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posted 10/4/2009 1:06:30 PM |
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Unfreakingbelievable!! You guys are totally such a great way!
Although you have me in tears and having to blow my nose..... yes, I know TMI, huh? lmao

A while back, Murphy...(Bunny)... suggested to me that she would send me $1 toward a moving fund. And if all of my friends did that I should be able to move soon.
I laughed and said she sure gave me credit for having a LOT of friends. But I was also extremely touched.
No, not that kind of touched.. lol

Yesterday in my blog about not being able to move, without knowing about Murphys' suggestion.... Sam offered to send me $5 to start a moving fund and a few others, including Murph, again, offered to add to that.

For people that I have never met face to face or spent a day with, I have amazing friends on this site!
I have also gotten many emails from people I have never heard of with offers to add to that moving fund.
One guy said he would send $20 because it was well worth to know he got to be a smalll part of someone getting a real chance at a lifetime love.
He was married for over 30 years, when the wife that he seems to have adored passed away.
He is now hoping to find something even close to that love again.

I suggested he become involved in the blogs, maybe even the forums and see where that may go.

This has all touched our hearts more than mere words could ever express. And thank you just doesn't seem to begin to express our appreciation.

As much as I...actually WE, I think Griz is as completley blown away as I am.... appreciate all of this generosity and caring, we are going to pass.
We do Not mean for that to be offensive to anyone. Please don't take it as that.

As I mentioned in my other blog, my daughter is going through a lot right now. And I know in my heart that this postponment was so I could be here for and with her.

So in lieu of anyone sending cash, could I ask that you please send up well thoughts , prayers or whatever you believe in, that things all get better for her and her family, so that I can leave Ohio in spring with a clear conscious and a light heart to begin my life with this wonderful, wonderful man that I am so in love with and blessed to have found.

And from the bottom of our hearts, we both say thank you all so very, very much. Not only for the offer of the moving fund, but for being you and caring.

Just a sex site, huh?

Now I need to go put a cold washcloth on my swollen eyes... and hope my rudolph nose goes away..
Everyone have the Great day that you truly deserve.

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Oct 4 @ 1:10PM  
I'll keep a candle lit, and say prayers daily for you, Griz and your families darlin. No offense taken.. but the offer still stands. We've never met.. I don't think that you and I have even talked on teh phone have we? but you are a part of my life and I'd be honored to help in any way possible.

Oct 4 @ 1:17PM  
Well, CL.....I guess I'm one of the many who has never even corresponded with you in ANY way, unless you count commenting on the same blogs....
I do believe in eternal happiness.....unfortunately my chance for that is long gone...but I am touched by the value you place on your relationship.
Happy to see there are still those who choose to hang in there and never give up..Giving you a big green guy just for the hell of it. Congratulations to you and Griz...wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

Oct 4 @ 1:18PM  
We often forget just how caring and compassionate people are on here.

Oct 4 @ 1:27PM  
Hey, hey! Don't be starting any rumors! This is JUST a sex's an Internet whorehouse...don't be giving people ideas!

Oct 4 @ 2:11PM  
You can count me in.
Best wishes to you and your loved ones.

Oct 4 @ 2:36PM  
fan ff ing tastic. you never know where and when you will meet a friend. especially in this day and age of wantin a quid pro quo. hate to say it but i be guilty of the phrase "whats in it for me" as well. I am glad to say it aint always that way but after awhile of just givin you get tired and start feelin abused. exception is when no one ask, and i get to offer.
little scared of offerin sometimes because they or who ever might just become dependent and at my age aint takin no more prisoners.
that said allow me to offer a stippend to the fund. you are not askin i am offerin twenty toward the fund if YOU NEED it.
otherwise i do wish you the best and will include you in my prayers nightly for the move and safety of you and yours.
let us know when you get moved.

Oct 4 @ 2:42PM  
Thank you all for the offers, as it really says how great people are on here ... and to think there are so many nay sayers saying people don't care about others any more.

Right now her family needs her to be there for them ... I can wait a few more months for her to get here .... one less MN winter she doesn't have to put up with

Oct 4 @ 3:59PM  
I am rooting for things to go well in your lives. Sending you white light, love and lots of positive energy. For the two of you and your daughter.

It is funny that sometimes among the nastiest people you find such hearts of gold. I have seen it happen a number of times and in a number of places including AMD.

Oct 4 @ 4:23PM  
While, I can't send you money, i can send my prayers, good wishes and even a pair of hand knit socks for the upcomming mn winter next year. You and griz will both be in the few prayers I do give and I hope that you will be together soon.

Oct 4 @ 5:49PM  
That is so heartwarming, truely, the people here are amazing, like Skwirl if you change your mind,,,,,I could drop a few dollars in an envelope, cause I know it would be the best spent money, I've had the pleasure in spending in alonggggg time!! Best of luck to you and Griz, you are both very blessed people!!

Oct 4 @ 7:35PM  
Are you sure I said only a dollar? I think I would have said at least 5 or more, but whatever...I have an extra 20 I got today that blew my mind. I just want 2 people to be together and be as one. I can't have it, but I sure want you 2 to have it.
Some one asked me today why I dont complain about my bills. I have always had a dime more than I ever expected to have. If that makes me feel rich than good for me. Even at my lowest point I felt luckier than most.
You want it you got it, prayers for you and yours! God bless you both and all those you love and adore. Murphey

Oct 4 @ 7:57PM  
Always in our thoughts over here in Gatorville USA, hun. And anything comes up we CAN do, just ask, k?


Oct 4 @ 8:07PM  
Well we all know I'm poorer than a church mouse, but prayers I have in abundance!
You know you have mine on a daily basis even if you won't share your grizzly with me.

Oct 4 @ 8:19PM  
You have my prayers and best wishes.

Oct 4 @ 9:49PM  

You know my prayers are with your daughter and family. And if you need it I will send what I can. Just need to know where to send it. Have a Wonderful Day.
That goes for Griz too.

Oct 5 @ 8:10AM  
Best wishes to you and Griz and to a wonderful life together

Oct 5 @ 10:03AM  
So in lieu of anyone sending cash, could I ask that you please send up well thoughts , prayers or whatever you believe in, that things all get better for her and her family, so that I can leave Ohio in spring with a clear conscious and a light heart to begin my life with this wonderful, wonderful man that I am so in love with and blessed to have found.

Prayers and good thoughts coming your daughters way. And your way too.

Oct 5 @ 11:12AM  
Treas, If you can wait til next payday I would be happy to send along some to the fund! Course right now I'm somewhat broke, as usual! lol But you know I have an abundance of good thoughts and prayers for you and Griz. And your daughter and her family as well. Things happen for a reason, when the time is right for all involved, you'll be there. I know the Spring seems so far away, but it will be here before you know it! Hugs to you both!

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