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america the bontiful

posted 10/5/2009 7:18:25 AM |
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some time a go it was pointed out that america uses or consumes eighty percent of the what the world produces. mmmmmmmmmm
i never really thought about it at the time so never gave any credence to the statement. just like all the surveys and crap we see everyday i figured it was some nut tryin to make a point by throwin numbers up in the air to convince us he or she was correct in thier assumptions.
i have always been aware that as my income increased so did my waistline. and when i was not workin i would lose weight. my all time low (since adulthood) has been a nice one nightyfive. my all time high has been three hundred and forty pounds.
i am at present two fiftyfive and comfortable. steady income and steady food. ok for me. should lose a few more but as i said am comfortable.
here lately it seems i have been barraged with the over wieght conversations and blogs, and got to wondering if eating has gotten to be that NEW sickness or mental illness that wants to pop up every other generation. in answering that i lean toward the thought that it not so much an illness, mental or otherwise, but a state of mind.
so much to do and so little time to do it in, we have have lost the reasonin that we eat to live and survive. for me and maybe a few others we live to eat. seems like food is takin the place of sex.
i really would like to go back to the day when a meal (a real meal and not some function) was a family thing. mom always had good balanced food and she knew how much to cook so that all of us had enough to satisfy our bellys. it was a good thing to sit and listen as mom and dad discussed the day and the plans for the day. includin us kids in the plans and lettin us know that there was more than just food to look forward to for the day.
it scares hell out of me to see the ads from all the food franchises about how much u can get for a buck, and the double and triple sandwitches and combos. fillin yes, nutritious am not so sure. expensive you bet your bippy it is expensive when you get down to the nitty gritty.
for what my son spent on just himself and his wife, i could have done a three course meal for six of us in my kitchen.
of fourteen kids i have fathered, eleven of them are obese. i feel i have myelf to blame for fallin in the trap of not havin the time to share with them except on the sunday meals that i just had to cook for them in quanities that would sink a small ship. that and tryin to instill in them that food was not a substitute for life, nor a yardstick for success.
if i where a real butt head i would most likely be beatin the drum for the government to pass a law that under eighteen you would need a parent or guardian to enter a fast food franchise. but it seems that i am a little slow about that idea. a couple of our esteemed leaders have already considered the idea and came to the conclusion if they even introduced such a bill, thier political careers would be over. lets hear it for job insurance.
in conclusion i will not promise to lose weight. i will cut back on the fast food chains. now that i do have the time i will cook for the house as well as for me. the neat thing bout that is i like to cook and house mates might start to lose weight.
guess that is bout all the rambling i can go on this so will sign off till next time.
frank 747

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Oct 5 @ 8:55AM  
if i where a real butt head i would most likely be beatin the drum for the government to pass a law that under eighteen you would need a parent or guardian to enter a fast food franchise.

It is the parents that buy most of the fast food for them as it is. The parents eat it themselves, generational monkey see, monkey do...or is it hippo see, hippo do. How many people under the age of 35 do you know that can actually cook a meal from scratch, and ramen noodles do not count?

Oct 5 @ 9:29AM  
...and ramen noodles do not count?
That's funny WoW.

Anyway....I could write a book on this subject. Yanno I keep hearing blips about making fast food places put scales inside the door to discourage people. I've even heard that if you're overweight then you can't buy any food...I heard that's already being done in Japan.

Is all this true?

But I do believe obesity is epidemic in America and I have my own theory but I'll spare ya'll the details...ain't ya glad???

Good blog. Ya get a greenie...guaranteed no calories....

Oct 5 @ 12:19PM  
I have to agree with WoW. Parents, are in most cases, the obvious exceptions, orphans, etc., are the examples the model children follow, peers, being second, again in most cases. With the advent of fast foods, both stores and products for home, lack of good nutrition being taught and time constraints, what you say is 100% correct. Nutrition alone is a huge factor. There are so many theories out there as to what is good, what is bad, what is fattening and what is not. Which diet is the best etc. When this is really silly. Basic nutrition was thrown out the window years ago. Anyone can find it on the internet, but it is not taught in schools or even by licensed nutritionists! I could go on forever on this subject but don't want to change the topic any more than I have. Sorry

What I do disagree with though is the statement that the US uses 80% of what is produced in the world. That is impossible on it's face. Just do the math on populations of industrial countries. I think you only made a mistake. What I think you are referring to is the oft quoted statistic that the US uses 20% some say 25% of the worlds natural resources. What is left out is at that time we, the US, were producing 75% of the worlds gross products. This is not the case in either case now as Idia and China are each near our production levels and combined they surpass us. This will soon be eclipsed by both countries on their own passing us as we outsouce and become a service economy intead of a production (manufacturing) country.

Oct 5 @ 12:26PM  
All my children can cook. Growing up they all had at least one night a week where they cooked dinner. None of my kids are obese so maybe if they teach nutrition and cooking classes in schools as required subjects these kids won''t be as large as their parents. When I worked in the mall people who were obese would come into the store with their obese kids and they were eating high calorie junk food and be complaining because the plus size children's clothes were all too small for their 8 year old. I feel the problem is the American mindset where we think we have to consume as much as we can. Through the years we had the cars that consumed too much gas, we consumed too much food, we wanted the big house, The fancy designer clothes if we could and passed that on to our kids and with each generation it only got worse. Where I grew up you were what you owned in the eyes of the community. A friend of mine who came here from Europe once asked me a good question, "For Americans how much is enough?" They were pretty shocked at the amounts that we as a country comsume. The other thing that changed in America is the generation of mothers who had to go to work to help pay for all this consumption. They were no longer at home to keep the family together for meals and did not have the time to cook meals for the family. It is just easier to stop by the fast food place on the way home and have their dinner handed to them through the window.

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