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women and younger guys..

posted 12/17/2006 3:15:28 PM |
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update - 12/116/2006 @ 9:20pm:

come on guys - dont get offended, just because you dont believe what i'm saying doesnt make it any less true.... this was a question really posed to the women on here but FOR THE MOST PART the guys are the only ones responding.. guess i've stepped on some toes...

we all must grow mentally through out our lives. if we stop growing - we stop living.

let's see - if you read my blog - you will see - i said FOR THE MOST PART.... hence - most.. not all..

as far as why a lot of them choose - that is evident. and its the same for guys on why they choose. and yes straddle - it so that it makes them feel younger. the search for the fountain of youth.

and btw - all comments will be approved... i'm not going to "weed" anyone out. let the games begin.....

lastly - i prefer older women. and younger women down to about 25.. if they are younger - they have to be something extremely special!

original begins:

ok women.. gotta ask (ok - i know the answer cause i've asked it out here in the real world and yes - i do understand) - what is the deal with your fascination with younger guys? you know they are poor as hell (for the most part) and your gonna have to support them.. they are lazy (not working out but working in general). most have attitude problems.. it usually the younger ones that stalk you and wont leave you alone after the break up - which is gonna happen cause they are gonna fuck around on you. and even though the sex might "fantastic" - for the most part they are gonna last about 10mins and your gonna be left hanging cause even though there has to be an attraction - you know as well as i that it takes more than looks to help a woman to orgasm... so, with that being said - what's the fascination?

and for the guys that read this let me let you in on a few "secrets" - the G is not a mythical spot on a woman. and even though a little friction and movement will make you cum - if you think for a moment that you make a woman cum - you have serious issues. for a woman to have an orgasm - here are a few criteria that are for the most part - musts. there are more but here are some of the important ones..

1. she has to think your attractive - no guys she isnt like - she cant fuck anything that walks.

2. she has to think that you think she is sexy and attractive.

3. she has to think she is sexy and attractive.

4. you have to be able to keep a rhythm.

5. she has to be into what your doing.

6. she has to think that your into what she's doing.

7. you have to be able to last longer than 10minuts and not be consumed with yourself about you getting a nut

8. she cant be stressed about what is going on in or outside the bedroom.

9. size does matter (but if your not up to par - that's what your tongue is for)

10. she really has to feel that your there for her needs and wants - again - dont be consumed about you getting a nut. and by all means dont ask her to wait or slow down..

lastly - IF all of these things come into play and everything is perfect - she might have an orgasm and if she does - freaking awesome! if she doesnt - dont pester her about it... let her fake it and move on. and by all means afterwards - dont ask - was it good for you? doubt it but - you might get your feelings hurt..

and finally - if you've been paying attention - she will have let you know if things were good or not...

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women and younger guys..


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Dec 17 @ 3:26PM  
I think Samm1011 and a few other guys covered some of this in their latest blogs recently over the last day or two. But hey, you may hear different responses....

Dec 17 @ 4:24PM  
Why is that every guy over thirty thinks that all guys younger than them dont know what they re doing sexually and cant please a woman???

Dec 17 @ 5:35PM  
Too bad they will never know how they feel about how you look or anything since you only post "dick pics" and that is the worst advice on orgasm I have ever heard in my life. Some of the things you said were true but most were way off man. I am only 30 and I am proud to say that every woman I have been with I have been able to make orgasm at one time or another. Some everytime some a few times here and isn't just the G-spot the clitoris plays a huge role in is basically like the head of your dick only on a woman. I have been very successful in bringing women to orgasm with nothing but clitoral stimulation without even having intercourse...anyway I guess before you start preaching about things make sure you know exactly what you are talking about (unless this has happened with all women you have been with then it would mean it is you and not her) Cheers.


Dec 17 @ 5:46PM  
Dont agree at all,,rhythm,,timing,,friction. It is as simple as you have it or you don't. It is all about being playful,,,experimenting,,self discovery,,being naked and not shy,,,comfort. I am not hung like a mule and have never stopped to consider size or anything like it, but I have only ever delivered in multiples..I think the key is "not to think",,,the more we think when we are hard the stupider we sound and get..hence the term dumb stick...I say bring a bag of ice, a feather, a golf ball, a can of soup, three condoms (glow in the dark of course), one onion,,,cut loose and have some shits and giggles...

Dec 17 @ 6:52PM  
Why is it that most younger guys think older women would prefer younger men??

Dec 17 @ 7:13PM  
not all women find younger men attractive.... as a matter of fact, I find that 99 percent of them do nothing for me..... not intellectually, not sexually, and as I get older, I find myself finding it not okay to look at guys that are a whole lot younger than myself (maybe that is the mother in me).....

Dec 17 @ 7:19PM  
Well, WTP, you wait till you hit over 30 and see if you don't know the same thing we do. I'm not saying that all younger guys don't know what they're doing, but I will go on record and say that most don't know what they're doing. But believe it or not, some women actually want younger guys for a reason. One of them may be to make them feel younger. Just like a lot of middle age guys in their upper 40's and into their 50's are seeking teany boppers in their 20's going into their 30's. Hang in there, you have a lot of growing to do mentally.

Dec 17 @ 7:55PM  
Straddle has the best point so far,,,and states it perfectly...

Dec 17 @ 8:01PM  
As one who typically only dates younger guys, I dont see it as a fascination but a preferance. I have found that alot of younger guys are more mature than older ones. I havent had a stalker yet, nor a bad break up.
Probably due to age, younger guys are more in tune to making sure that they please the older woman. They have no problem with asking "what pleases you", they arent offended by being told "that isn't working for me, lets try this". They can last forever and can go several times. And they know the rules of getting rid of the "bush"!!
The only 10 minute man in my life just happened to be an older man.
Younger guys make great Friends With Benefits because they actually want the "Friends" part also.
Just my opinion

Dec 17 @ 9:34PM  
First off sassydawgfan, your awesome. I feel like pleasing a women is simple, all you have to do is have decent communication, I always make sure that my partner is getting what she needs and if something isnt working I find something that does

Dec 17 @ 10:57PM  
I've never dated a younger man. I've always dated older men. I did meet a younger guy early this summer, we got together, and had a great time. We didn't have sex, but we did get close. My attraction to him didn't have anything to do with his age, he is funny, smart, and had something interesting to say. I'm not all that old yet, and don't look at age. Also, I have a friend that is dating a man 13 years her junior. He's wonderful for her and to her. I know she thinks about his age at times, and wonders about the future. I told her to just go with it, and not worry about years from now. He makes her happy and that's all that counts.

Dec 17 @ 11:24PM  
uhohs...Kudos on the "only dick photos posted" comment. (Though enjoyingitall has sent me face pics of himself.) And you seem to know what you are talking about on the clitoral stimulation subject. More Kudos
Willingtoplease.....guys like you are the reason I prefer younger men. You have tons of face pics posted and very few cock pics. As a female, I must be attracted to ones face and ones personality long before being attracted to a cock.
I have been involved with the same guy off and on for over a year. He was 20 when we started and he will be 22 in a few days.
I dont date younger guys for any particular reason. Not to "keep me young", not to have a "boy toy" on my arm. It's just what we are each attracted to.

Dec 18 @ 6:06AM  
First off sassydawgfan, your awesome. I feel like pleasing a women is simple, all you have to do is have decent communication, I always make sure that my partner is getting what she needs and if something isnt working I find something that doe

WTP.....and THAT attitude you show here is why NOT ALL young guys but MOST young guys is what he said in his blog...problem is Not that many have YOUR's more of a ''horray for me n fuck you'' that gives youth a bad rep with alot of women ...NOT ALL WOMEN....most...jeez...everthing here is sooo literal...

Dec 18 @ 7:19AM  
cock shots.... hmmmmm... imagine people getting upset about cock shots... and it was a guy who said it 1st... well. they guys on here who post their cocks may have resons for posting just pics of their cocks. to name a few:

1. their job. i know if i post my face on here - my career would be over. so it's a choice of no pic or a cock pic.. ok - i could have gone for the middle and did a body pic... naaaa - the cock pic was a better choice.. have tons of winks, responses and views to prove it.

2. hell - they might be married. but that's their business - not mine.

3. it may be their preference. imagine that - they prefer to put a pic of their cock up. isnt that what this blog is for? but you want to be negative about that but its ok for people to have preferences on OTHER issues.

4. maybe they have a huge piece of meat and want to show it off.. again - their preference.

5. maybe they are ugly as sin and would prefer to get a woman's attention another way.. wait is that word prefer or preference in there? wow..

anyway guys - again - have i stepped on someone's toes?

sassy - yes - you have seen my pic and thank you for the kind words about it. and i'm glad you responded to the message i sent... you are a very attractive woman! one who i'm sure is desired by all on here. i'm also glad you have had such success with younger guys. as i said in my response to you - i would suspect you are the exception - not the rule! i have give you 2 examples of women who have not had the success you have - so far - i have many many others...

Dec 18 @ 9:32AM  
I have date someone 10 years younger than me, and he was one of the best lovers I have ever had, he really helped me a lot in getting over my ex. I have been talking to someone much younger than me here recently and hope we can meet up soon. I seem to attract younger men, I think in some ways they are more fun because they aren't as set in their ways and they really seem to appreciate the experience an older woman can provide, plus they have more energy and are more playful.

Dec 18 @ 1:40PM  

"not set in their ways" - ok - sooo, you want someone you can easily train... Now that I can understand.. playful and energy really depends on the person in general - not their age.... there are some really slack ass 20yr olds out there but FOR THE MOST PART (keep having to say that so i dont get slammed for generalizing too much) yes with age - people tend to slow down. but i would say more up in age though.. i'm 38 myself and quite frankly - where as after a couple of hours i'm just getting started - most have finished way before... yes - gonna get called bullshit on that statement from a lot of people but hey - i'm sure i might ber able to get a few people for this site to come to my defense.. lol

as far as helping you get over your ex - maybe being there for you yes, but having the maturity to actually help you cope and deal? hmmmm - now that is one heck of a mature younger person.. however - 30 is pushing the limit of what i was really talking about.... but as i said to sassy - awesome that it worked for you!

we now have 3 against and 2 for...

Dec 18 @ 4:50PM  
Oh no I don't want to train anyone, hell I can't even get my dogs trained hehehe. My younger guy did not help me emotionally get over my ex it was just good to know I could be with someone else physically and really enjoy it and not feel like I was cheating.

Dec 18 @ 5:02PM  
Thanks're too kind.
I do agree with tlc. I too, (for the most part) attract younger guys. (Or either the very OLD ones) IMHO younger guys are much more fun. They aren't so "set in their ways". That's not meaning that we older women want someone we can train though. The younger generation is much more spontanious. And they dont have the baggage that alot of older guys have.
I give kudos to women who date younger guys. Men have been doing it for years.
IMHO....I'm an almost 44 yr old grandma. My younger guy is totally HOT as hell.....we are not commited, we have a great friendship and it kids friends are constantly hitting on him, so I'm sorta proud that my old ass is the one he is attracted to.
Not being rude here at all......but....when I'm asked why I date/do younger guys I reply "Because I CAN"

Dec 18 @ 5:14PM  
sassy - it doesnt matter if your 18, 24, 34, or 44 you are HOT as hell! and i bet when you hit 54 and beyond - you will still be HOT as well... honestly it's not all about looks.

look at Raquel Welch - she is damn near 70 and is still HOT as hell... I'd hook up with her in a second... see - its not the age... its the person...

and your right - you can.. and if you want - you should date younger guys.. however - you should ask yourself why you'd want to. what do you have in common? my sister is in her 40's and has a daughter that is in her mid 20's.. so - what do you have in common with this person other than the physical attraction?

and a follow up question to the original one on this blog is - why do women gravitate to the bad boy image? bad boy are just that... they NORMALLY treat their women like shit. in a lot of cases they beat them.. use them as trophy pieces and well - like i said - treat them like shit.. why would a woman do that?

ohh well....

Dec 18 @ 5:33PM  
TLC - ok..

like i said - 30ish is kind of the extreme on the high end of what i was talking about..

and as i said - i'm really glad it worked out for you... hell - i'm glad anything works out for anyone on here - unless your objective is to be mean or ugly... i think anything between 2 consenting adults is totally fine.. that's not the point of the question..

the point is being proved...

Dec 19 @ 5:01PM  
Thanks for the compliments "E"
I'm a young personality. The majority of my friends (both male and female) are of the younger generation. I have no problem at all with aging, I just refuse to be OLD. I have lots of things in common with younger guys. I've found in my dating experiences (from regular dating sites) that when I have met older men the conversation is hard to keep going. I'm a pretty outgoing person and can get along with most anyone. With younger guys I am more comfortable just being ME.
I am extremely close to my adult kiddos. Younger guys are not intimidated by my relationship with my kids. Nor do they find it "odd" that we are all the very best of friends as older men do.
As for the "bad boy" thing.....I cant really offer opinions on that one. Cuz I'm a female who does not put up with Bullshit of any type

Dec 20 @ 6:27PM  
I've had sex with women as old as 56 and as young as 26, it's all the same to me. A lot depends on your compatibility and whether you can communicate with each other. Sex is more than a mechanical need and while it is fun it's even more so if there is chemistry and understanding. Not that I am lecturing here, just stating an opinion.

Dec 21 @ 7:58AM  
I have to tell you ladies that all men at one time in their life has the fantasy of sleeping with a older lady. Its a very strong fantasy that they just have to fullfill.

I believe its like what happen to me when I was 18, she was 36. My next door neighbor. They feel older ladies are more expereinced and open..

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women and younger guys..