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Sexual predators!

posted 8/19/2009 12:26:57 AM |
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********My last blog tonight******** For those of you who believe in having hate crime laws in the books, do you believe that sexual predators have the right to be protected under these same hate crime laws?

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Aug 19 @ 12:30AM  
Very touchy subject for me as my niece is a victim of a child predator....and I really wish the s.o.b never, EVER, gets out of prison.

Do I believe they have any rights? Hell no!!!!!


Aug 19 @ 12:33AM  
They have the right to remain silent....


Aug 19 @ 2:22AM  

They have the right to a life sentence or death.

Aug 19 @ 3:19AM  
Tricky question because where do you draw the line between who is and is not protected by this law? I grew up in the south where lynchings and cross burnings were still going on. People were pulled out of their homes and beat or worse because they were accused of something by someone before they even went to trial or arrested for the crime. Do I want them to ever get out of jail? hell no. But I don't want to see the country turn back time to those days either. Those laws are in place for a reason. These people are the scum of the earth in my opinion but they are protected under the same laws as the rest of us. If you start making exceptions to who is protected, where does it stop? I know that it does not feel right for these people to have rights, but do you really want the ball to start rolling in the direction of taking rights away? Who knows where and if that ball would stop.

Aug 19 @ 4:11AM  
Everyone should be protected until proven guilty. After that feed them to the wolves,sharks,lions,hyenas,cheetahs,leopards, & so on !!!

Aug 19 @ 6:15AM  
That's a toughie, Shawn...
And I know this is hypocritical of me, because if someone sexually offended my grandchildren, or a child I was close to, I would definitely be spending the rest of my life in prison... but I also agree with what shewolf said.

But also, as has been brought up in here before, we need to clarify that they are an actual sexual predator.

Aug 19 @ 8:02AM  
Of course not.

Aug 19 @ 9:26AM  
We have a legal system the alleged sexual predator must go through first! But if they are found guilty, then they must suffer the maximum consequences for their actions, as far as I'm concerned!


Aug 19 @ 9:36AM  
I should have added that, if found guilty then all options list above for punishment would be viable! Mt punishment would be to incarcerate the guilty in with the general prison population! They'll make quick work of the inmate, especially if it's a child they molested!


Aug 19 @ 11:22AM  
I believe sexual predators have every right to be protected under hate crime laws just like everyone else does. Now, the fact that they break the law and violate the rights of someone who also has the right to be protected under laws means that what they have done and taken away from someone else means that the same can happen to them and they can't say shit about it. You wanna take away someone else's right to feel safe and then cry about it when you no longer feel safe yourself because of what you've done...well too fuckin bad! Don't break the law and you won't have to face the consequences. In reality I think that sexual predators should be left in prison for the rest of their days and treated the way sexual predators are treated in prison.

Aug 19 @ 4:57PM  
Define Sexual Predator? I know people who have been labeled for life as a sexual predator when all they did was fall in love with a girl who was two years younger.

However, pedophiles and rapists should be treated to a dose of (insert caustic substance here) in their assholes and then left .. what was that? dick down on an ant hill?

Aug 19 @ 10:06PM  
if they are found guilty it should an automatic life sentence with no parole and no protective custody.throw their sorry ass in with general population and if they happen to have an accident and get bludgeoned to death like that guy did with jeffery damer then thats something they shojuld have thought of before.i wouldnt consider that a hate crime

Aug 23 @ 4:48AM  
This topic hits very close to home, as my family had to endure a year of pure hell when my son was abused by a friend of the family. For all the crap we went through, my first response to this blog was there is no way this group deserves to be protected under any law.

With that being said, Shewolf makes a very good argument. If we start making exceptions, where do we stop? And who decides when an exception needs to be made? I sure as hell wouldn't want to be the one with this burden.

Sep 10 @ 1:56AM  
If so many people weren't exonerated from Death Row, I would be so for the death penalty, even for first time offenders. But there has been even cases were forensics has failed. Of course, I wouldn't want sex offenders that got pissing in public executed though. But the rapists and pedos would be put to death. And now to answer your question: No, people should be rewarded for doing hate crimes against the rapists and pedos. I think they should castrate them and not allow any chance of them breeding though. Eugenics at it's best.

Sep 10 @ 9:59PM  
Your question would indicate that you're a bit misinformed as to the nature of hate crime laws. Hate crime laws are not written in a way that remotely includes sexual predators.

The FBI defines hate crime as "a criminal offense committed against a person, property or society which is motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender's bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin."

A sexual predator is a person who commits sex crimes against his victims. That doesn't fall under any of the categories shown about.

And I'm sure you realize the term "sexual orientation" does not include the characteristic of victimizing others sexually. It refers only to the gender a person is attracted to.

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Sep 11 @ 5:59PM  
Your question would indicate that you're a bit misinformed as to the nature of hate crime laws
I'm not misinformed at all with any of the laws.

Hate crime laws are not written in a way that remotely includes sexual predators.
Yes, I know, that's why I asked the question in this blog regarding this. People who do retaliate and seek revenge against sexual predators in a sense are commiting a crime, and even though the hate crime laws don't protect these groups from society, my question is what is it. A lot of people tend to be for hate crime laws, but yet there are an awful lot of hate associated with seeking revenge against a sexual predator. I was making a point from an earlier blog I posted prior to this.

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Sexual predators!