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posted 9/22/2009 7:19:08 PM |
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How was everyone elses day?!!? Mine was pretty good!!

This is a positive blog! Negs will be deleted directly!!

L4E! How did the test go?!?!?

Bruce... looking dapper as ever!!

Dayna..... EWWWWE ROCK!

Check out sugars legs!! wiiiiiiiiiiiiit wooooooooooooooooo!!!

Hey Z!!

Hey She!!

Hey J!!!

Hey secret!!

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Sep 22 @ 7:23PM  
Not too bad today. Went to work, got out early. Been home relaxing now.

Sep 22 @ 7:25PM  
Had a great day PTN, thanks,,,hope yours was great too!! Thanks for the mention.


Sep 22 @ 7:31PM  
The test was yesterday and it went well. Got a B on it. Given the amount of time that I put forth in preparing for it, it was better than I deserved. With a bit more effort I certainly could have earned an A if I didn't procrastinate. Yesterday sort of went downhill after that. Had a filling fall out and had to go get that fixed $$$. Then some personal stuff left me emotionally drained. Didn't feel well all night, missed an important phone call and was left feeling like a wrung out dish rag.

Today started out in the dish rag state and improved from there. Had a long conversation that repaired a few bridges. I'm back in my happy place and looking forward to catching a couple of shows on TV tonight. Tomorrow's homework is all taking care of and I won't miss the phone call because I have made sure my phone is turned on. LOL

Any special reason why yours was pretty good?

Sep 22 @ 7:32PM  
Dayna..... EWWWWE ROCK
Well Gosh......... Thank you........

I am having to use my daughters computer............I WANT MY COMPUTER FIXED........ I need to be grateful my daughter allows me to use hers..........

Thanks for the mention...........Hope your day is well................btw what is your blog positive for?

Sep 22 @ 7:35PM  
Someone is in an awfully good mood.....

Sep 22 @ 7:36PM  
Hey Pink...didn't mention me, but I'll answer anyway!!

Been working on grandbabies quilt, piecing it together, shot my sciatic nerve, hubby came home from work early feeling sick, looking forward to seeing the season premieres of my shows tonight...other than that...doing good!!

Sep 22 @ 7:36PM  
Any special reason why yours was pretty good?

Well... I don't kiss and tell..... good thing huh since I haven't even been kissed!

btw what is your blog positive for?

There just seems to be a little negativity tonight and I don't feel lilke reading buzzkill stuff.. ya know!

Congrats on the B Deanna!! I'm glad you got back on track!! oh yeah... leave the phone in the ON, upright position!!


Sep 22 @ 7:37PM  
Well mine was fair spent my day doing estamates for my business. Picked up some profitable work. But I am still horney and it's looking like it's going to be a long winter! With no one to keep me wet and warm Whats a guy to do , hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Anybody wanna fuck ?

Sep 22 @ 7:39PM  
Hey GC!! Sorry hon!! That damn sciatica can be a real... pain in the ass huh!??!? Deanna can diagnose it and I'll code it!!

Thanks CL!! Yeah, I'm in a pretty good mood tonight! Just cuz!!

Fordman has turned into our little man Sunshine!

Sep 22 @ 7:40PM  
It's all good. I won a battle with a sofa slipcover that I swear was fighting back.

Sep 22 @ 7:42PM  

You're not having any kind of flashback are you?!!?


Sep 22 @ 7:43PM  
Can I have... some of what you are Smoking?
It was/is a awesome day!! I got to spend a lil time with my lady........!! That makes a Bad Day Good!!! TG!!!

Sep 22 @ 7:44PM  
With no one to keep me wet and warm
So basically, Fordman, you are looking for someone to piss on you?

Sep 22 @ 7:45PM  
Hey you!

Sep 22 @ 7:49PM  
Hey Sunshine!!!

How the hell are ya?!?!?!?

Sep 22 @ 7:49PM  
So basically, Fordman, you are looking for someone to piss on you?

Ewe are too funny!

Sep 22 @ 7:50PM  
Ewe are too funny!

*shaking my head*

She sure is!

Sep 22 @ 7:52PM  
Hey! I think everyone should post a blog!! It'd get things MOVING around here!!

Sep 22 @ 7:52PM  
Ewe are too funny
So what do you think..........does Fordman like to be pissed on more than he likes to be pissed off?

Sep 22 @ 8:09PM  
I'll have you know I have my perv under control, golden showers are out....of course if she requires it as a qualifier, well maybe, but she'd have to be hot, , or at least a little sexy ah, whatever floats her boat, I'm game, as long as she understands "wanna fuck "

Sep 22 @ 8:11PM  
does Fordman like to be pissed on more than he likes to be pissed off?

Well, since he's looking for someone to keep him "warm and wet".......

I'd say pissed on.


Sep 22 @ 8:14PM  
If I got two negatives will that make a positive if I put them together I'll say howdy anyway

Sep 22 @ 8:16PM  
I love seeing my Sexy Southern Belle in such a good mood. This blog is like your smile in that it brightens up the room!!

Sep 22 @ 8:35PM  
Hell... my day was positive, my day was positive, day was positive, was positive, positive!

Don't ask!!!


Sep 22 @ 8:42PM  
I love seeing my Sexy Southern Belle in such a good mood.
Ummmm Pinky...................Nevermind.......

Sep 22 @ 9:23PM  
no comment just this

Sep 22 @ 9:43PM  
Just dropping in to say hi

Sep 22 @ 9:45PM  
[QUOTE]You're not having any kind of flashback are you?!!?[QUOTE]

No, It was one of those stretch slipcovers that has elastic to help hold it on the sofa. It suggested to use two people to put it on, but I decided I could do it by myself. So I would get it on one end and when I tried to put it on the other end it would pop off and try to go flying across the room. Finally used some old diaper pins to hold it until I could fix it. That was pretty good about the flashback though. I think one might be welcome about now.

Sep 22 @ 9:48PM  
pssssssttt Pinky.............don't look now but i think he's gone..........

Sep 22 @ 10:43PM  
Hey Pink

I got to play outside with some kids today in the beautiful sunshine...and got paid to do no complaints here.

Sep 22 @ 10:53PM  

Well sounds like someone is in a pissy mood.

Sep 22 @ 11:15PM  
I would gladly kiss you PTN

Sep 23 @ 3:56AM  
I love you for being perky! I thought I had a bad day...well this morning I was having some bad thoughts, so I turned the TV on to negate them, I watched Oprah for a bit, which I don't do often....there was a woman on that had the first face transplant because her husband shot her face off. Do I need to say more? She was happy, laughing, and even trying to be his friend since the surgery. I have no problems, and am happy to be alive!

Sep 23 @ 7:27AM  
Damn, girl! Kinda sounds like you had some
fantastic sex..Even without a kiss
Happy days are here again

Sep 23 @ 8:01AM  
Well see how ya are. Mention everyone cept the home boys. I'm just kidding. I'm glad you had a good day.

Sep 23 @ 8:09AM  
I'm sorry... I didn't mean to leave anyone out intentionally..... it's just I gave shout outs to some who had initially posted on another blog..... I was trying to steal them away from it!

Turned out better than I expected though!

Thanks everybody!


Sep 23 @ 9:09AM  
I feel like chopped liver lately....nobody ever mentions me in their blogs anymore I guess because I've sort of been lurking more than commenting.

Have a good day Donna

Sep 23 @ 5:51PM  
Just finished my two rooms of Barbie's Dream Ghetto. The little girl downstairs turns 4 today... her party for our apartment building is tomorrow.. we are all making rooms out of cardboard boxes and recycling junk foam etc into furniture.. she's gonna have the barbie house from hell! It's awesome so far.. Then I made some Colchannon and eated it.. and now.. well now I'm ready for a nap I'm not gonna get.. and tonight I have a date to watch Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth with my neighbor feller. So all in all.. I'd say it's been a pretty good day so far!

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