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Ome one Needs an Anatomy Lesson or Brain transplant

posted 9/2/2009 5:31:58 PM |
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In Miami, Florida yesterday, Steve Valdez went into a Bank Of America branch where his wife banked to cash a check she had written to him. The teller said she needed two forms of identification. Mr. Valdez offered a drivers license and a bank card. They accepted the license but refused the bank card and asked for his thumb print. Well Mr. Valdez couldn't comply because he was born without arms. He has prosthetics, so when the bank manager was called over he explained they had to have a thumb print. Mr. Valdez showed him that prosthetic arms do not have thumb prints. They still refused to cash the check and Mr. Valdez left.

Is anyone still wondering why Bank Of America is close to bankruptcy?

In all fairness they gave in and sent The Valdez family an letter of apology after the news broadcast it.

I vote for a Brain transplant for a teller and a branch manager.

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Sep 2 @ 5:38PM  
Oops, TYPO ALERT! Title of this blog was supposed to be "Someone Needs an Anatomy Lesson or a Brain Transplant.

Sep 2 @ 5:42PM  
The stupidity that is becoming the norm in America scares me....

Sep 2 @ 5:45PM  
I thought ome was a version of homey.

At first I thought it was some type of joke. This really happened? The man with the prosthetics should have just given then a thumb print. That's exactly what they were asking for. What argument would they have then?

Sep 2 @ 5:46PM  
L4E, I'm glad I'm not normal.

Sep 2 @ 5:56PM  
That's crazy! I just heard that story on the radio on my way home from work... how ridiculous can some of these companies be!??!!


Sep 2 @ 6:06PM  
If you go to get a state photo ID in the state of NC you have to have the same documents as if you were getting a drivers license. So one should be taken for ID as well as the other at a bank. At BB&T you cannot go in the bank and withdraw money with the state ID without a second picture ID to go with it, but if you have a driver's license no other ID is required.

Sep 2 @ 6:12PM  
I am sorry She-Wolf you are missing the point by at least 10 miles. The man does not
have any arms and prosthetic arms don't have fingerprints which they said that had to have.
This was also in Florida, not in North Carolina.

Sep 2 @ 6:33PM  
Rev Doc your showing your uninformed mind again. The two banks that are still in deep financial trouble are Bank Of America and Citibank All others have started or completely repaid the stimulus money that was forced on some.

Your comment is totally off topic and was posted to stir up trouble so it will be deleted. Please do not comment on my blogs unless you have a sensible and on topic comment.

Sep 2 @ 6:43PM  
OK i realize that banks have to have their policies.................but what happened to that man was totally ignorant............and if that was the bank I did business with, I would beat feet to get their to close out my acct and go to another bank.......and if they had the nerve to ask me why, i would explain that since one of their banks hired ignorant people, I figured it might be contagious and they all do..........

OK this is off topic...........and yes there are a lot of ppl who have frivolous lawsuits...........but since the man was handicapped..........if I had been him I would take their letter of apology and go to the nearest attorney...........and file a discrimination suit against that bank...............probably wouldn't go anywhere but might teach a few people how to use common sense........

Interesting blog............

Sep 2 @ 6:52PM  
I have deleted Rev Docs comments. I asked politely to be on topic and sensible and not try and make trouble when this has nothing to do with what he is trying to do. I reported on a ridiculous news item that should not create any heart burn for anyone. In return I got some smart-assed, ignorant emails. Consequently, I have block this member. I'm sure he will blog about me and that is fine. I'll just consider the source. Another brain transplant is most likely warranted.

I am sorry about this folks, I am trying to abide by the "Truce" Ewe Wish so graciously offered, but this fellow can't seem to understand this and wants to make trouble. I hope we can get back on topic now.
Thank you

Sep 2 @ 7:07PM  
I am sorry She-Wolf you are missing the point by at least 10 miles

Actually I did get the point. I was just pointing out the fact that most banks to have policies that can discriminate against people for one reason or another. Theirs might have been to an extreme in that case and seriously lacking common sense. But that is about normal for business as usual. And not letting people do business for whatever reason is the same. You can't do what you need to do in that place of business. You have people with a rule book and they go by that book and do not make exceptions in spite of the fact that this is not a one size fits all world. There are some businesses who will not cash a check without a fingerprint. I am not quite sure what their plan B would be in his case.


Sep 2 @ 7:21PM  
Bank of America has produced many horror stories about them. I quit them once due to my own horror story. I returned to banking with them & have regretted it over the years. What pisses me off is they have to ask if I have an account every time when I've been going there for years. I tell them over the intercom I'm cashing & twenty minutes later I hear are you cashing or depositing? Now I just send a note with what I want & don't say a word. I mean damn you give them your drivers license & they seem to be to lazy to look up your account. Isn't that what they are supposed to be doing

Sep 2 @ 8:08PM  
I banked through Bank of America a long time ago. I left them after noticing on statements that their numbers were always a little off from mine. At first I thought it was me getting my math wrong. But when I gathered all my checks, and compared the numbers, it turned out Bank of America was wrong. Even went down there and had it out with their branch manager. Then I learned about some fee that was never told when I opened the account. So, I closed up my account, and have been a Citizens for the last 13 years or so.

Yeah, it's no wonder Bank of America is in trouble. They seem to have a tendency to hire not so intelligent people. And to ask Mr Valdez for a thumb print when he has prosthetic arms is really stupid. I know today's technology is great, but still, one can tell the difference between a real hand and a prosthetic.

I second the vote on the brain transplant for the teller and manager.

Sep 2 @ 8:12PM  
In all fairness they gave in and sent The Valdez family an letter of apology after the news broadcast it.

Key words: "after the news broadcast."


Sep 2 @ 8:22PM  
Here is another link to this story with more details. The photo can be enlarged. If you look at the enlarged photo of Mr. Valdez and think of him standing in front of you not 6 feet away, would you mistake that for a real hand or say to him as the teller did...
"Well I guess you aren't going to give us a thumb print." Well DUH! What was the tellers first clue?

Sep 2 @ 10:59PM  
You're right, that's crazy what that bank did. Seems like a lot of people lack a lot of common sense today.

I hadn't heard about this until I read your blog.

They do need a brain transplant .

Good blog!

Sep 3 @ 9:43AM  
Corporations that make general policies and then are too cheap to train their employees the correct ways to deal with it are the culprit. No doubt there is a petty dictator somewhere in the corporate food chain above them that restricts individual decision making.

Probably there was a clause for this type of case in the policy, after all thousands of people are missing thumbs. Probably someone in the accounting department looked at the turn-over rate and decided it's not cost efficient to train ALL their employees on the total scope of all their policies. So they have partially trained employees and managers out in the field making stupid mistakes because they don't know they are allowed to use their own common sense.

Sep 3 @ 10:01AM  
No matter how much I hear, see or encounter, I never cease to be amazed at the ignorance of some people. I somehow have a feeling that there are some more people involved in this fiasco filing unemployment insurance claims this week.

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Ome one Needs an Anatomy Lesson or Brain transplant