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What city and state were you born in? What's your hometown?

posted 8/30/2009 1:54:51 AM |
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What city and state were you born it? Do you still live there today, and if so, have you always lived there your entire life? Where do you consider your hometown? Why I'm posting this blog is because there are a lot of people on here that seem to be proud from where they come from, and I'm no exception....well, let me put that another way, I'm proud about where I was born , but it's not my hometown. I was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina at a Marine base. Was only there for the first few months in my life till my father was discharged from the service to where my parents then moved back to Ohio. For the last 37 years of my life I have lived in Portsmouth. I still don't consider it my hometown, and I don't want to claim it because in my opinion it's like a little crud hole, a cancer. I consider New Boston (a village next to that city) my hometown. Where were you born, and what's your hometown?

This is somewhat of a repost from a blog I did back in Feb. 2008. I had 47 comments on it, and people had fun with posting their comments bragging and telling others little about the place they're from. Feel free to share with the rest of us where you're from. Enjoy!

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Aug 30 @ 2:04AM  
I was born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio. And until 2 years ago, I lived there most of my life. It will always be my home town, but I never plan on living there again. It's run down, and falling apart, the businesses are moving out and there isn't any life left in it. And also it's very narrow minded. Unless you belong to the correct political party, Which I don't, You are more or less run out on a rail.

I know where Portsmouth is BTW.


Aug 30 @ 2:15AM  
I know where Portsmouth is BTW.
It's a little cancer of a run down city sitting on the Ohio River. Too bad most of the city hasn't fallen into the nasty polluted river yet.

East Liverpool, Ohio.
Is that in northwest Ohio or in the northeast part of the state? I'm thinking northwest. I know the northeast part of Ohio is heavily liberal.

Aug 30 @ 2:25AM  

I was born in the city of Hard Knocks, state of confusion. My home town is where ever I park my ass.

Aug 30 @ 6:59AM  
I don't have a home town............I lived in a very rural area that unless you lived here you would never hear off........but i was raised in one of the best communities ever, where everyone looked out for everyone else.........and we were all "family" and I still consider that my home today........I have lived a majority of my life within 50 miles of where I was raised except for the time I lived in Ohio.......most of my family still lives there........

Aug 30 @ 8:25AM  
I was born in Wilmington, IL....lived the first 6 years in Peoria, IL.....after that was adopted and we moved every 2 years, so I don't have a hometown. Hubby has lived where we are now since he was 6....everybody in town knows him and his family. I always envied that, the opportunity to grow up in one place.

Aug 30 @ 8:33AM  
I was born in Victorville, California which is about 70 miles east of LA. It is a real shit hole town in the high desert. I was raised in Long Beach, California I lived in that area for about 20 years and consider it my home town. It was a nice middle class bedroom community to grow up in. I have been in suburban Dallas/Fort Worth since 1975.

Aug 30 @ 9:01AM  
I was born and raised in southern Indiana...Evansville, Indiana. I lived there until I was 28 years old and was sick of city living so I moved west of Evansville and out in the country to Wadesville, Indiana. I had 7 acres of land in the middle of a corn field. I had to travel about 3 miles down a gravel or for the most part a dirt road to get to any kind of civilization. My house set back off the road probably about 100 yards. I loved it at first but after awhile I got tired of all the dirt and dust rolling every time someone went down the road. Hell you couldn't even wash your car for all the dust from the road. Well I bitched and bitched at commissioner meetings and finally got the road paved after living there and bitching for another 25 years. About the time that they paved the road my marriage had fallen apart. I have always loved Tennessee so when we divorced I bought a 50 acre farm and moved down here. If my parents weren't still living in Indiana I would never go back there. My farm sets on top of a big hill about 1/4 of a mile off the road I live on. I have a 30 acre pasture that runs down the hill in front of the house all the way to the road ( and yes it is a paved road ). I have a pretty good sized lake in the front pasture that my house overlooks. The property is wooded on 2 sides with another 20 acres behind my house. I have 30 head of cattle and 30 horses and plan on being buried right here on this property when I die.

Aug 30 @ 9:27AM  
What city and state were you born it? Do you still live there today, and if so, have you always lived there your entire life? Where do you consider your hometown?

1- In a major city across the river from Windsor, Ontario, Canada!

2- Hell no!

3- The one I live in- at the moment!


Aug 30 @ 9:47AM  
The first 14 years of my life were spent in a little town, Beebe, Arkansas, where I was born.. We (My mother and I) moved about 30 miles away so she could finish college and become a teacher. Conway, Arkansas is my hometown. I have lived in Little Rock, Phoenix, Arizona, and Oklahoma City. Conway is where all my family is and where I want to live out the rest of my life.

Aug 30 @ 10:22AM  
Born in Phoenix, Az..
I lived in Ca., Nv. and Az. most of my life..
Been here in Florida for 21 years but was a citizen of the world
for about 25 years where I spent most of my time in my job..

Aug 30 @ 11:12AM  
Born in Baltimore, MD, lived there most of my childhood, then came the blight, like all cities in this country, Washington DC is a disgrace to this nation, with there slums, you have to drive through them to get to anything. Anyhow, I live in a great community now, north of there.

Aug 30 @ 11:57AM  
I was born is Albert Lea MN...Moved to Minneapolis Mn when I was about 4..Lived there until I was 15, Moved to Duluth mn..Lived there until I graduated. I moved to Portland Oregon for 6 months. I hated it out there. It rained all the time. I went back to Duluth and stayed there until 10 year's ago when I moved here to Ohio.

I consider Duluth MN my home..I consider Ohio a place I am visiting..

Damn this is a long visit

Aug 30 @ 11:59AM  
I am moving in with Max so I can ride horses...

Aug 30 @ 5:41PM  
I was born in East Bumfucked, Oregon... ok so it's actually called John Day.. and no it's not the one up near Portland where the John Day river joins the Columbia, it's the little backwoods one in the middle of Eastern Desert Oregon.

I've lived quite a few other places though I always seemed to go back home after a while.. this is the longest I've lived anywhere else.


Aug 31 @ 2:26AM  
I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I lived there for the 35 years, except for the 2 years I spent in Oregon. I have lived in British Columbia, Canada since 2001; however, my hometown will always be Oklahoma City.

The Canadians I have met or cohabitated with since moving here have a lot of wonderful qualities, but they don't talk football or baseball very well. Since I've been here I've been asked, "Who are the Sooners?","Who are the Cowboys?" and "Who are the Rangers?"

Are you fucking kidding me?!!!

Sep 10 @ 3:09AM  
Hell, Michigan

Sep 17 @ 2:12PM  
What city and state were you born it? Paisley,Scotland in United Kingdom.

Do you still live there today? nope, havent been there since 1989.

have you always lived there your entire life? I lived in Scotland from 1970 to 1977, then moved to Muskegon, MI for the last oh 25 years.

Where do you consider your hometown? Here Muskegon...i moved away for a few years but always ended up back here

Sep 17 @ 2:48PM  
What city and state were you born it? Topeka, Kansas

Do you still live there today? nada...moved from there when I was live in Asia

Have you always lived there your entire life? again, nada...I have lived in 3 different countries and 5 different states and, hopefully, will be adding another state after graduation

Where do you consider your hometown? a suburb of Sacramento, CA

Sep 17 @ 4:38PM  
Wow...I missed this one. How did that happen?

Anyway, to answer the questions:

Born in Saginaw Michigan.
Grew up in Bridgeport Township, Saginaw County.
Lived in Tawas for about 3 years.
Lived in St. Charles for about 6 months
Stayed at my parents house in Bridgeport for a year after Mick's passing...was selling the house in St. Charles. Enough said.
Now living in Saginaw Township.

And yes, I am proud of where I live. Michigan is a beautiful state. Saginaw isn't half bad either. I know it's not perfect, like every other city or town in this country, it has it's bad parts, and yes this bad economy is hurting us like it is everyone's still a nice area.

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What city and state were you born in? What's your hometown?