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The Unions are coming! The Unions are coming!

posted 8/31/2009 11:06:58 AM |
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In a classic style of Paul Revere, I race thru town crying out, "The unions are coming!".

Although liberals would have you believe that I am too stupid to tie my own shoes, I somehow have managed to surf the net and find the truth. In my beautiful city there is a Political group that supports healthcare Reform in the vane of Obamacare. Not to be confused with actual reform like tort reform, fraud reform, or preventing criminals from abusing the system.

This political group is made up of four people whom have spent their lives being political activists. Holding down the odd job when there was nothing to be activists for. They formed this current group to be the voice of opposition against the teaparty group here in town. Both groups have been active for the same amount of time. Although, the support group has a grand total of 22 supporters, the teaparty has, at last count, 526 active participants.

The support group was founded by two people who are members of another Coalition created four years ago. Sitting on the board of the group founded four years ago are five (5), Union lawyers. AFL-CIO, Teamsters, UAW, USW and SEIU. This begs the question, how is it that behind everything this administration does, there is a union involved? This also begs the question, what has any union done for the taxpayer/consumer? Yes, they have done everything for the worker/laborer. But, nothing for the consumer.

For anyone who needs to know what union leaders are all about, research Jimmy Hoffa. Anyone who claims that corruption died with J Hoffa is blind or corrupt themselves.

Did you know that unions are in every town, every city, every government?

Did you know that unions destroy democracy? Its true. Unions back political candidates whom the membership may not support. Effectively nullifying an individuals vote.

Are unions all bad? No, they did serve a good purpose. But like all good intentions, someone took advantage of it. Today, unions are the most well funded activists in the United States. The leadership telling their members that they are doing good things for them. All the while padding their bank accounts. Serving their own interests and forsaking the memberships interest.

Its time to start calling a crook, a crook.

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Aug 31 @ 1:17PM  
Unions were a tool of the communists during and after the Russian revolution and the overthrow of the czar.

In this country they did have a short span of time when they were useful and did some good against unscrupulous people and companies early in the 20th Century and the Depression years, but their usefulness is long past. Today for the most part they are expensive organizations that in most cases serve the gangster elements in the past and the Democrats. They lost some of their power, but Clinton threw them a few bones and now Obama is using them and ACORN as strong arm intimidators in quite a few instances and has stated he plans to use them more and strengthen them. The unions are one of the biggest contributors to the demise and nationalization or General Motors with the outrageous demands and threats over the last 50 years. They have now broken Chrysler and in a very real sense destroyed it.

Now liberals will start gripping here and say mismanagement by the corporate types, and I am not say there wasn't any, but the fact remains that nearly all of the financial problems of both of these companies can be traced back to unions.

Good blog Nativamr35! Thank you.

Aug 31 @ 3:27PM  
Ahhh, the Good 'ole Days, when Unions helped get rid of Czars......

Most of the 'rank and file' members might be a little pissed, when they
are Taxed even worse under Obama, and then they see their jobs offshored.

I know how the U.S. Postal Letter Carrier Union, NALC, sent many out
to help Obama get elected. Wonder what they they think of him saying that
Fed-Ex and UPS are great business models, while the Government ran USPS stinks?? (kinda what he implied) the last 5 years or so, Congress has raided the Postal coffers for wonders how good Fed-Ex and UPS would be, if they were
taxed the same?

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The Unions are coming! The Unions are coming!