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Speaking of tender feelers...

posted 8/28/2009 1:08:44 PM |
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tagged: rant

I haven't really been around much lately. One of the reasons is because it seems like quite a few people just are too damn touchy about stuff and the other reason is because people are always bitching about blogs being reruns or boring or stale or just plain fucking bitching about something but yet I always hear, "blog about what you want". Yeah right....they forgot to add the fact that there will be consequences.

Hey people...lighten up. If something is a joke, a long-winded response about the "seriousness" of it will get you nowhere and make you look like an asshole.

And then a lot of you wonder where so and so went and what happened to all the "good blogs". Hmmm....seems to me they up and left because they got tired of listening to all the bitching and complaining and the "debates" that people just LOVE to have on here.

Go fucking get laid already so we don't have to listen to your whining anymore! Please...just do us all that favor. And life isn't always so damn serious....lighten the fuck up would ya?


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Aug 28 @ 1:16PM  
AfuckinMen and HallefuckinLujah!!!!

Aug 28 @ 1:25PM  
Sounds damn good to me. Live and let live.

Aug 28 @ 1:37PM  
Well because this is a rant I will do part 1 of this response in all seriousness...........where have all the good blogs gone? they are a lot of them here........but people are nervous about what to write...........because someone is gong to take it personal............and some people think that the blogs are just here for their own personal entertainment...........there can be fun here...........but as you said people have to lighten up............some people just aren't adult enough to skip the ones they don't want to read and go on to truth if a person doesn't like the caliber of blogs.......they need to write one more entertaining..........and I do miss some of the old timers that use to write here..............but life goes on and moves on............I have seen new people get cut to threads over the littlest of things........makes a person not only not want to write but not participate too much............ As for touchy..........I try to ignore the ones the irritate me (TRY being the key word) I didn't do so well the other day when FunnyWhapper called our Marines murderers...........but I won't apologize for what I said either...........we all have our enough shit button and sometimes it gets pressed once too many times.

Part 2 of my response...........Sweetie just cause it says ADULT doesn't mean it is adult..........but i am sad to know the reason why you haven't been around much...........but damn Girlfriend I was just hoping you were getting laid and thats why you hadn't been............... so people don't like to have rerun blogs or rerun jokes............what say we have a rerun day.........or a couple rerun days..........OH YEA thats right ..........the whiney section doesn't like that............I say Diapers and Midol all around for those who whine about the blogs.....

I hope you can ignore those who irritate you're an asset to this site.........and even in a rant I like reading your blogs...........

I just don't know what they expect from a FREE site.............


Aug 28 @ 1:40PM  
Nothin' like a good bitchin' about bitchin' blog!

Aug 28 @ 1:46PM  
you're an asset to this site

I agree with that statement.

Aug 28 @ 2:29PM  
Glad to see yah

I haven't posted for a while maybe I should post a rerun?

Aug 28 @ 2:59PM  
The bitching isn't just on this site, it is all over the net anywhere that lets people post opinions on anything. There are always a few who like to stir up shit and those who take things too much to heart. Maybe too many people with too much time on their hands?

I had rather read old jokes rather than watch people becoming old jokes. Glad to see you back and you make a very valid point.

Aug 28 @ 3:03PM  
I had rather read old jokes rather than watch people becoming old jokes.


I was gonna make a sarcastic comment about new people becoming old jokes (posting politics again and again and again *cough* *cough*), but....well....I''ll just be good *puts halo back on head*

Aug 28 @ 3:08PM  
Hey Girly!!!
I did Miss those Lips!

Aug 28 @ 3:52PM  
Consequences? No.. not so much.. if something pisses you off on your own blog? BLOCK AND DELETE!

Aug 28 @ 4:40PM  
Umm I'm sorry. Is this what they call PMS. Maybe this isn't a good time but Ya wanna fuck. Yeah I've missed ya. So What!!! Good to see ya back sweetie.

Aug 28 @ 5:00PM  
[/QUOTE]There are always a few who like to stir up shit[QUOTE]

Yep, I'm experiencing that right now on my Carlinisms blog of a day ago..
Another blog po-lice who thinks ayone gives a shit !

Aug 28 @ 5:18PM  
You're so sexy when ya rant....

Aug 28 @ 6:59PM  
I just don't know what they expect from a FREE site.............

Well... that's pretty much it right there- it is a free site so, we can expect pretty much anything where blogging is concerned! Personally, Some blogs I'll read, some I won't- not necessarily because I don't want to but I might simply be tired or maybe I'm not interested it what the subject is... that's the reason for the Subject box! I might also skip a blog and come back to it later, read it and comment... or not! I have no set pattern! I'm not always serious, I'm not always clowning around either! For me anyway, if I can give some information that even one person has use for or if I can make only one person laugh a little- than I don't consider it a wasted effort!



Aug 28 @ 7:07PM  
I don't bitch. I'm too lovable to be bitchy.

Aug 28 @ 7:43PM  
Well I'm a bitch and proud of it, course thats a t work, here I tend to just not say anything

Aug 28 @ 7:48PM  
free your mind and your ass will follow - dr clinton said once. I follow my intuition and that works for me. love YOUR statement too. dada right.

Aug 29 @ 4:25AM  
Welcome back....

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Speaking of tender feelers...