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When is a so-called drug... truly, legally a drug?

posted 8/27/2009 10:11:24 PM |
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DarkKnightWalking's blog:

In this day of tender feelers, politically correctness etc etc etc...

reminded me of some thoughts I've had on when a drug is truly a drug!

The words "pot" and 'drug' were mentioned in his blog! I could be wrong in my interpretation but in my opinion, painting a substance in its free state [unprocessed] as a 'drug' with a broad brush, is purely a convenience for the authorities to classify it as an illegal substance, to receive funds to fight the war on 'drugs'.

Scientists for pharmaceutical companies comb the world, in the oceans, jungles etc. looking for all kinds of species of plants, marine life, microscopic organisms, secretions from living organisms, making purer substances in space, that may provide new drugs, creating new compounds, all for the sake of developing new drugs to fight diseases!

Seems to me, a 'drug' is a purified compound that shows promise as a new medicine! It can only be purified and/or synthesized by scientists in a laboratory and then mass produced! A compound source [plant, animal etc.] can't isolate a particular compound and purify it itself in its natural state, in the source it comes from! This is why I say THC in pot for example, can't correctly be called a drug in its natural state and should be declassified as a drug!

I could say the same for opiates too, as it comes from a processed sap from the opium poppy plant!

So, the Subject question of my blog- is my question! What do you think?

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Aug 27 @ 10:22PM  
And what they do not tell you in that selfsame search for that many are some sort of hallucinogenic or otherwise would be titled "dangerous abused type" from other cultures around the world that get used for "medicinal" purposes....

Good food for thought blog.

Aug 27 @ 10:26PM  
What I want to know is where can I buy drugs J/K

I think they should make pot legal. I don't smoke it. I did when I was young

But it does help for pain. I have a lot of back problem's and leg prolems and one day(about 6 months ago) I took two hits off a joint and it helped with the pain. It was not enough to make me high just to make the pain go away. That would be safer than Oxy's, Perc's, Lortab, you get the picture. I have tried all kind's of pain meds and right now I am on a low dosage of one of the above. Not the pot.
I do not abuse it, I don't snort it, I don't shove it through a needle. I take it as prescribed.
That is a blog I could write. On drug abuse and why the people who need it can't get it because of the abuse. Especially in my area.

Aug 28 @ 12:35AM  
Pot would have to be safer than the pain meds the doctors give me. I could start a pharmacy with all the pills that I did not take.

Aug 28 @ 6:19AM  
I agree with Rod. This is good food for thought

Aug 28 @ 12:34PM  
What do I think?

I think that if I want to smoke some fuckin weed that it's my damn business!!! Far as I can tell, weed is safer than alcohol and I've never heard of anyone getting killed by a pot smoker behind the wheel.

Pot should be legalized. It would cut down on crime and the government would make a ton of money if they legalized it (and it would help pay off our deficit *gasp*), but you know....that would make too much damn sense for them to do. Either or not...I'm fuckin smoking it and if they or anyone else don't like it, they can kiss my ass!

Aug 28 @ 12:48PM  
Personally, I think people should use some common sense when ingesting ANY drug of ANY kind, for ANY reason. As far as I know, for example, there isn't one drug on the market (or off, for that matter) that doesn't have the potential for at least one adverse effect, and in lots of cases, many of them. Oftentimes the side effects of drugs far outweigh any benefits. I've done my share of "recreational' drugs in my day (not in a very long time, mind you) and I can say without hesitation that I much prefer feeling NORMAL and healthy, not fucked up and out of touch with reality. Most I'll take these days is ibuprofen for pain and won't deviate from that unless or until I'm in so much pain I'm forced to take narcotics. I mean, personally, what someone else does to destroy their body and their mind, I truly don't on, dudes! but don't do it with any false sense of security or in state of denial. Drugs whatever form, are not "good" for you...they are literally poison. (A physician told me that, and it makes perfect sense). Remember, whatever benefit you may get out of them, there's always a counteractive detriment. So roll the dice and take your chances, is all I can say. I got to a point in my life that I no longer was willing to take those kinds of chances with my health.

Aug 28 @ 2:46PM  
Wait a sec here....drugs are bad?!?!?! They are good for your health? But...but...but...

And to think all this time I thought they were good for you. Who knew I would learn something such as that on AMD

Aug 28 @ 2:48PM  
They are good for your health?

That should be "aren't" good. Dammit....see...the drugs are making me misspell!!!

Aug 28 @ 4:20PM  
I would rather use a natural plant for medicine than some unknow crap a guy whipped up in a lab anyday

Aug 28 @ 5:27PM  
Well, dumbchick, when one reads such statements as, "I don't give a fuck what anybody says, I'm smoking it anyway," one could reach the conclusion that drugs aren't good for one's's mental health, if nothing else.

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When is a so-called drug... truly, legally a drug?