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How far would you travel for a date?

posted 9/6/2009 5:40:51 AM |
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Internet dating has been around for a while now and is no longer the dirty little secret that it used to know, "a place where losers go because they can't get dates in the real world". Yes, this is a direct quote from one of my family members...we're obviously not close.

So, I'm far would you travel for a date...or to meet a friend who you met on the internet?

Let's pretend, since the economy sucks right now, that money is not an obstacle. Also, it doesn't matter where you met the person on the internet. I would like feedback from the people who have actually taken a trip, and people who would consider taking a trip.

Me? I've traveled to other countries, including multiple states within the U.S.

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Sep 6 @ 6:44AM  
Other countries? Are you serious?!?
No, I have to say I don't think that even if money weren't an issue that I would travel to another country.

The distance between Ohio and Minnesota is like another country away some days.
And that sure wasn't planned, so a person can't say "well we're only going to meet as friends".......... you never know.

Sep 6 @ 7:12AM  
I guess I have limited experience in this arena, as I had never done this internet dating thing, before last winter. But after getting my feet wet so to speak, I have resigned myself to the fact, that travel might be necessary. It seems there is never anyone "in your area" . But I approch this with caution. The problem being you never really know for sure, who you are dealing with. Case in point, what if you traveled hundreds, or thousands of miles, and there was no one there, when you arrived ? Or where greeted by an irrate spouse ? The negative possiablities are endless. You hear on the news all the time, the nightmare stories about people who are fleeced, harmed, scamed, done in ect, as a result of doing these types of things. It's risky business to say the least. And then there is what I call the roots factor. How do you conduct a relationship, when you are constantly 500 miles apart? What could really come of that ? Then there is the expense factor, and on and on. There are exceptions to every rule, but not really realistic.

Sep 6 @ 7:44AM  
All the way to British Columbia!!

Seriously though, probably about an hour at most.

Sep 6 @ 7:55AM  
I would go as far as San Antonio...only an hour drive from Austin, but I insist that the men come to me first.

Sep 6 @ 8:08AM  
Not far. For one, I get lost easily outside the city limits. For another...I'm just old fashioned enough to think if a man isn't interested enough in me to come to me then he's not really that interested in the first place. My experience tells me if he wants to meet me halfway then his intentions are suspect.

Sep 6 @ 8:37AM  
Yes, meeting CL in OH for a first date was a risk, but I am glad it was taken. What wasn't supposed to happen, did.....

When looking around here in MN, I rarely got a response from anybody, so had to broaden my horizons.

Sep 6 @ 8:40AM  
I love to travel so I'm willing to travel much further than the average person might, to meet up with a lady and have, more than once! I have flown to where she lived in two cases and vice versa! There are risks involved but more so for the lady, than the man IMO, with the exception of one thing- I'm not capable of out running a bullet but both positions regarding marital status, should definitely have been nailed down, long before going out the door, anyway!



Sep 6 @ 8:55AM  
If money is not an obstacle I am all for going lots of places to see lots of people.

Sep 6 @ 9:13AM  

For a woman I liked ? All the way to their Heart.

Sep 6 @ 9:35AM  
If money was not an obstacle? ....well....after I got to know them and had them checked out(and you can do that you know) then I guess....for me....almost anywhere! At hours drive has been the limit......but Europe would surely be on my list!

Sep 6 @ 9:44AM  
10.4 miles.............

Well if I was looking.....and we had all ready met once...........I would travel anywhere in the US.............My late husband drove 1000 miles to meet me...........and a month later I went back to Ohio with never know who you will find and where you will find them..

Sep 6 @ 10:13AM  
I've flown 8400 hundred miles, as the crow flies,
To Diani Beach , Kenya, but it was also a place I wanted to go for several years..
Just lucked out and met a lady from there online before I went..
I spent a great 3 months there..

Sep 6 @ 11:45AM  
10.4 miles.............
But... who's counting??


Sep 6 @ 12:04PM  
If money were no object? Anywhere. In reality? If I can get there and I am interested, I'm going. I've driven 6 hours several times for AMD parties and never regretted it. If I was really interested in the person? I would do what I could to make that meeting matter the distance.

Sep 6 @ 12:19PM  
We have been from Idaho to Oregon and Louisiana to North Carolina so far.

Sep 6 @ 12:21PM  
If I was really interested in the person? I would do what I could to make that meeting matter the distance.
I'm with L4E on this one.

I've driven four hours to meet someone who flew 4,000 for us meet one another. Over the year before we married we logged thousands of miles in the air to be with one another, meet family and vacation.

Sep 6 @ 2:43PM  
I haven't gone outta country but if money was no object I would give it a try

Sep 6 @ 2:56PM  
Once I know the person well enough, distance would not be a problem with me. Years ago I lived in NYC and the guy I was involved with lived in LA. We spent a lot of time on dates in St Louis. Eventually though we realized that our lives were going to be on oppostie sides of the country for some time to come, drifted apart and moved on. We were only about 20 and I don't think either one of us were ready to settle down. If we had been older it might have worked out.

Sep 6 @ 5:12PM  
Thanks so much for all your comments and stories!

Some of the comments were very interesting to me because when I was doing a lot of my internet dating (back in 2000 and 2001), there seemed to be more people willing to travel longer distances to meet their possible true love. Of course, back then, I don't think there were as many scammers online as there is today. JMHO.

I met the guy I'm with now back in 2000 on a little site called I lived in OKC and he lived in B.C. Canada. The funny thing is...we actually did not click the first time we met online because I thought he was an arrogant asshole. Eventually, I realized that was his sense of humor and he grew on me. I cannot even tell you how many minutes we logged on the computer, or the telephone. It was insane! Throughout this process, I kept him at arms length because he wouldn't travel to OKC to meet me for the first time. He said it was because he was self-employed and couldn't be away from his business at that time. I, of course, thought it was a line and really gave him a lot of shit for it. In the end, he was telling the truth. I eventually traveled to Canada and after a few long extended trips; I made the decision to move there in 2001. That was 8-years-ago and I'm still here.

Throughout this time frame I traveled to The Netherlands, Germany and Canada. I actually had a nice dinner with some of the members I met on in Amsterdam. I met friends from Holland, but also from Switzerland, Scotland and England. It was really a wonderful experience, and one I will always remember. I also traveled to multiple places in the U.S., including Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Texas. I got to see parts of the west coast as well. I really don't have any horror stories to share, so I think I lucked out. I'm very thankful for this.

So what made me travel to all these places? I was strongly motivated by the lack of quality guys I was dealing with in Oklahoma, and I decided to shake things up. Would this be practical for me today? No, but I sure had a lot of fun playing, and I would do it again in a heartbeat if the opportunity ever presented itself.

Sep 9 @ 11:12AM  
well if i cant take a cab ride a bus or hitch hike to meet someone , i think someone who assumes that we americans are all as rich as the donald or billy moneybags can hope a plane to to ghana or the phils are assuming way to much,
also im not going to ggo out on a blind date (hint hint) if i dont see a pic of you sorry not interssted,

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How far would you travel for a date?