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posted 12/17/2006 9:18:00 PM |
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Ok... long story short... I was seeing a different ex of mine fairly recently. Not seeing so much as fucking. I left some shit in his car back in October (haven't seen him since then) called him today to see how his holiday season was going.
He texts me from a different number than his own and wants to know who it was calling him. I tell him who it is and he responds with what the hell do you want. One thing leads to another and I realize, this ISN"T Brian. Fuck... it's his girlfriend of two years... double fuck. I was completely unaware of her... well kind of. He told me that they had broken up and were no longer together. Believeable... almost.
Anyway... now she's found out the truth... he's calling me a lying slut, she's calling me for details that prove it happened. I'm seriously just pissed, hurt, and confused. I keep ratting him out entirely, he keeps hanging up the phone on me. She calls back... he hangs up. It's horrible. I don't know what to do? I've told her the truth, I wouldn't lie about that. I have nothing to gain. (not that I'd lie in the first place but she doesn't know me) He keeps screaming why would she do this...
I feel guilty as hell now. I swear I didn't know about her...
I'm so pissed and emotionally fucked right now that I'm actually shaking... SHAKING.
Someone help me here... just talk to me... tell me what YOU think of the situation.
(other than that Brian is an ass... I know that already...)

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Dec 17 @ 9:35PM  
the guys a jerk, dont let it bother ya it anit worth getting up set over, you need some one to talk to look me up.

Dec 17 @ 9:39PM  
Babe, think about it. Is this situation really enough to have a nervous breakdown over? Just laugh about it and don't let this get to ya.

Dec 17 @ 9:44PM  
Just laugh at his lying ass and move on.. you are too cool, too cute, and too damned hot to need his kinda freak. But for your own well being. tell the girlfriend enough is enough. You know what he is now.. what you do is on you.. but I don't wanna hear about it anymore. You were mislead... that's all she needs to know.

Dec 17 @ 10:04PM  
its not your trouble, its his...........You are where you need you have done your due diligence.....He has to DEAL WITH IT.........NOT YOU.. so go, enjoy your holiday and put this crap out of your mind.........

Dec 17 @ 10:12PM  
I wouldn't answer the phone. Let him tell her the details she wants. You were mislead, and i'm sure you're hurt over that, but this guy is going to get just what he deserves. The rest of these guys are right, don't let him affect you, he's not worth it.

Dec 18 @ 5:26AM  
take a deep breath and clear your've done your part...there's nothing left for YOU to do but iggnore them...should they call inform them that continued calls will result in your reporting them for phone harrasment.....and say bye n hang up and do your best to move on n heal yourself..

or as a friend used to say ''let him eat shit and die''

Dec 18 @ 6:24AM  
Wait a minute...haven't we discussed this already? I dunno. HOWEVER...I do know that U are WAY 2 fucking beautiful 2 be wasting Ur time with that loser (even if it is comfortable). Get over it and go get laid by someone who will appreciate just how sexy U are (I'm always willing 2 help out however I can, BTW) 4 his girl finding out? He did that shit, not U. Fuck him in the ass (not literally...If U do that U'll never be able 2 get rid of him!!!) and move on. U deserve better. (have I mentioned I am available 2 help U move?)


Dec 18 @ 9:40AM  
you have no reason to feel guilty. homicidal yes, guilty no. stick to your guns and hope for her sake she looses the bastard like bad penny he is. oh and just a thought. two people can slash four tires twice as fast as one. i'm not telling you what to do but "brian" obviously need some tuning. flush his ass like the turd he is and walk away.

Dec 18 @ 12:47PM  
i wouldnt worry about it he shoulda told you,,,and you seem like a great lady so i am sure it will all work out for you...i got lotsa time if ya ever wanna talk im here but seems to me like time to move on and find a real man

Dec 18 @ 1:00PM  
Just don't talk to her and don't talk to him. Ignore them both, problem solved and corrected.

Dec 18 @ 1:02PM  
Laugh it off and walk away from the whole situation, I think he got exactly what was comin to him,,but I would definately start shoppin in a different mall and find somethin that will treat you with a little more respect.

Dec 18 @ 5:29PM  
i have read your blog as to what to do and i have read the responces and they are right you should take there advice and just move on find someone better .

Dec 18 @ 10:02PM  
Kick this loser to the curb. He is not worth your time or trouble. I would just ignore him and his girlfriend as well. Let her deal with his worthless cheatin' ass and he will get his just dessert. Not your problem Hon. I hope you can forget him and find yourself someone worthy of your company. Good luck and best wishes.

Dec 18 @ 10:17PM  
cant really say anything im sure lots of others have said i guess...

you told her the truth, what more can you do? of course we would try to cover his own ass when caught in that bad of a lie. why? because hes what i like to call a dickface, and dickfaces arent worth anyones time. just do your best to let it go and move on.

Dec 27 @ 8:36AM  
to piss him off his (X?) girl friend and take her out ...
the two of gietting along ...will tuin his miserable life...
and if you hinted...that you two girls were more than "friends"
he will simple crumble...

but I am mean like that


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