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The power of fantasy (Want to CUM now!)

posted 12/18/2006 4:33:19 PM |
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Well everyone always wants to know if I wrote this or that and the answer is always yes. I hope you enjoy reading it. I have many others, please feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments Thanks!
THE LAKE. The moon hung high over the lake while its pale ghostly shadow rippled in the dark black waters. Music was blaring from the radio, the beat directing the frenzy of wild dancing. The girls and the boys lost in time with eyes that said fuck me now. Lucy was there dancing around the raging bond fire that was sending rich puffy plumes of smoke into the high heavens. She moved and shook her body a perfect sex enticer. Lucy’s fuck me energy could be seen in the eyes of the boys that danced around her. The excitement was real like a live wire energizing the lifeless. Her hair hung freely and lightly around her shoulders, her lips teased and played. The firmness of her breast could be seen as she moved. Full and round and not bound by any braw, they writhed seductively her nipples rock hard. She could feel the fabric of her tight shirt rubbing her hard tense nipples. The friction was maddening, she wanted nothing more then to surrender to get fucked to be taken and used for pleasure. Looking out, she saw by the beer cooler with the top up revealing a forest of glass necks the one she wanted, needed, David. He knew how tease her, to bring her to the height of sexual arousal. The need vibrated painfully up and down her body. Her nipples burned with pleasure at the thought of being devoured by David. She was his and she knew it. He would not fuck her until she was mad with desire. He liked to watch her sexuality, David enjoyed it when she flirted and teased. She did that now by grabbing the guy she was dancing with and putting her hand firmly down his pants. He was hard and his cock reacted immediately pushing deeper into her hand. She kissed him rubbing her tits firmly against his solid chest. Looking past the unknown guy she saw David and knew he was pleased. She pumped her hand harder against the engorged throbbing cock. The stranger moaned involuntarily. She knew how the game would go and loved it. Energy swirled around her pussy consuming her making her thoughts thick. The guy pawed with drunken desire at her breast. She leaned her head back and spread her lips in silent pleasure. It would not be long now when it would be her lovers hands on her breast and everywhere else for that matter. David loved to watch her turn other guys on, to real them in and then throw them away. It was the power the possession of her sexuality. The stranger eager to fuck tried guiding her away but she resisted. He looked up confused, she only laughed. Lucy turned, her pussy throbbing with aching pleasure, she heard the guy calling her a whore as she left, she smiled knowing whose whore she was. She saw the passion in David’s eyes and was aroused beyond measure. He took her hand firmly as they went into the woods. Shafts of white light penetrated the tree tops, she could see David’s hands ripping her tight shirt from her body. Her breast swung crazily, she reached and pinched her left nipple swirling it painfully between her fingers. The pleasure was immediate and immense. David grabbed her and kissed her pulling her near, she could feel his raging cock. She wanted to free it, to be impaled by it. Her pussy swooned with pleasure causing small waves of delight to shoot up into her belly. David broke the embrace pushing her decisively down onto her knees. Yes, Lucy needed it to feel his power to be consumed by it. She wanted to be submissive to be used. She fell to her knees and looked up at David who was now towering over her. The power overwhelming her was gigantic and she wanted to be devoured by it. David commanded her to fuck him with her mouth. The command went straight to her pussy causing it to twitch and spasm. She reached out frantically to undo his pants her hands slipped and she had to try again. Soon he was free and his huge cock was warm and powerful in her hands. She rubbed him and her hand came away slick from his precum. She wanted to taste it, to tease it from his balls. She placed her mouth around his cock and slid slowly down his shaft. David impatient grabbed her head and forced her down. Her throat bulged with his cock. She could feel his hands rough on her head, pushing and pulling her making her fuck him with her tight little mouth. She stopped trying to resist and gave in. His cock was throbbing and rock hard as it penetrated her throat. Every thrust of his cock would cause her own pussy to respond, losing herself completely to David’s will. As he pounded her mouth her pussy squirmed and pulsated and she knew she would cum soon. The sheer bliss blinded her as wave after wave of pleasure fanned throughout her body. She felt David’s legs go rigid and tight as he thrust deeply into her mouth. He pushed her head hard and held her there. Her throat was filled with his cock. She began to cum as David forced her to except his cock deeper and deeper into her throat. The orgasm exploded rocking her mind and body. Lucy became light and weightless as the pleasure infiltrated her. She was lost in his power. She wanted to be his whore to be fucked and used by him so he could be pleased. David pulled his bulging cock from her throat with a small popping sound. He told her to get on the ground. Lucy did eagerly madly pulling off her shorts. She could see her pussy gleaming in the white light of the moon. It was wet and hungry. Lucy laid on her back spreading her legs, she felt her neither lips crack open but knew they would be cracked open even more by David’s powerful cock. She lifted and bent her knees, she was open and vulnerable to him. She was David’s perfect platform of pleasure. She could see him coming his cock sticking out. God how she wanted it, to be fucked and stretched by it. He leaned over her and she grabbed him guiding him in. The angle was slightly wrong causing Lucy to cry out but David did not care as he tore painfully into her. He thrusted deep cutting through the pain and bringing sexual bliss. She moaned loudly as David fucked her. She felt her body being rocked, being used, her lips clung to his cock as he pushed in and out. He was beastly on top of her ravaging her taking her sex and using it for his own. A flare of pain large and brilliant like fireworks detonated in her head, as David bit down on her right nipple. The pain was dazzling multiplying her own pleasure. His cock was eating her using her. Like a mighty catalyst the sharp sting of the bite caused her to cum excitedly, her pussy burst like a swollen dam and her wetness splashed around David’s cock. David seized her legs closing them her pussy now grabbed him like a tourniquet. Her neither lips were wrapped tightly around his ramming fuck muscle. Lucy could feel ever movement of his cock as he slammed in and pulled out. She wanted to cum badly, but wanted to wait for h

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The power of fantasy (Want to CUM now!)

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The power of fantasy (Want to CUM now!)