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"Dear Prudence, won't you come out and play?"

posted 8/25/2009 3:54:34 AM |
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I broke my cell phone today. Well, I didn't really break it, it was already broken. I just kind of filled it with holes with the bb gun rifle we have around here. Let me tell you what, there is nothing quite like filling a failed mechanical device with holes. Yep, it was fun.
There's a contrasting image for you, a tree hugging wiccan holding a gun. I call it contrasting because, according to rumor anyways, we wiccans are all supposed to be completely pacifistic and entirely unwilling to bring harm to anyone for any reason what - so - ever. The idea stems from one of the most important rules in Wicca; An it harm none, do as thou will. Thankfully, the Goddess archytype I follow as my patron Goddess is a battle Goddess. Those of us in Wicca who "seek the grail" in wicca understand that "An it harm none" means do not SEEK to bring harm.
I feel that now THAT is off of my chest, I can explain that the symbology of a wiccan holding a gun runs deeper then the semantics that can be argued over the wiccan rede. Wiccans revere life. That's part of what makes us who we are. The gun (even though it was merely a bb rifle) can be viewed as representing death. It seems to me that death is a constant companion to us all most of the time. NOT in the terrible, tragic sense of the ending of this life, but in the sense of "death" as a change of our circumstances. What I mean by this is the removal of what is old, and its inevitable replacement by that which is new. Consider this; either you get married, or you and your partner decide to become so inseperable that you might as well be married. Can you act like a single person? Most of the time, no. Consider divorce, and in either case consider the fact that you can bid your former life a fond adeu. In the case of divorce or breaking up, you are ridding yourself of that which is no longer working. My cell phone... My poor cell phone's case was cracked when I accidentally dropped it on the floor of the bus. It worked well for a few months afterwards untill it literally fell apart in the hands of my friend. A good thing that I thought could work out for some time had simply stopped working for me. My cell phone had turned in to an over glorified paper weight that had buttons that would light up a little bit. If anything other then an actual paper weight in your life turns in to an over glorified paper weight, then maybe it's time to consider clearing it out a bit, in essence, to go through that metaphorical death to make room for what will be your new life. I realize that this concept can also apply to emotions, well, the examples of marriage and divorce are evidence of this. It didn't really sink in though untill I got home today from activating my new phone (and dispensing of my old one). As a strange coincidence, I happened to clean my closet out yesterday. My closet was previously dominated by the belongings of a young lady and her child, both people I love dearly. For the LONGEST time, I was IN love with the young lady. Even though I had wanted it to the point of breaking myself, nothing serious had developed other then the occasional moment of passion or cuddling. I think that the "case" of our romance had been cracked on the floor and even though I did not want to accept it, It was only a matter of time before our romantic feelings had completely fallen apart. Let me say this; the young lady in question never became a paper weight for me. My FEELINGS for the young lady became my paper weight. She stayed with me for a time and moved out but she left a lot of her stuff here, and for a time she left me with the hope that she would return. She hasn't, so I've moved her things to the garage.
I cleaned out my closet... I shot my old phone... I reclaimed my room, my space... I got a new phone... It feels good to breathe free air again, and because of the death of my old life, my new life can begin. I dedicate my new life to the God and the Goddess, to living, to loving, to merriment, to helping my fellow human beings, and if necessary I will lay down my life in the name of these ideals. Much love to all! Perhaps reading this will help you figure some things out about your own life. After all, we all have our own broken cell phones to deal with...
Think about it...

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Aug 25 @ 10:05AM  
I know very little about Wiccans. However, I understand the importance of clearing the debris in ones life of useless items and letting negative relationships move beyond our realm. Insisting upon clinging to such things isn't healthy and can bring about death to our spirits. It suffocates us which prevents us from being free to do the good work are intended to do.

Everyone can benefit from "lightening the load" or jetisoning excess baggage whether it's material items or harmful thinking. The air on AMD has become heavy with negativity recently... it's time to open the windows, let the fresh air in and lighten our spirits with positive feelings and ideas.

Thanks for a meaningful post. I appreciate your way of expression.

Aug 25 @ 11:22AM  
We all need to clean house every once in a while. Thank you for a very well written post. Some people never do learn how to move on with their lives after changes in their situation even though that is the healthy thing to do. Happy to see that you have.

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"Dear Prudence, won't you come out and play?"