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The Perfect Margarita

posted 10/5/2009 12:14:44 AM |
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Depending on who you ask the Margarita was first invented in Texas or Mexico somewhere between 1937 and 1948. Most recipes agree on the main ingredients to be Tequila, Triple Sec or Cointreau and lime juice with or without salt around the rim. Simple, refreshing, tasty. Then there is the "Northern" or "chain store" recipe. When they are making it for hordes of customers, in an effort to make it easier, or cheaper, they water it down with sweet and sour mix. Personally I find it disgusting and have gone back to ordering beer if eating or drinking in one of those types of establishments. When I worked years ago as a bartender and bar manager my specialty drink was a margarita. I could start mixing them up and in a matter of minutes I had the entire bar ordering them, so I always assumed I must have been doing something right.
Herein lies the beginning of the end of my relationship of the past year. Nearly a year ago the man I've been seeing took me to one of these chain bars, a rather large and very noisy place in North KC called Gran Falloons, great burger, lousy margarita. When I voiced my opinion, he called the bartender over and inquired of their reciped. Yep, you guessed it sweet and sour. Now I never claimed it didn't have tequila. Apparently quite a bit of it. As this was our second stop of the evening, I'd already consumed quite a bit of these substandard beverages at this point. So when we began our "discussion" on the matter he argued the point that his having attended bartending accademy on a whim made him an expert. However my tequila fueled opinion was that perhaps people here were just "pussies" and couldn't handle a real margarita. Cute huh? Well it's been an ongoing good natured argument for nearly a year now. In fact a year next week we will have, or rather would have been dating. Then this weekend came around. Some of you may know that my son has been home on leave before he ships out to Ft. Lewis Washington later this week, and then in the Spring to Afghanistan. So my "man" has been very supportive and fully encouraged me to spend time with my son while I could. As he's been stationed most of the summer at nearby Ft. Leonard Wood, we've spent nearly every weekend together since he arrived there in late June. So my "man" and I have just talked on the phone alot, through emails and spent little bits of time together here and there. Well as kiddo leaves this week he wanted to spend the weekend in KC with his friends that live there. So we headed out Friday afternoon, I dropped him with his buds and happily headed over to my sweeties for a belated birthday celebration weekend with him. I beat him to his apartment, had time to unpack and freshen up before he got there from work. He came in, seemed really happy to see me, grabbed a quick shower, changed clothes and informed me he was taking me to this great steakhouse in Liberty. So we hop in his truck and drive 13 miles to get there, only to find the wait is HUGE. The place is packed, not even an empty seat at the bar. We manage to squeeze between some folks in the hall and settle in to wait for a table. After about 30 min. he says he'll make it easier on us and save time for when we get a table. He gets up and comes back with a menu. Sits down next to me, opens it up and starts to tell me that he had lunch there that day with coworkers and had found something on the menu that I had to see. Opens it wide to the drink specials and points out the "Texas Margarita" which lists of all things sweet and sour mix as one of the ingredients. Then he starts laughing and said he had no intentions of us eating there, just wanted to show me the menu with the bogus Margarita on it. I looked at him incredulously and asked him if he really wanted to go there. He chuckled yeah he guessed he did as he was once again 'right and I was wrong'. I tried to laugh it off as we were leaving and driving back those 13 miles to a Chinese restaurant right across the street from his apartment but inside I was furious and hurt. To think that he would go to all that trouble in an attempt to "prove that I was wrong" about something really pissed me off. But I swallowed down my anger and we enjoyed the rest of our night. The next day we got up and he said he needed to go to work for a few hours so I met up with my adopted sister, for a long visit. Later I picked up some steaks (I was really in the mood for one after missing out on it the night before!) Things were going great, he came home from the office and I served up a nice steak dinner including cheesecake with blackberries (amazing by the way if you've never tried it) and we relaxed in front of some great college football games. Around 8:30 last night we decided to go out for a few games of pool at a nearby Sidepockets. Huge poolhall, lots of sports on tv's and usually great music blaring through the speakers. We had a pretty good time, he was downing lots of draft beer while I stuck to diet coke as I was driving. Around 11:30 or so we decided to head back to the apartment and headed out to the parking lot. We were almost to my car when this guy pulls up by us in a pickup, he's obviously slightly intoxicated and rolls his window down and starts talking to us. He nicely asked for a "favor" he wanted one of us to call his cell phone as he had dropped it in his truck and can't locate it. My "man" turns all pissy and says he doesn't have a cell phone (which is a bullshit lie) so after a few moments of this back and forth "c'mon just call my cell" and "I don't have a phone' bullshit I told my "man" that I knew how it was, I've dropped mine in the car and had to have someone call it to find it, so I whip out my phone and dial the guys phone. He jumps out of his truck, digs around under the seats for a few minutes and comes up with it. He's grateful and thanks us profusely, gets back in his truck about to drive away, when he leans out the window and tells my "man" that he has one fine woman there and he's really grateful that I did him this favor. My "man" who has been sucking down quite a few suds himself now gets this really shitty attitude and starts telling the guy to "move along". Well this doesn't go over well at all. Next thing I know, big dude in pickup is about ot get out and "fuck up" my man, whose adding fuel to the fire with a smartass attitude. The former bouncer comes out in me, I step between them, get my man to back up, the other guy to quietly drive away so I can get my car out of the space and we proceed to leave. Meanwhile my man whips out the cell phone he just claimed not to have and calls the police on the guy in the truck, tells them that he's drunk and driving around starting fights in the parking lot! So much fucking drama! Meanwhile truck guy calls my phone back, which I quickly ignore! We finally get in the car and start back to the apartment and I'm getting the solid silent treatment.

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Oct 5 @ 12:17AM  
Even with the heater blasting in the car I can feel the chill in the car between us. Silent, all the way back to the apartment.
Silent when we got there. Silence as we watched some tv. Silent as I went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Nothing but silence.
I come out of the bathroom to find that he has already gotten in bed. So I go through the apartment and turn off everything and crawl
into the bed beside him. Suddenly he's turning his back to me and sliding way over on his side of the bed. I mean all the way over.
I lay there for about 20 mins, feeling him slide further and further from me before I decide that I'll be damned if I stay in a bed
with a man that so obviously doesn't want me there. So I got up, got dressed and went to the loveseat in the living room. I snuggled
under the spare blanket from the closet and stretched out as much as I could on his short excuse for a couch. About an hour goes by
before he slinks into the living room and sits down by me. 'Come to bed' when I replied that I'm not keen on spending time in
a bed with someone who doesn't want me there, he tells me it's ok, he's just a little miffed. 'well I figured that out, I just haven't
figured out what I did to cause it'. He seriously looks at me and says 'you shouldn't have called that guy in the parking lot, but it's
okay, I forgive you, I know I've probably been wrong sometime before too'. WTF?? Wrong?? Here with go with the wrong bullshit again??
I didn't even bother to reply. He sat there a few minutes more before getting up and going back to bed. I didn't. I spent the next few hours tossing and turning on the loveseat. Catches snatches of sleep here and there before rising early this morning with my mind made up.
I packed my stuff up, took a good long hot shower and when I came out of the bathroom he had made coffee and gone back to the bedroom. I slipped
my key to his apartment off my ring, left it lying on the dining room table, picked up my suitcase and walked out. I'm not one of those people
that can never admit when they are wrong. But I just got damned sick and tired of someone working so damn hard to prove it.
Anybody up for a Margarita?

Oct 5 @ 12:43AM  
Sure I love margarita's and while your at it i'll take one of the real ones minus the sweet and sour shit.

Oct 5 @ 12:45AM  
just one more question what is the recipe for a real margarita? I've been able to find ones with the sweet and sour shit but keep forgetting to ask my stepmothers bartender roommate for that recipe. And while your at it do you know the recipe for a midori sour too? (my other fav drink)

Oct 5 @ 1:01AM  
Margarita (my perfect one anyway)
1.5 oz Tequila (I prefer a white or silver)
1 oz Triple Sec (I use Triple Sec) or Cointreau
1 oz lime juice, I prefer Rose's

Shaken or blended with ice for frozen. Rub lime around rim of glass, roll the edge so that you salt the outside rim, carefully pour the drink into the glass either over ice or frozen, so as not to knock the salt into the drink.

the other you requested:

Midori Sour recipe
1 oz Midori melon liqueur
1 oz whisky sour mix
2 oz Sprite soda
2 cherries

Fill a highball glass with ice. Add the midori, sour mix and sprite, give a quick stir, and add cherries.


Oct 5 @ 1:03AM  
thanks, looks like i'm gonna have to buy some sprite then.

I'm sorry about the problems with your man friend.

Oct 5 @ 1:10AM  
Yeah, me too. But you know, I've been seeing the asshole side of him for some time now, but it just jumped right out in my face this weekend. I actually called the guy from the parking lot today and thanked him. If not for him asking a simple favor last night, I might still be able to convince myself I had myself a prince instead of a shithead. At least this all happened before I quit my job and moved across the state!

Oct 5 @ 1:16AM  
How freaking childish!!

Stomy, Honey, I am so sorry he became such an ass.

And Yes,, I would love a margarita...with triple sec and lime please. Oh, and umm I like my glass lightly salted with a lime wedge to wet the rim...
Cointreau is too expensive and I don't think it's that big of a deal in the difference for the price.. Personal opinion...

When I was bartending, I always used triple sec and lime, but every now and then someone would want one but on a sweeter side, so I would either substitute sweet and sour for the triple sec...or add a splash of ameretto or orange juice with the triple sec.

btw, I'm up for a few,if you want to chat...

Oct 5 @ 1:50AM  
Let's just have blue agave on the rocks, k?

Sorry he turned out to be Prince Shithead....

Oct 5 @ 2:11AM  
My dad used to say: "As long as you believe you're right....stand your ground and don't bend for any reason....until you're proven wrong...then be the first one to admit it."

I noticed the use of the word "man" in quotation takes a much bigger "man" to just say, "I was wrong"

You did the right thing, lbs

Good riddance to your "man".

I'll take a big Texas Margarita myself (you can get a "true" margarita at The Texas Roadhouse Cafe in Dallas) and have one for yourself!! You deserve it!

Oct 5 @ 3:02AM  
So he makes you sit for 30 minutes in a restaurant for nothing, AFTER a 20 minute drive, just to prove a nonsensical point....
And then....
I know I've probably been wrong sometime before too

Disgustingly asinine.

Sorry to hear he turned out to be a total jackass, hun.

And you are right about the origin of them. And also for the record, according to Wiki...none of the originals contained sweet and sour, no matter where they supposedly came from.

I like em both ways.

Oct 5 @ 3:58AM  
Oh gawd I know that scenario....I'm ashamed to say that in my younger years I always had to be right and lost many a find lady because of it.

Think I got it from my Father ...he always had to be right at all costs...even when we would play games...he always had to win was very tiresome.

Later in life I realized how foolish I was and changed my behavior. The important thing is that I enjoy the company I keep...not weather I'm right or not. I used to pull that cold shoulder bullshit too...what a waste of fucking energy that is...shit ...all I had to say was I was wrong and that would be the end of it but Noooooooo...had to make a big deal out of it.

Now I live alone in Dayna's closet, with only panties to keep me company...

Oct 5 @ 4:08AM  
I'm very sorry..Sweety!!!

Anybody up for a Margarita?
Hell yeah..and Keepem Coming!!!

Oct 5 @ 4:17AM  
do I know that scenario....I'm ashamed to say that in my younger years I always had to be right and lost many a find lady because of it.
Oh no, Bort, say it ain't so....

I figure it doesn't matter how many times you are right if you have to belittle someone else and prove them wrong, it's just wrong.

Personally I would have probably left his sorry ass sitting there as soon as I discovered why he had brought me there...... and then made me sit there for half an hour.
Buh -bye and drove away to get my stuff from his apt.
But, admittedly.... you did the more mature thing. Not that he deserved it, but someone had to be the adult.

Oct 5 @ 6:49AM  
All these people worrying about ounces....

1/4 Tequila (Jose if you like gold and Corzon if you like silver)
1/4 Triple Sec (I find Mr. Boston works just fine)
1/4 Lime juice (Fresh squeezed is best in my opinion, but a splash of Rose's helps too)
1/4 Orange juice (Fresh squeezed best here also)

This formula works no mater what size the glass.

The orange juice mellows all the flavors together.

Don't forget to shake well over crushed ice.

For those Jack and Coke fans, try:
1/3 Jack Daniels
2/3 Coke
Splash of Rose's lime juice

It goes down like it's just Coke with lime, so be careful if you can't handle your alchohol.

Oct 5 @ 8:02AM  
Good for you!
Nobody needs another asshole in their life..
I always made my Margys almost the way your recipe is..
Mine are 2ozs. of Tequila, 1 oz. of Tripe Sec and a splash of real lime juice..

Oct 5 @ 8:47AM  
So he makes you sit for 30 minutes in a restaurant for nothing, AFTER a 20 minute drive, just to prove a nonsensical point...

That was beyond weird. I also know you well enough to know that you can be quite sarcastic. I am surprised that you did not say something to the effect of, "If you thought it was so interesting and you had been to lunch there, why didn't you just pick up the menu and bring it home?"

I am extremely proud of you and how you handled it. No arguing, no bitching, no engaging him (he is an attorney) in verbal battle. You said it all and got in the final word, without saying a word. When there is nothing to discuss, discuss nothing.

The challenge comes moving forward with the holidays looming and it gets closer to your son's departure. This will not be easy, so be kind to yourself and embrace those that are close to you that you can count on.

Oct 5 @ 9:17AM  
I like Margaritas but I can't afford to drink them and besides, they make me drunk real quick...with nasty hangover...

I experienced the same thing with my "man" a couple of months ago. We had a ball for over a year then his true nature began to show...I was stunned at how radical he could be when I thought he was such an easygoing, laid back guy.

I congradulate you for handling your "man" situation far better than I did. I was furious! I can tell you he knew it too! Maybe it was because I was already stressed out with family problems anyway that sent me over the deep end.

It sounds like you're doing a good job of moving on and that's good. Not saying it doesn't hurt after a year vested in a relationship but your focus seems to be in the right direction...looking ahead and not back.

Hugs to you hun...ya handled yourself admirably and I'm proud of you....

Oct 5 @ 10:42AM  
Margarita (my perfect one anyway)
1.5 oz Tequila (I prefer a white or silver)
1 oz Triple Sec (I use Triple Sec) or Cointreau
1 oz lime juice, I prefer Rose's

This was the first and only Margarita I've ever had. It was made by my best friends Father, who, btw, moved to America from Mexico when he was 18 yrs. old. He said that is the way he was taught to make it. And her mother, native born in San Antonio, makes the best damned tamales I've ever had. Made from scratch.

Oct 5 @ 11:02AM  
To my friends who know me and a few of you who don't but commented anyway. Thanks. I know this was a long diatribe, but I just felt the need to get it off my chest. I've got enough going on right now that I won't be spending any time sitting at home fretting about my losses. I look at it as a gain. I didn't make a huge mistake and quit my job or move across the state to be with him full time. Plus there is the time I would have spent working on remodeling the house he just bought. All that sheetrocking, taping and bedding, and painting.........well he will be hiring that done now, let me tell ya. He has lost his free contractor for sure!! Plus the discounted price on the new central air unit he was going to get from my brother...........uh uh, wrong answer! Now he can pay retail!! lol I'll be fine, son leaves in a couple of days, I'll go back to work (been on a much needed vacation) and I'll be so damned busy I won't have time to worry about someone trying to prove me wrong, over and over and over again.

Now .......Shadowmale, I'm sure you felt you were adding to the post with your recipe. I totally support your right to post your recipe, I support your right to add orange juice to your Margarita even if it doesn't belong there, however I feel you must have just read a part of the blog and didn't finish it. I feel you missed the whole fucking point of how someone trying to prove me wrong over and over again has a tendency to piss me off! I'll leave your comment, simply because it points to your lack of reading comprehension skills, more than anything else.

Oct 5 @ 11:10AM  
My only thought is this.

Oct 5 @ 11:39AM  
I feel you missed the whole fucking point of how someone trying to prove me wrong over and over again has a tendency to piss me off!

Well if people read the whole post and comments, I have a feeling that the point will be quite clear.

Now, let me tell you how I make a margarita...runs like hell.

Oct 5 @ 12:23PM  
How old is this guy? He drives all the way across town to "prove" he is right? When obviously the only thing he is proving is that another restaurant doesn't know how to make a margarita? Wow. Pretty juvenile if you ask me. And maybe it is just my little corner of the world but we like our margaritas with freshly squeezed lime juice and call it a Real Margarita. I think it must just be a So Cal thing because when I've traveled and ordered one they look at me like I'm cracked.

Oct 5 @ 12:31PM  
Oh yeah, btw, any fool who is going to spend a half hour "waiting to be seated" just to prove a point.....needs to be shown the door. I give you a lot of credit for not blowing his ass out of the water on that. I would have done something like driving off and leaving his ass to walk home.


Oct 5 @ 1:42PM  

I do not drink; Haven't had a drink in 26 years. But when I did drink, I think LBS's
recipe would have been the best.
As for HIM ? I think he was a complete ass. How did you put up with him so long ?

Oct 5 @ 1:47PM  
Sounds like my ex who thought he knew everything. Like I said EX. Some guys just think they have to know more than females usually because somewhere inside they are insecure and think the woman just might be smarter than them so they have to go out of their way to prove they know more than the person they are with.

Oct 5 @ 2:11PM  
Is there just something about lawyers that make them have to prove they are always right?? I ask this because my uncle is a Lawyer, and one of my part time bf's is one as well.

Part-timer has been called on various things but he seems to take it in stride because I constantly tell him he's full of shit but he seems to think I keep him grounded or atleast moderately humble.

I'm sorry things haven't worked out cause I remember when you announced you have found someone and your words were glowing off the computer.

Huggies and future happyness.

Oct 5 @ 2:41PM  
Margarita = how to ruin perfectly good Tequilla

Oct 5 @ 3:50PM  
Margarita = how to ruin perfectly good Tequilla

Hey Margaritas are always good as a back for shooters!!!

Oct 6 @ 5:49AM're a better woman than I am. I would have found it very difficult not to kick his butt...especially when he drove a ways just to pretend to take me to a restaurant.

Kudos to you for the classy way you handled the difficult situation.


Oct 6 @ 7:14AM  
OMFG Stormy! You are better than me,I would have said something sooner and I would have left before attempting to sleep on the couch. I take my hat off to you as to your drink. I am guilty also I was taught with the mixer. Didn't know it was suppose to be made the way your recipe is. I feel like a ditz now And to the guy in the parking lot? Umm why don't you call him again? I mean you never know

Oct 6 @ 2:49PM know it was really hard to walk away without giving him an earful. As most of you know I'm not shy and usually very outspoken on matters of this type. However I think I've reached the age where I'm tired of fighting. If I have to fight with you, I don't need to be with you. Just that simple.

Oct 7 @ 10:23PM  
But.. but.. stormy love.. I wanna fight witcha.. I guarantee it will be a fun and fair fight though.. no proving you wrong.. unless the point was that you couldn't do it yet again.. cuz .. yeah then I'd prove you wrong.. again not a bad thing ;)

I'm honestly sorry that he's such a jerk. They are really good at hiding it for a while aren't they?

Oct 9 @ 1:49AM  
I don't wanna fight witchu either my lil squirrely girl.......but I wouldn't mind a little wrasslin witcha!!!

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