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My taste is ALL in my mouth! Where's yours?

posted 9/14/2009 11:24:21 AM |
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tagged: food, memories

Most of you know I'm a foodie, therefore, it's logical most of my tastes reside in my mouth! I was born a foodie for which I am eternally grateful. Because of this I have delicious, copious memories... heightened by my sense of taste and smell, from my childhood and the magical food my mom, other women in my family and my dad prepared when I was a child.

There was nothing better than running home after school with excitement, wondering what marvelous aromas would be emanating from our kitchen and wafting it's way down the street as I neared the center of my universe. On the best of days the air was filled with homemade, baked bread fresh from the oven. I'd rush in our house, hug my mom and turn immediately in the direction of the deliciousness that awaited... a big hunk of still warm bread slathered with butter and maybe a huge dollop of homemade strawberry preserves. It was heavenly taking that first bite... my teeth sinking into the cloud-like texture of the bread while the butter and jam oozed together in the perfect bite. Nirvana was mine! And my mom was rewarded with a big, sticky kiss for her efforts.

What are some of your childhood memories about food? Do you still have a favorite food from your childhood you still crave today? What events, large or small, evoke special thoughts and appreciation of your favorite foods?

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Sep 14 @ 11:38AM  
My taste is vagina in mouth ... I really liked going to the grocery store as a kid & sneaking a bite of pomegranate. I haven't seen them in years do they still sell them

Sep 14 @ 12:01PM  
My fondest memories were helping my grandmother make homemade candies....peanut brittle, fudge,and numerous hard candies along with her famous "russian tea cakes" or as some you may know them as Mexican wedding cookiesmmmmmmmmmmmm I'll never forget!! Great blog!! thanks for the memories!!! and here's a little green cookie for you!!

Sep 14 @ 12:18PM  
Oh I loved the homemade bread. And a big weakness of mine has always been homemade, from scratch, chocolate chip cookies. I used to love coming home from that first day of school to the aroma of Mom's homemade breads and cookies.

And, on the Christmas holidays, believe it or not, my Dad makes homemade fudge. From scratch.

Sep 14 @ 12:18PM  
My taste is vagina in mouth
I was prepared for this response - LOL! There isn't any accountability for taste... if you like it, you like it... no arguments from me.

Pomegranates are generally harvested from July to October depending upon geographic location. They are in the markets now in Texas, but from where they emanate I do not know. They are highly sought after today more than ever for their antioxidants as well as flavor... also used dried as seasonal decoration in the home.

her famous "russian tea cakes" or as some you may know them as Mexican wedding cookies
I love these too, but it's one of the few cookies my mom didn't make.

Sep 14 @ 12:27PM  
Over a 30 yr marriage, my mom and dad took in 132 kids thats didnt have anywhere to go................. received no money for doing this............but we had a big farm...............there was always lots of food and lots of mom made 17 loaves of bread every 3 days...........and everyday made cakes, cookies, caramel rolls........................To this day if I smell caramel rolls baking.................i have a flashback of lots of kids sitting around our large kitchen table with fresh churned butter and glasses of cold milk................waiting for those caramel rolls to come out of the oven........................

Sep 14 @ 1:36PM  
I was raised on two different types of food. The standard meat an potatoes stuff and the Korean stuff. I get plenty of regular food but every now an then I freak out my family with the "weird stuff" or I will drag them to dinner at my moms.

Sep 14 @ 2:03PM  
Grandma's homemade chicken noodles with mashed potatoes .

Sep 14 @ 2:21PM  
My favorite memories of food would have to be holidays at my grandmother's house. Everyone would bring a couple of dishes and the whole family would get together and eat. There was an 8 foot built in bar that would be full of food as well as on top of the stove and every inch of cabinet space in the kitchen. There would be about four or five homemade cakes about six pies and if it was southern food it was somewhere in that line of food. There were usually about 50 or more people eating there on all the holidays so there would be card tables set up all over the house to take care of the overflow of people. (big family) I really don't think I could pick a favorite from all that food. It was all good.

Sep 14 @ 2:25PM  
I can relate to that. Half the fun of a meal is the aroma ahead of time. Thanksgiving especially comes to mind. Even though a family of one, I will do some old school cooking taking several hours just for that reason, especially during the winter.

Sep 14 @ 2:42PM  
My mom used to make chocolates & bake alot of cakes. But, that was up north & we were children. Now we're down south & grown.....Miss that!

Sep 14 @ 2:53PM  
Grandma's homemade chicken noodles with mashed potatoes .

OMG! Are you from Colorado? I thought that was the only place in the world where we ate mashed potatoes covered with chicken and noodles.

Sep 14 @ 2:56PM  
Nothing was better for me than coming in the door after school and smelling the lasagna my Mom had cooking. It is the best lasagna I've ever had. For some reason even though I follow her recipe exactly, it never is as good when I make it. My other childhood memories of food would be from visiting my grandparents during the summer. My grandma made her own bratwurst, then would saute it in beer before grilling, and that smell is heavenly to me. And after a day of fishing my grandpa would fire up an electric skillet and we would have fried walleye and sunfish. Ahhh....great memories, kudos to you Dione!

Sep 14 @ 2:57PM  
All of this talking about food has made me ravenous. Everything sounds sooooooo good. I'm going to make chicken noodles AND mashed potatoes for tonight!

Sep 14 @ 3:29PM  
Sometimes I get a wild hankering for a big ol batch of Colchanon and just have to make it.. and then devour it. mmmm.. it's mashed spuds with a bit of cabbage and ham. I love homemade bread.. we made 12 loaves a week .. every saturday.. the 12th loaf was 'sacrifice' we would rip it apart and slather honey and butter all over it.. mmmmm.. I still love a good crusty loaf.
My gran used to make purcupine balls.. no boys.. not testicles.. meatballs with rice in them and they were mmmm.. and creamed peas and baby taters.
My grampa and I had our special dark chocolate and super sharp cheddar cheese... yes together.. mmmm. We also had real german licorice.. the hard stuff that tastes divine!
My all time fave though.. the thing that I will eat no matter how sick I am or how full.. home made chocolate cornstarch pudding. MMMMMMMM

Sep 14 @ 3:34PM  
Ohhh I left out the events..

Hmmm.. New Years Eve.. we didn't do a lot for Christmas as far as goodies go.. but thanksgiving and new years eve.. so many savory and sweet dishes available to tempt any palate.. A nice elk roast, usually, roasted covered in grampa's supersalty homemade bacon. Mom's tater salad.. always.. hers is the best I ever tasted. Educated beets.. heh.. that's a good story I may tell one day.. loads of veggies, aunt pat's green bean casserole... then a nice thick hunk of fudge and home made hand churned peach or pineapple ice cream.

Sep 14 @ 4:19PM  
No wry quips here this time- my mother used to bake a couple loaves of bread occasionally! I couldn't wait until they came out of the oven, cool down a bit and then slice off a Texas Toast sized piece, spread butter all over it and have at it! The crust was the best part! I think I'll go to the store tomorrow and either get the pre-made loafs or maybe even make them from scratch! But... you know, that's gotta be a disaster, looking for a place to happen!!


Sep 14 @ 5:00PM  
Damn you Sugar.. I blame you for this batch of home made tollhouse cookies that prolly won't get cooled before I eat em and have to take an extra pill so I don't go into diabetic shock.

Sep 14 @ 5:08PM  
Now I'm looking forward to the holidays thinking about all of our favorite things to eat.

I'll go to the store tomorrow and either get the pre-made loafs or maybe even make them from scratch! But... you know, that's gotta be a disaster, looking for a place to happen!!
The frozen bread dough they have now is really good, but I enjoy making it from scratch when I have enough time.

Skwirl, do you need my phone number to call if you feel like you're gonna keel over from the sugar rush... or I can come over and help eat the chocolate chip cookies and spare you the coma... the choice is yours - LOL!

Sep 14 @ 5:21PM  
Come on over Dione.. luckily I only made half a batch but three is sposed to be my limit.. so.. there's still .. ummm.. well .. heh a few left.. they're still warm!! and I've got milk!

Sep 14 @ 5:49PM  
You got milk I want to come over

Sep 14 @ 6:44PM  
You got milk?
Yes, lots of chocolate milk! But you can't come over because...
Come on over Dione.. l
...theSkwirl invited me over for cookies so I won't be home- LOL!

Actually I think you were inviting yourself to Skwirl's house... if she says it's OK you may join us, but don't expect any cookies to be there when you arrive!!!


Sep 14 @ 7:30PM  
That's alright I'm sure I can find something else sweet

Sep 15 @ 5:33AM many things to name. I loved Thanksgiving and Christmas because of the hugh spreads. I guess some of my all-time favorites were the homade stuffing and bisuits, pot roast, deviled eggs, and peach and cherry cobblers.

I just gained 10 pounds typing about all this food.

Sep 15 @ 11:20AM  
I just gained 10 pounds typing about all this food.
It would be wise not to look at at the pictures of food in a cookbook ...

Sep 15 @ 11:33AM  
It would be wise not to look at at the pictures of food in a cookbook
You think???

It would be wise not to write another blog about food and reading about all of the delicious food we love so much... just makes me more ravenous with each comment.

Sep 15 @ 11:42AM  
It would be wise not to write another blog about food and reading about all of the delicious food we love so much... just makes me more ravenous with each comment.
Surely not food sex I'm teasing Talking about food is starting to make me hungry

Sep 16 @ 1:41AM  
What events, large or small, evoke special thoughts and appreciation of your favorite foods?
The county fair with all the hot dogs, pop corn, cotton candy, etc...

Also Thanksgiving with turkey and chocolate pies with my family.

Sep 16 @ 6:22PM  
Yeah: definately Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners! Oh - the smell of home made dressing! My mom used to have to throw me out of the kitchen, I love that stuff so much.

My mom can make a killer mac and cheese - not the slimy/gooey kind, but it's pretty firm, and she won't share the recipie! I tracked it down, though, and I've learned how to almost duplicate it. Mmmmmmmmmmm: macaroni and cheese....

I grew up in L.A., and my dad used to buy bread from the old Orowheat plant that used to be in South Central, when I was very little (I think it closed down in '72 or '73) could smell that place for 10 miles, and it was addicting!

There was also a Dolly Madison plant nearby, that made Zingers, and all their pies - another one that I can still smell to this day!

Sep 16 @ 7:09PM  
My mom wasn't much of a cook but she does make a mean potato salad. I don't have a lot of food memories...

Whenever I am invited for a holiday meal...heack, just about any meal, I am expected to bring at least one loaf of my bread...

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