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Inglorious Basterds?

posted 8/31/2009 4:48:38 PM |
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Last night, for my birthday, I was treated 2 a screening of writer/director Quentin Tarrantino's new blockbuster motion picture, Inglorious Basterds. I gotta tell ya I went N2 this one with some really high expectations. Probably unrealistically high. I mean, I was hearing shit on TV about how this one was even better than Pulp Fiction. That's setting the bar awfully high, if U ask me. Not that anybody is, but I digress.

In case U have been living under a fucking rock for the last two months and somehow managed not 2 hear about Senor Tarrantino's latest work let me give U a brief idea of what's going on in this extremely violent, two and a half hour crucifixtion of all things Nazi (don't get the wrong idea...I don't give a shit. I'm just pointing it out.). Amid this kind of mental masturbatory mind-fuck that Tarrantino has crafted, we have the story of American Lt. Aldo Rain (played superbly by Brad Pitt) and his ragtag squad of Jewish American soldiers (known as the Bastards by the Germans, thus giving us our title). It is April of 1944 and they have been dropped behind enemy lines N2 Nazi occupied France with but one directive. Kill as many German soldiers as they can find in the most horrific manner imaginable, thus striking fear deep N2 the heart of the Third Reich.

I heard Tarrantino himself describe this film as a WW2 fantasy and once U see it U understand exactly what he means by that. Let's just say its historically challenged and leave it at that. Amazingly, it was done in such a manner that it didn't bother the shit out of me. That kind of thing usually does. Like I said I went N2 this thing with super high expectaions and I was a little dissapointed that this movie didn't quite reach the level of Pulp Fiction or even Kill Bill Vol.1. That having been was still a good movie in its own right.

I liked it. This is a movie full of everything I dig about Quentin Tarrantino movies, including an engaging storyline (fantastic as it may be) that kept me guessing all the way 2 the end. I fucking hate it when I figure the shit out B4 the movie's over with. No fucking chance of that happening here. U can take my word on that. And the cast that they have assembled is fucking great. I don't know who any of them are (with the obvious exception on Brad Pitt), but that doesn't matter. Everyone of them is spot on with thier performances (especially German actor Christoph Waltz as the SS Colonel hunting our band of jolly Jews).

Oh...and its violent. Motherfucker is it violent. But its that stylized violence that Hollywood has been desensitizing us 2 for years, not the realistic Rob Zombie in Ur face violence that shocks us with its utter brutality. Not that this movie is any less brutal, it just comes across a lot more palatable in this slick package.

But if I am being honest here (and why would I be doing this otherwise?) I would have 2 say that this isn't really one of those movies that really benefits from being seen on the big screen. It's not a Star Wars or a Matrix or Beverly Hills Chihuahua. In other words, U may want 2 save Urself the twenty bones and wait until the shit comes out on Netflix. It'll be out in time 2 be used as a stocking stuffer, I'm sure. It really would be just as good at home on TV...and a hell of a lot cheaper 2!

Overall I would have 2 say that I do reccomend this movie 2 anyone who likes war movies, comic books or Quentin Tarrantino flicks. It's two and a half hours of good, clean Nazi killing fun!

Just my opinion...take it for whatever its worth!

Keeping U posted,


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Aug 31 @ 5:41PM  
Thanks, I appreciate the review.

Aug 31 @ 5:49PM  
Thanks for the info now I know what I am getting into my man has been talking about seeing this for awhile

Aug 31 @ 6:35PM  
Thanks for the review, but not being a Tarrantino fan I had no plans on seeing it. Pulp Fiction was okay in my opinion with strong points and very weak points. I've seen two other Tarrantino films and walked out of the theater from boredom and not caring to waste any more times on bad film making and acting.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Just different strokes for different folks.

Aug 31 @ 7:25PM  
Aw, Dickie is back...nice.

Hey, happy birthday! Hope you got all your deviant little heart wished for!

Aug 31 @ 7:30PM  
Good job, and we definitely needed that. It's confirmed, then, that I will spend no more than $4.99 for this movie on a screen no greater than 40" diagonal with not more than 1,080 pixels across. And I can make my own effing popcorn.


Aug 31 @ 9:11PM  
thank you for the review, just tells me its not my cup-o-tea. I do appreciate that.

Sep 1 @ 12:18AM  
I'm a rabid fan of Tarantino's dialogue, although he is a bit too
much of a gore junkie at times. True Romance was written by him
and was also quite good. Personally, I thought the Death Proof
double feature sucked ass along with Kill Bill which was like
a comic book.

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Inglorious Basterds?