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Could someone tell me please

posted 9/11/2009 8:18:52 PM |
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I guess I am in a down mood today..It has been a bad week at work..I sometimes wonder why I go..Except I have to. Even if it don't pay the bills..Then I get one here and get this in my e-mail...I know it may be a repeat but maybe I don't belong here?

I get tired of responding to these type's of people. I don't go on the vanilla site at all. Maybe once a month to check in.

Do I belong or don't I belong?
This is the e-mail I got below..

Then why are you on sex site showing cleavage and all of that? YOu should go to matchdoctor and get off a sex site. It's almost hypocritical to come on here and say don't talk to you about sex but this site is made for people who want to talk about sex and have sex. WTF!!!

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Sep 11 @ 8:29PM  
I got tired of that also so I decided to take down photos of myself and got an email that went like this :

Him: nice car but why in the hell would you have pictures of your car on adult dating website.... don't you think most people here would rather see your ass instead of your car's exhaust pipe

Me: Because maybe I don't want emails from idiots who don't read my profile and sick of the comments made about my looks.

Maybe not the best come back but you get the point. Just because this is a " sex site" does not mean we have to put up with that crap and take it. It doesn't mean we have to leave the site. There are many of us on here not looking for anything but adult conversation. Don't let them get to you hun. Use the block button and ignore the idiots.

Sep 11 @ 8:32PM  
Just because this is a " sex site" does not mean we have to put up with that crap and take it. It doesn't mean we have to leave the site. There are many of us on here not looking for anything but adult conversation. Don't let them get to you hun. Use the block button and ignore the idiots.

Bingo! Give that girl a cookie.

Sep 11 @ 8:54PM  
You belong where YOU want to be... it doesn't matter what any little punk bitch kid says to you... they are just pissed cause they aren't getting any so they feel the need to belittle someone else.... You are more welcome here than they are....and you have friends here.... bet the only people on his friends list are spammers.... I've noticed lately that there's one spammer that seems to be on alot of peoples friends list or she leaves them comments... miss shawtytootits or whatever her name is.... and they think they're going to get some from her I suspect! She's also on here as lamdazon or some shit like that.... and I've seen that same pic on a number of different profiles.... but like I said, they aren't getting any from her either....she's just collecting bozos... I bet he's got her on his friends list......
Like I keep saying... don't sweat the dumbasses! just report them as spam and hope like hell the mods are doing their jobs!

Sep 11 @ 9:48PM  
To hell with that asshole!!!!!!!!

You have as much right to be here as anyone. If the little fucktard can't take no for an answer, block his immature ass.


Sep 11 @ 9:48PM  
Well, I took down all my tittie pictures and put up the old eyeball one because I was tired of the riffraff emails..I still get them, just not as many. Most end up in my filtered bin.

My profile and pics discourage emails other than the ones I want. I do occasionally get an email from an interesting Dom in my neck of the woods that is worth following up on.

The nastiest I get is telling the young dudes looking for NSA sex that I am too kinky for them..LOL. And even that could be considered a strange kind of flirting. Imagine that, an old gal like me who is too wild for the "boring vanilla" young guys...

I think we need to be kind and respectful of each other. I think this place is about fun and flirting even if you are out of the market. There is no need for hostility. I see no point in putting "DON'T EMAIL ME ABOUT SEX" on your profile in a place that is designed for flirting and innuendo...and yes,, SEX!!!. There is a way to keep the knuckle dragging neanderthals at bay without being an ugly shrew.

Humor. Flirting. We can all do it. Wax poetic about the mundane, ask and give advice about relationships. Flaunt your knowledge of dirty jokes and 4 letter words.

I am not going to say if you or anyone else belongs here. I am suggesting that we all keep in mind that we should add to the fun flirty experience here and not rain on anyone's sexuality.


Sep 11 @ 9:48PM  
Don't you go anywhere!! I may not comment on blogs much anymore, and we really aren't looking anymore, but I have some wonderful friends on here. That's really the only reason I come on here anymore. Don't let them dumbasses get to ya!

Sep 11 @ 10:14PM  
Do what makes you happy. Don't respnd to those emails that make you uncomfortable. It's your life. If you have fun here blogging and hangin out, then do it. I hope you have a great weekend, and don't let anyonelse piss in your pot!

Sep 11 @ 10:24PM  
Some people no matter what you say, you can't please them. Nothing will be good enough. Chalk it up to another idiot who has too much time on their hands.

Sep 11 @ 11:32PM  
I just use the block and delete button a lot. Although one e-mail asked me what the hell was I doing on a sex site from an 18 year old. And I told him just to show people like him what they couldn't ever have. Then I blocked.

Sep 11 @ 11:58PM  
Tammy, why you letting him get to you?
Delete and block.... you gave him an answer , he didn't like it. His problem, not yours.

It is your choice, no one elses, whether you stay or go. You already know this site can be a fun place, most of the time...

Sep 12 @ 5:45AM  
For starters let me just say politely...fuck that guy who is he to tell anybody where they belong. If you have established friendships here, it's your business "WHY your here". Fucking guy sounds like he never saw a little clevage before. If that's all it takes to work him up, he needs to go out and BUY some pussy! If you state in your profile your not here for sex, it's pretty stupid of him to even bother you. HELLO ????

Sep 12 @ 8:58AM  
He sounds like a whiney bitch to me! Who cares what that little cry baby thinks....anyone can be here for whatever reason they want to be! I have learned that ignoring them and blocking them works best.....silence speaks volumes

Sep 12 @ 9:15AM  
It is wonderful that the group here is so supportive of you, Ali, and reassures you that you belong here. It is nice to know that our friends love and support us.

You are unhappy because others are making your experience at AMD miserable. Have you ever stopped to think what you are doing to the experience of other folks here? Frankly I find the "I have a right to be here and not look for sex and gee, I get rude emails" blogs just as pathetic as the "I wanna get laid and there are no real women so I am leaving blogs". I don;t want to hear about your not wanting sex. I don;t want to hear about guys disappointed that they can;t sex by simply logging on and asking for it. Both groups of people detract from my experience hear and others here at AMD.

There are many folks here that are not looking for one night stands, NSA sex.. prolly most of the folks here.

I do think there is a classier, less hostile way of putting that in your profile essay. Perhaps we can suggest a re-write?

About myself

I have been on this website for a little while now. And have decided that there is more to life than sex. Sex comes with being in a solid realationship. I like to call it Making Love.
I would like to find a normal man that can hold down a job. And a normal conversation.
I love animals. I love summer where I can be outside. I like to walk, swim.
I do have a brain. And know how to use it. There is more to me than boobs. Look past the picture and get to know the real me.
I don't like to be smothered. I hate being questioned. Like where am I going. When will I be back ect. It bugs the shit out of me.
I believe in having space. Do not need to be joined at the hips.
I love to go camping, fishing, traveling to some place new.
I like to meet new friends. I hate being lied to. If you lie to me you are no longer my friend.

Do not send me stupid e-mail's. I will delete them and not answer them.
When you focus on negative things in you essay, you are unlikely to attract anyone positive into you life. And that is what you DO want, right?

Sep 12 @ 10:17AM  
Let me answer that question for you real short and sweet....HELL YES YOU BELONG HERE!!! Don't you dare even think about leaving just because of an asshole like that. It's nice having you here so there.

Sep 12 @ 10:18AM  
Ooops I mean having you here.

Sep 12 @ 10:50AM  
Don't you go anywhere! Like you, for awhile I felt the same way and I struggled with gritting my teeth and steam coming out my ears every time I got those e-mails.

It made no difference what my profile said...they either didn't read it or just HAD to make a comment to me on what it says. Now my profile has a line that says..."Men have the attention span of a gnat..." and I get more bitchin' e-mail over that statement so I guess men ARE reading profile essays...

Then one day it dawned on me that these kinds of e-mails just go with the territory and it's something that will not change...and it was not worth my effort to so much as acknowledge them. It isn't necessary to block them...just delete them because they've said what they think is so important and ya don't hear from them again unless you respond to them.

Enjoy your time here and ignore the idiots...keeps the blood pressure down yanno?

Sep 12 @ 11:31AM  
hey... Ibetammy.. wanna fuck?

Sep 12 @ 12:14PM  
There are few places in the world where we go and find complete acceptance. We all face discrimination, harassment or negative attitudes throughout our lives. Learning to deal with it in a positive manner frees us from these issues generally.

No one can make decisions for you except yourself... we are each responsible for our own happiness. Please don't let someone else take that right or power away from you.

Be where you are drawn to be and forget about the rest of the poopers out there. If they want to be unhappy and judgmental that's their choice. Block and delete is the easiest. Sometimes a positive response it worthwhile, but the nasty of the nastiest are jettisoned and forgotten immediately.

Sep 12 @ 1:42PM  
Why does the opinion of some virgin asshole with a computer and internet connection really matter.
Remember these people can only affect your life if you let them

Sep 12 @ 5:52PM  
Delete, delete, delete. You can't let that kind of person get to you. Consider the source. Here's hoping next week puts a big smile on your face.

Sep 12 @ 7:25PM  
Thank you everyone for your comment's..I have had a bad week..And can't snap out of this depression. The only thing I am looking forward to is no work for the next two day's...

When I woke up this morning I sat and had coffee, and a cig and thought to myself do I really have to go to work today? Yes I did..I need the money and I am not one to not go unless I am really sick..

I am worried how much longer I am going to be able to do my job. As I am on my feet all day long. I am having a lot of problems with my back and leg's..Where there are some day's I can hardly walk..

You guy's are a great bunch of friend's

Thanks again

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Could someone tell me please