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Your Opinion... Should They Show It?

posted 8/29/2009 6:23:36 AM |
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I watched this video on Fox News yesterday morning. And yes, it is rather startling.

Quite a few parents don't want it to air on TV or be shown at schools in The United States because they say it is too graphic and/or would upset too many young drivers....
I think getting their full attention was the point!

What do you think...should it be shown on TV for ALL drivers? Or at schools? And if so, do you think it will do any good?

Would you show it to your children who drive, or will be driving soon?

Did it make you stop and think about texting while driving?

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Aug 29 @ 7:54AM  
Well, God forbid we should "upset" a child. GMAFB. A two year old doesn't know that a stove is hot, so you teach it not to touch the stove because it is HOT. If he does touch the stove while it's hot, despite your warnings not to do so, what does he do? he gets BURNED, right? He finds out you were right, and he's not likely to do it again, any time soon.

And the video being shocking or startling? Ha! That video is almost laughingly MILD compared to the stuff most teens have already seen on TV and in the movies.

Now, IMO, if someone is so STOOPID they haven't learned the "play with fire; you get burned" life's lesson by the time they're a pre-teen, then they have no business being behind the wheel in the first place. If COMMON SENSE does not tell them that "Duhh, gee, I wonder what will happen if I take my eyes off the road and text my BFF"? then, like the hot stove lesson, I guess the only way they're going to learn not to do it is the "hard way." Of course, unlike the hot stove, they (or some INNOCENT victim of theirs) could likely die in a fiery car crash because of their blatant STUPIDITY.

So on that note, if they're THAT STUPID to not be able to figure out on their own that texting while driving is ... duhhh... DANGEROUS... then, they absolutley should be made to watch the video!

"This is your brain while driving." (la la la)

"This is your brain while texting while driving." (O Mi Gawd! Did you see that awful dress she was wearing?")

"This is your brain going through the windshield because you were texting while driving." (SCREEEEEECH! CRASH! BANG! BOOM!)

Any questions?


Aug 29 @ 8:59AM  
Yes, I think it should be shown. If I had a child that was of driving age right now, I'd want them to see it. So many kids today, are spoiled and don't have any common sense, as stated earlier. It is our jobs as parents to teach them the things that could go wrong, with certain behaviours. Wasn't there a program or some such thing called "Scared Straight"? Same principle, right?

Aug 29 @ 9:45AM  
Anyone who thinks it's too graphic, make them watch the old drivers ed video "Blood on the Highway." That was made from real accidents. There's a discussion going on another board I hang at, and one of the main points is that since it's "faked," it might not be taken seriously enough. And I am sure enough "kids" have already seen the Rob Zombie movie "Halloween" and still more are seeing his latest (or anything similar ) that hollywood graphic content isn't going to scar them for life.

But since the number of near accidents I have personally been almost involved in in the past year was ALWAYS from someone who was either talking or texting, I say show it. Hourly.

Aug 29 @ 10:09AM  
I would rather they see it on a video than be texting while driving and see it in real life............

You know the parents that are complaining about this being to graphic are the same ones that probably are watching movies that would scare the bejesus out of someone and not worry if their children see that.

as for me..............I would have to pull over to text 'K...........I'm too slow at it and would be all over the road...............besides............if its going to be a conversation I would rather just talk on the phone...........

Aug 29 @ 11:56AM  
As of Midnight, August 28th, 2009, a new law went into effect in the state of Missouri that makes it illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to be texting while driving, with a fine of up to $200 for the first offense and as it's to be considered a moving violation, there will also be points assessed against your license. Get too many points in an 18 mo period for any moving violations and you lose your license.
Personally I think they screwed up, I think it should be ALL people of any age texting while driving. Like Dayna, I'm too damn slow at it (damn Razr...have to scroll through the keys to type!) Then there's the whole issue of reading glasses to see the screen! I text from home, or a parked location only. I do like to talk on my cell while driving (Dayna can attest to this too, we've had some loooong talks while I'm on the road to KC!) but I use my bluetooth headset, with voice dial activated. I'm not taking my hands off the wheel or my eyes off the road or my surroundings while I'm talking! I find it far less distracting that driving around my son and and a carload of his friends as teenagers for years! I'm really hoping that they'll amend the law on the next session to cover everyone!

Aug 29 @ 12:06PM  
There are already hundreds of laws, on the books, that may be used to actually crack down and virtually STOP texting/talking/anything elseing while driving.

The problem is getting police officers to actually enforce them. You can do anything you want while driving,these days, and as long as they see your strap across your shoulder, and you aren't going more than 5 mph over the limit, you aren't going to get stopped.

Yes, it should be shown, and be made mandatory. JMHO


Aug 29 @ 12:08PM  
just watched that video with my 18 yr old daughter and she said, This is why I don't text while I'm driving! I'm so glad I have responsible children.

And yes I think it should be shown to all new teenage drivers...would make them stop and think a little before txting next time.

Aug 29 @ 12:08PM  
Not only should it be shown to school kids, it should be aired for every driver who has to go in and renew a license or get their tags. It should be required. I was almost run down last year by a texting driver.. I was in the crosswalk.. with the light.. she ran a red light, nearly got me.. and did get the car coming across legally.

Aug 29 @ 12:14PM  
I will admit that I did not click on the link. However, I think a very strong message that a parent can effectively send to their kids is to have their kids go on the Net and visit

It is a site that lists links to the news stories on my space members that have died. It also has links to the my space page of the deceased. It is very compelling and most of the deceased are young people. There are a lot car wrecks, ODs, suicides, and murders.

Not to be submitting a bad pun, but reading the news stories and then visiting the dead person's my space page really brings the message to life as it sinks in that this person was real. I feel that it will drive home many messages holistically to young people as, in a sense, the dead are indirectly speaking to them about their mistakes in many cases.

Aug 29 @ 1:15PM  
I dont like the media because the allmity buck is more important than the real news.
But those parent are the same kind of people we have in goverment that would hide the things in the world from us not because its graffic, it's controling. these people. I dislike more.
What do they say egnerance is bliss.
[B]BULL. And you know the rest.

Aug 29 @ 2:17PM  
Hell yeah it should be shown. Remember the drug commercials back in the day with the egg?? This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. You know?? It'll make them think twice or I at least would hope for that.

Aug 29 @ 3:00PM  
Yes this should be shown, although most people are gonna think that it won't happen to them.

Thats a problem I never have to worry as I don't drive and have never texted in my life. And please don't try to get me to, I don't want to either.

Aug 29 @ 4:58PM  
Yes, I think it should be shown. I have a daughter that text while she's driving and I've told her and told her to stop. Maybe if she sees this she will stop or think about it more. I even sent her this link in her email. Who knows maybe this will be the thing that makes her stop.

Aug 29 @ 7:04PM  
My daughter and me watched this video a few day's ago. She don't drive yet but that day will come soon. I can't hardly talk and drive much less text. I don't like to text message anyway. I would rather talk on the phone.

They should show it..It is a part of the real life.

Aug 29 @ 7:30PM  
Yes, it should be shown. Like DKW...I too saw "Blood on the Highway" when I took driver's ed. Kids should see what the results can be if they are not responsible while behind the wheel. Real life isn't why should this be any different?

Aug 29 @ 10:38PM  
Interestingly enough the high school where I live does a "live" version of this video for all seniors. Of course I think they should do it at 10th grade not 12th grade. I still remember when I watched it my senior year. Many of the kids in our class volunteered to be the kids in the wrecked vehicles to assimulate what happens when you drink and drive.

It differently has the same effect for texting. It's so serious. And YES I think they should play it. It's hard to ignore what you see with your own eyes.

Aug 29 @ 11:06PM  
I believe I saw that ad on tv (when Fox news was talking about it) that you're referring to with the link.

I think it's a good ad

Aug 29 @ 11:31PM  
Remember the drug commercials back in the day with the egg?? This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs.

Yeah, I remember that. I recall seeing it after smoking some killer weed and having the munchies. I went into the kitchen and fixed some steak and eggs. So much much for stimulus/response.

Sep 9 @ 4:53PM  
I was going to say the same thing as dkw...i remember that one in driver's ed..heck yes my kids should watch this...yes it is graphic, but so is death. Most of the time it takes a scene like that to really get a point across, reading it out of a book is not the same

Sep 9 @ 5:06PM  
Yes, I firmly believe that it should be shown. I shake my head in disbelief every time I see people on their cellphone while driving let alone texting. What is so important that cannot wait for God's sake?!?!?!

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Your Opinion... Should They Show It?