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Younger guys

posted 9/21/2009 2:34:15 AM |
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Well i posted a blog a few days about how i couldn't find a "real" woman on here to just talk to and someone mentioned that most women here are older and aren't typically looking for a younger guy. I'm just curious is to why is this? I mean no offense or any form of anger or disgust lol. I'm just wondering why this is. Hopefully someone will enlighten me =]

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Younger guys
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Sep 21 @ 5:27AM  
For me, personally, I have no interest in someone that is young enough to be my child. That is so NOT a turn-on. I prefer a man with more life experience. One I am going to have somethings in common with. One who does understands why I laugh my ass off at the phrase "I can/will lick you all night."

Sep 21 @ 9:55AM  
You have really have two problems when it comes to age differences. 1. First and foremost is the age difference leaves little to have in common and nothing in common when it comes to life experiences. 2. This is made worse in a medium such as this in trying to talk with strangers and get to know them. Women would rather get to to you and have something in common to talk about besides sex right off the bat.

And this is to say nothing about it is a little weird talking with a man younger than my own youngest child about some of the subjects here. Our youngest is in college and a year older than you are, in my case. Hope this helps you understand some. I'm sure there are more good reasons that will this. I'm on my first cup of coffee and the brain isn't working yet.

Sep 21 @ 10:29AM  
Ok Mr. Butler...they call me Softie here...I'm sorta the 'Grandma' of the blogs. That's because I'll be 65 next month. I've only been here about 3 yrs. Some have been here 10+.

To my knowledge those who actually participate in the blogs are older than you although there are many more who read them but doesn't write them or comment. So I suppose some of those could be closer to your age.

You say you don't understand why older women aren't looking for a younger guy. Well it can be said that older women don't understand why a younger guy would be interested in an older woman.

At nearly 65, 98% of my e-mail from strangers comes from younger men. Average age is from 35-45 but a few as young as you. And let me say here, your term "older women" I'm sure doesn't mean 65!! I haven't always been 65 but I've always had younger men interested so I think that qualifies me to give you some input.

Older women are usually looking for some type of relationship be it FWB or more serious...they're not looking for a romp in the sack. They matter what you say....that's all you're after. They know that a lot of younger men just want to try out an older woman for the experience...they don't wanna be your expermental tryst.

Older women are looking for the "whole ball of wax"...they not only want a physical relationship but they want an intellectual one as well...someone who can relate to them, carrry an intelligent-we've-got-something-in-common type of relationship. A younger man can be very intelligent but often there's little common ground with common interests and/or memories.

Several years ago on another site I went on a quest to find out why younger men sought older women. The gist of their short form here was...

Younger women are....demanding, immature, silly, unreliable, childish, expected too much, played head mention a few.

Saying that, I can understand why some younger men seek older women. Yet what would an older woman do with you...besides the obvious? A really serious, long term relationship is quite unlikely and although a younger man might be fun short term, for most older women they aren't looking for short term. Even if they don't wanna get serious they do want and need quality OUTSIDE the bedroom, common interest and that usually isn't the case with younger men.

So, in a nutshell...we love ya honey so come in and blog...get to know us...and change your settings to auto approval, so many more will comment if you do. Never say never...who knows, maybe one of the older ladies will take an interest in you but I can guarantee you....they will want to get to know you first and the best way to do that is to post blogs and interact with the community.

Good luck!


Sep 21 @ 11:05AM  
Well...I mean no offense to this answer.....but.....

I have found that most men your age are inexperienced and don't quite know how to "please" a woman.

Also if a woman on here is looking for more than just sex, what would they have in common with a 19 y/o? I'm 34 and I know I wouldn't have much in common with you. Some women need to have that connection out of the bedroom before they can have one in the bedroom.

I hope that helps.

Sep 21 @ 11:30AM  
For me, age doesn't matter if we are just talking about things as long as it isn't cyber or sexual. For being with a guy though it does matter. If I was looking for someone to have a side fling with he would at least have to be able to get into a bar and can't be old enough to be my father or grandfather. Why? I don't know, thats just how I feel.

Sep 21 @ 12:06PM  
Because most women are looking for someone with whom they have something in common or can find a common thread. Sometimes a younger guy would be fun if we were up for a quick .. never see you again.. type fling. But for the most part.. we have nothing outside of sex.

Sep 21 @ 6:18PM  
Hey L4E, I'm an older gent. I can/will lick for most of the night anyway .... Maybe not all night but I'll give it Hell trying.

Sep 21 @ 8:32PM  
No doubt!!! I tell the younger ones I have 2 kids older than them.... those are usually the ones that get alll bent out of shape and decide to cuss me out.... what's up with that?!??!

Just because it's a younger mans dream to be with an older woman, does NOT mean it's our fantasy to conquer a youngen! Not my cup of tea either!

There are girls here your age... they just don't really hang out in the blogs... look and you will find them!

Sep 21 @ 9:59PM  
Maybe he heard it through the grapevine & wants an older woman.
Or this song

Sep 21 @ 10:12PM  
Hey L4E, I'm an older gent. I can/will lick for most of the night anyway

Obviously you aren't the guy that is going to understand why I laugh my ass off at that sort of comment. IF it is taking you all night, you are doing it wrong. I don't want to stay up all night having sex. Just because something is good and enjoyable doesn't mean it is better if you gorge yourself on it.

JK, I think Sofie put it all best. We are all pretty much saying the same thing she was just a whole lot more thoughtful about it.

And, yes, welcome to the blogs. Just because we older women aren't interested in having sex with someone your age doesn't mean we aren't willing to welcome you in joining us in Pervia.

Sep 21 @ 10:12PM  
Or this one.....

Not quite the one hit wonders after all! LOL

Sep 21 @ 10:15PM  

[/QUOTE] I don't want to stay up all night having sex[QUOTE]

I can gorge myself on that! No carbs there!

I want to!! It's been a while!!!

Sep 21 @ 10:27PM  
Obviously you aren't the guy that is going to understand why I laugh my ass off at that sort of comment.
Oh I do , I do , really I do ....


Sep 21 @ 10:33PM  
Thanks for putting your blogs on auto approval and you already know how I feel about it..............


Sep 21 @ 11:27PM  
Lol well it took me a little while to find it but i figured it out. I'm starting to get the hang out things around here

Sep 21 @ 11:33PM  
Thank you everyone for your comments by the way. I see many people have different points of view on the subject matter and now i understand lol

I'm mostly busy but i will try my best to get in on the blogs when i can

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Younger guys