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Are cops tazer happy?

posted 8/19/2009 12:14:51 PM |
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Don't know about everyone else here, but it seems there are a few stories reported over the years about cops and tazers.

Not too long ago here in Michigan, Bay City to be exact, a 15 year old kid died after he was tazed by the police. Then of course there is the famous "don't taze me bro" college student from a few years back. (I personally think he brought that one on himself by defying the request to leave before he gets tazed), and today, while watching "Kelly's Court" on Fox's Americas Newsroom, they were talking about a case where a 38 yr old mother is suing the police department because she was tazed during a traffic stop. In the video, she doesn't appear to be acting defiant or stupid...she steps out, then she gets back in the van. The officer then yanks her out of the van...and then tazes her. Throughout it all, it doesn't appear she is fighting with the officer.

I don't know, it just seems to me that sometimes the cops are a little too quick to go for the tazer. What do you think?

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Aug 19 @ 12:25PM  
Slipping you a green thing a ma jig.

Yes, I think that there are some cops that are overzealous and too quick to use it. But on the other hand, we only hear in the news about bad outcomes or a tazer being used in ridiculous cases involving poor judgment by officers.

I am not going to research it, but I would be very interested in discovering how often they are used and how often the use is justified or represents an abuse of power. To me, it is similar to justifying high speed chases in that there is a time and place for everything.

Aug 19 @ 12:34PM  

I like WoW think that there are some that are, and others not.

Aug 19 @ 12:35PM  

" Oh " And a kudo for those nice legs.

Aug 19 @ 1:21PM  
I'm sure there are a few cases to where some police officers used the tazers to where it wasn't warranted, but I believe in most cases its warranted.

Aug 19 @ 2:08PM  
I think some of them use poor judgment in a lot of things they do. Tasers, high speed chases through residental neighborhoods, kicking down doors of the wrong house just to name a few. There are always a few hotheads who give the whole department a bad name.

Aug 19 @ 3:09PM  
University Of Florida Student-"Don't Tase Me Bro!!" This is a good example of taser happy. He wasn't fighting when it happened & he was being held by 3 or more people.

Aug 19 @ 5:01PM  
They over do it when someone is handcuffed & held by three officers. To me that's no different than taking a cheap shot in a brawl as in the clip Sunshine presented.

Aug 19 @ 6:27PM  
Just to play devils advocate here for a we really know what is going on in any given situation? We all know that the media will show only the most sensational aspects of a story. I know from first hand, what a police officer has told me, that what we see isn't the whole truth. We can't judge a situation until we are actually there.

I will agree that there are some officers that are "tazer" happy. In Atlanta, they haven't been issued tazers. And yes, there are a few officers in departments all over the US that give the good officers a bad name. We can't paint them all with a broad brush. Would you want someone to do that to you? JMHO

Aug 19 @ 6:47PM  
They can't get by with shooting a handcuffed person but they can zap him..
That just ain't right

Aug 19 @ 9:17PM  
I am going to have to come down on the side of the police on this one. I live in Phoenix, Arizona. We have a terrible problem with illegal aliens many are harden criminals and murderers. Recently, one was arrested after shooting an elderly woman at a bus stop for her purse! The police had him in handcuff in the back of a police car. This guy maneuvered himself and got his hands from behind his back to his front and began kicking out the windows of the police car. The officers drug him out of the car to secure him more.He was kicking and even got his cuffed hands around the neck of an officer. Luckily the office got loose from this guy and still kicking and fighting the officer the tazed him. A TV camera crew caught it on tape. To me it was justified no matter that he was cuffed. I am sure the police over step at times, but as Girl Country said, we are not on the scene. We do not know the full extent of the situation. In my opinion I think anytime a criminal fights back against the police, handcuffed or not tazzing them is far preferable to shooting them. Not that I am against shooting ones who are armed and shooting back. I have no sympathy for criminals. They made a choice and they should realize the consequences they might encounter.

Aug 19 @ 9:42PM  
Girlcountry and Itsasecret both bring up a good point in that we can't judge all cops by the actions of a few bad ones. Also, I totally agree with Secret that there are times when that tazer is absolutely necessary.

A friend of mine has a brother who is on the police force in the township I live in. And seeing these reports on the news just got me to thinking if maybe a few might be a little too eager to grab the tazer. My friends brother has said there is one on the force that is a little too quick to reach for his tazer...he hasn't used it, but he's always got his hand hovering over it anytime he has to talk to a person, or when pulling someone over etc, and it worries him that this guy might taze someone when he shouldn't.

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Aug 20 @ 9:37AM  
Ah for the good old days when the cops could shoot a perp down and then plant a gun on him.

I think it's human nature, anytime we introduce a less lethal option it's going to get used more. Those using it are willing to risk an unnecessary deployment because it's not likely to seriously injure the other person and saves the cops from getting hurt themselves or rolling around in the dirt.

Someday they'll develop an aerosol spray that encapsulates offenders in a thick spongy jelly incapacitating them and someone will complain about police being sponge happy.

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Are cops tazer happy?