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I don't want to let go

posted 8/21/2009 7:31:32 PM |
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I know this is going to be kind of a repeat of what I posted in another blog.

My daughter and I went to her High School last night for orientation. After that she found a couple of friend's and they compared their schedule's to see who had who in each classes ect. I stood by the wall and watched her. She is growing up into a beautiful young lady. While I stood there I thought of the day I gave birth to her. The first time I held her..going down memory lane and then the tears started

I had to walk away to look at something so people wouldn't see me. I went looking for her and she was having some fun with her friend's. I told her I was going to the car and would wait for her.

I sat in my car and cried some more. She is only going to High School not moving out. OMG what am I going to do when that day comes

I told her on the way home to get involved in school stuff. She don't play sports. There are other thing's to get involved in. I told her the last 4 year's go by fast.

I am going to be a basket case on Monday morning when she goes off to her first year of high school.

For the past 3 year's she has gotten herself up for school. She takes the bus. Last year she had perfect attendence.

She has 3 college prep classes. I told her to wait until her sopmore year to take college prep classes. She passed the test's that she had to take to get into these classes.

I was wondering if I am the only one who is having issue's with a child going to High School?

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Aug 21 @ 7:50PM  
I know it is tough but you have to let them grow up and let them go on their own someday. It was tough watching my youngest son leaving for the Army. He was the last to be out on his own. But remember the more we try to hold on the more they are going to pull away from us. High School is one of the last steps on their way to adulthood. Just make sure she does not see you are a basket case, this should be a happy time for her, not worrying about mom having issues with her becoming a young adult.

Aug 21 @ 8:07PM  
She has 3 college prep classes. I told her to wait until her sopmore year to take college prep classes.
My mom told me the same thing, but I already knew that if I didn't begin college prep classes in my freshman year I would not be able to graduate with a diploma from the college prep program.

It was my ticket out of a small town, but it was not what my mom wanted for me. It caused some serious issues between us for several years. I couldn't understand why she didn't support me. Please be careful about this... she needs you, your love and support to succeed. If you don't it will be more difficult for her and it may have a negative impact upon your relationship.

Aug 21 @ 8:11PM  
Life begins at three points: you exit the womb, you get your drivers license, and the last kid leaves the house. You just don't see it now.

Aug 21 @ 8:19PM  
separation anxiety. my mom flipped out, when i left for college, moved
out on my own, got married many times, moved in and out, and back
and forth. she went absolutely stark raving insane. she was a primary
grades teacher. she taught school so long, she thinks everyone is
really 8 yrs. old or less. she talks to everyone like they are kindergarteners.
is it time to go the sandbox, play hopscotch, jump rope, play with blocks.
do fingerpainting. if i had gone in the us army, she would have gone with me,
to make sure i didn' get hurt. i have to use major psychology to evade
her avoid her, and make sure she doesn't blow up the world. she and her
husband have been married sixty years, and to top it all off, she's not
my biological mother. i have to watch out for her, she get's incestuously sick
sometimes. smother with love. she's the size of godzilla and breathes
fire too. she's been in panic politics since 1960, official member of the mafiosa
since before that, she's adopted herself, then like a wacky w.a.v.e. she
found her birth family, who are obscenely wealthy and mini famous. its funny.
and calabrian and english and australian. its a panic. i live with her and
her husband because its real exciting. living with insane people is fun.
i take good care of them in their 80's. pa was a schoolteacher too.
he thinks everyone is 12 yrs. old. a sixth grade teacher. its occupational
hazards. crazed world war two veteran. talking about family is funny.
and you thought your family was krazy????lolol. she has managed
to break up every relationship(marriage) i've had, fuck up my entire
life on purpose time and time again. vindictive. called the police
on me many times. threatens it almost every day. a lotta orphans
out there too, in interfaith orphanages. what do kids need parents for?
money, money, money and more money. a parents function in life.
make money. and then there are taxes. not just the irs, all the other
ones too. hope you can keep funding your kids educations. and lives.
otherwise, it don't look good. women have all the jobs now, or computers

Aug 21 @ 8:24PM  
Count your blessings! You raised a GREAT young lady! She is not on drugs or pregnant. You should have tears of pride. You did more then enough.

Aug 21 @ 8:32PM  
Thanks for your comment's..

The one thing I have told her time and time again was to get good grades, go to college and do something with your life.
She think's that being a waitress would be a fun job. I said I have done it for 30 something year's and it is not fun. It is hard, back breaking work. It may be fine while you still in school but when you are done get a better paying job. If there are any when she get's to that point.

She has been independent since she was 2 year's old. She knew what she wanted to wear and didn't want to wear. I let her make her own choice's. I didn't want her to do the goth stage but I let her and she outgrew it quick.

I have told her to wait to have sex, wait to get married, wait to have kids. I said enjoy life for a while.

Aug 21 @ 9:47PM  
Not yet, but I dread the day!!!

Aug 21 @ 10:46PM  
The greatest gift you can give to her is not only the wings with which to fly, but the ground in which to land. She still needs you, mom, she always will. I know it's hard.. my oldest is getting married next year.. that's amazing.. the year before last she took off and went to Alaska for a summer job.. that was miserable!! I missed her before she was gone.

But .. the most important thing is.. you know you have done the very best job with her that you are able to do. She will always need her mommy. No matter how big she gets.

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I don't want to let go