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If you don't like what you are reading...

posted 10/8/2009 12:34:43 PM |
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do better yourself. Yeah.. coming down on someone for writing what is on their minds? No matter how many blogs they have posted in a day? None of your fucking biz. Yeah, seriously. Looks as though your .. no one is allowed to post a comment.. blog is right up there bitching about someone else's blogging choice and no one is allowed to say shit? At least Whapper allows you to say what you want about his.

So, in summation, if what you read isn't pleasing to you.. get your fingers all warmed up and type up a bigger, better, improved and entertaining or informative blog... or STFU!

Just my opinion... and we all know what an opinion is worth.

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Oct 8 @ 12:39PM  

Here....have some nutz

Oct 8 @ 12:51PM  
I agree 100%. If you don't like what someone writes it is your choice of reading it or not. The last I heard we still had freedom of speech around here. As far as I know, no one that post here owns this site or wrote the rules. There should be room for everyone to express themselves without having other members coming down on them. If you don't like it, don't read it, it's as simple as that.

Oct 8 @ 12:58PM  
Hey skwirl girl I have some fresh nuts for you. They are right in that cage over there. It's okay, trust me.

Oct 8 @ 1:07PM  
Yer so sexxy when ya rant....

Oct 8 @ 1:13PM  

Oct 8 @ 1:13PM  
1st amendment!

Oct 8 @ 1:16PM  
Ah there's the lil spitfire with da bushy tail....good ta see ya doin' what ya do best!

I'm drinkin' beantown coffee full of calories 'n caffeine an I got the next THREE days to myself so look out! Softie is wantin' to PLAY!

Oct 8 @ 1:24PM  
an I got the next THREE days to myself so look out! Softie is wantin' to PLAY!

woooohoooo Softie!!! About time you get time for yourself.

Oct 8 @ 1:46PM  

I'm with you Sam. If they don't like it ? write their own or shut the fuck up.
Whapper is a good guy and deserves a little respect, not ridicule from some dumb ass.

Oct 8 @ 1:48PM  
Like I said in Whapper's blog, "put the trollette in the toilet."

Oct 8 @ 2:02PM  
You know I agree and disagree............I think a person has a right to blog about not liking the blogs..............BUT if they are going to do it...........they should have at least have the balls to open it up for comments...............and there are a lot of people with just as many blogs as FW and if some of us hadn't removed tons of ours we would be way the hell up there...........and I am sure that not all my blogs have been an interest to everyone............but at least FW's blogs are not ones asking for strangers to meet up with him and have sex............he doesn't whine about all the women are fakes on here.............and yes he has royally pissed me off a time or two but this is just as much his blog site as mine or anyone elses.................

btw I think your a pretty hawt skwirl when you get your tail in a bunch..........but than again you're a pretty hawt skwirl when your not pissed off too...........

Special sauce DKW? Is that the name for it now?

Oct 8 @ 2:02PM  
Get em girly skwirl ! I think these days it is become...STFUFT!!! ...shut the fuck up fuck tard!

Oct 8 @ 2:52PM  
I don't read his blogs...they just simply go over my head. There was a time when he commented in one of my blogs and pissed me off and I blocked him...I have since took him off that list because I don't go off half-cocked as much as I use to.

But I agree with Dayna...this is open to everyone and if his blogs aren't my bag then I just don't read them...and scrolling past them is no big deal I don't care how many there are.

I haven't been here enough lately to know if this wench is a newbie or just a lurker but she don't wanna mess wit da skwirl....or any of the other old timers...we watch out for our own and hell hath no fury like a Pervite on the warpath....

Oct 8 @ 5:36PM  
when christ was on the cross, he said to the good thief, be with me this
day in paradise. the poor bad thief, just wanted to get off the cross
and outta pain. we're all a little like all three of them. redemptive suffering.
ya know, like, maybe someone she knows committed suicide and blames
me for it. i snubbed her. or did something wrong. and she's out for revenge.
those things happen. the case of the wily wives and brotherly brothers, and
sexy sisters. they will protect their friends and avenge them. no matter
what side of the fence they are on. maybe it goes back to my days
at the los angeles police dept. or other places, or eileen and roger.
its so deceptive. we put a lotta people away back then. and the entire
los angeles police dept. is to blame for you see. it could be anyone
of a million motives. or i promised to marry someone and didn't.
her friend. i got someone mad at me for some reason. it could
be anyone of millions of people. even relatives of the shah of iran.
these cases get so convoluted. putting people away or having
them killed, etc. in a war, and through espionage can get you targeted
for the rest of your life. all veterans especially are targeted also.
they have sworn to hunt down every last one of them and kill them.
be apprised of that. it happenend after world war two, after korea,
vietnam, gulf etc. it goes the same in the land of fame. jealousy, covetousness,
there are more motives for murder than you realize. god rest ye merry
gentleman. or some sister, just got mad and ordered her brother
to have me vanish. these things like this have been goin on on planet
earth since cain and abel. see, abel let his animals rove over cain's
nice beautiful vegetable garden. and abel's stupid animals ate all of
cains food. so cain's family starved to death that winter, and cain
went over and killed abel. who had let his animals roam at will. dig? may
the buffalo chips be with thee. remembering all the buffalo killed by 'settlers'.
indians mad about that? what do you think? we smoke peace pipe or have
war council? in council bluffs iowa? the kiowa. have blissful day and night. lolol.

Oct 8 @ 8:39PM  
Know what really scares me? When Whappers blogs are making sense! Yeah.. that's freaky deaky!

IN the cage Purp?? I dun think so..

DK spankins pweeeze?

everyone else.. hugs

bunny.. high five!

Oct 9 @ 1:12AM  
I gets peoples mad at me just cuz they's feel's like it...

Oct 9 @ 1:46AM  
C'meres my lil squirrely gurl, I really needs a hug right now!! But til ya gets here I've gots a shiny green thingy for ya!

Oct 9 @ 2:40AM  
Here....have some nutz
Sounds like she already has a pair with all that powerful bitching... I'm joking but I'm sure I'll get some flak for it.. Well put, I agree with you, lead by example & shut the fuck up kind of thing.
At least Whapper allows you to say what you want about his.
It's like he's trying to catch a vegetarian with a hunk of meat so I don't think he has a choice with the comments. Come to think of it I don't get many either.

Oct 16 @ 7:25PM  
Me being on here on and off as of late, looks like I missed this blog from you not too long ago, Sam. Anyway, I totally agree with you about this!

Oct 18 @ 11:20AM  
Have you ever been in a chat room and someone says "I am bored"? And my answer to that is "Then do something interesting!"

Here is a pistachio for you (green nut). Don't worry it is not one of the evil pink dyed kind.

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