the least effective ways to quit. "Cold Turkey" has far more successes. As I said earlier using medications, (Chantix) or other products can help also, but the longer you keep nicotine in your system the longer it takes to quit. Think of this. An herion addict cannot get themselves clean by just cutting down on the amount they use. An alcoholic can not become sober and recovering by just cutting down on the amount they drink. Nicotine effects the same area of the brain that alcohol and drugs do keeping the person addicted. Smoking is an addiction. Only difference is the drug of choice. Food, gambling, sex, etc. all act on the human brain the same. Nicotine is no different.

The website might be a good place to start getting more tips and help. What I have shared is bare bones basics, but even they will work. Simplicity is the key though to any habit changing issue or addiction. I hope this helps. Good luck. It is hard but doable.

Oct 10 @ 8:27PM  
replacing a habit helps or keeping busy with something else keeps the urge away
Luna makes a really good point.. Baby Doll, Every time you get the urge to smoke, you should stick a cock in your mouth... (actually, if this could be done, I bet it would work!)

Then you could repeat the following affirmation aloud and at work.
I deserve, create, and have health and happiness in my life.
I enjoy being a non-smoker and a cock-sucker
I think laughter is a terrific medicine, and maybe you could say the perverted version of the affirmation whenever you have the chance.

Seriously, avoid using the word "want" in any affirmations like "I do not want a cigarette! " It could backfire, and your brain could turn it into "I want a cigarette!"

Oct 10 @ 9:05PM  
You've gotten some wonderful advice. I would like to add the following:
My son has cut down from 2 packs to 4 cigarettes a day. He did this by using gum, replacing the habit with another habit, hanging around with his friends who don't smoke, prohibiting any smoking to occur in his house. I think he also did some affirmations.
He says it's a struggle everyday and he has good days and bad days. What he likes the most is his increased lung capacity. He can now play baseball, basketball and skateboard again. He had really missed these activities and I think once he was involved with sports again, it has been easier for him to fight the urge.
I wish you all the best with this journey.

Oct 10 @ 10:13PM  
Sis, the first week is the hardest. After that, each day gets easier. The hardest part is the hand to mouth habit. If you feel like smart and munch on fruits and such. When you feel like you "need" a smoke...find something to do...clean the house, take a walk, if you've got a friend or family member who has quit, call him/her to talk your way through it. There are support groups out there. See if you can find one.

Stay positive. You can do this.

Oct 11 @ 12:20AM  
i had hypnosis....havent had so much as a puff in 17 years...

Oct 11 @ 12:24AM  
Talk to a doctor. Let him advise you the best way to go. There are things that can help with a lot of willpower as well.

Oct 11 @ 9:39AM  
thanks every one for the great advice i really apreciate it

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