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Would breastfeeding bother you while you ate?

posted 8/18/2009 11:19:49 PM |
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tagged: breasts, women, eat, straddle

Would it bother you if a woman was breastfeeding her baby in a restuarant while you were sitting nearby eating your dinner? I saw this interview with this same woman who did the breastfeeding in a restaurant on Fox and Friends this morning. There are laws in many states that protects a womans right to breastfeed in public. What I would like to know from both men and women here is would this bother you while you were trying to eat nearby? Do you think that there is a time and place for this? Do you find this rude and inconsiderate since there are people around trying to eat?

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Aug 18 @ 11:26PM  
Wouldn't BOTHER me per se, but most women cover themselves and the baby with a cloth or towel. Kind of stupid and rude, IMO, not to do such a simple thing to avoid embarassment/being rude.

Aug 18 @ 11:27PM  
Not if I was the one sucking on the boob

Aug 18 @ 11:58PM  
The time for this is when the baby is hungry, they can't wait like an adult can, they are hungry now. The place is where ever you are when the baby is hungry, if its public fine, if not even better. It is polite to cover somewhat if possible, if its not possible, there maybe extenuating circumstances, tough shit to those that have a problem with it. Would they rather listen to the baby scream because its hungry? That is a rather piercing scream I should tell you. Oh and for the record, I was a mother who breast fed, only a short while, but I did and while I did try to maintaine some modesty, it wasn't always possible.

Aug 18 @ 11:58PM  

Not at all. I have seen it done all the time. It's just a natural part of life, unless you in your own mind turn it into something dirty or disgusting. I would think to see a mother nurturing her child would be a Beautiful sight.

Aug 19 @ 12:02AM  
It would not bother me in the slightest. It is a perfectly natural, beautiful and healthy for both infant and mother. Yes it is an intimate and private time with mother and child, but rude? Not at all. Only to someone who chooses to be offended. The childs nourishment is foremost. The fact that the mother covers herself is twofold. One; for her privacy and two; so she doesn't offend others who consider a child feeding as rude.

Aug 19 @ 12:05AM  
Fuck no. And any man that complains about it is a dick. And probably gay too.....what man doesn't mind a giant, swollen titty being legally whipped out in public?? C'mon.....

Aug 19 @ 12:15AM  
Wouldn't bother me one bit. I don't nose into other people's business. I saw that same story on Fox and Friends this morning too. It wasn't like she tore her shirt off and started a strip tease in the restaurant. She was feeding her baby...hell, she was feeding her baby while she was being interviewed on Fox this morning...Gretchen mentioned it towards the end of the interview.


Aug 19 @ 2:40AM  
Not at all, my daughter had to breastfeed her youngest one time in toys-r-us. We just found a less used part of the store where she was not in front of everyone. Had one employee (a male) ask her why not do it in the restroom to which my daughter replied would he like to eat his lunch in the men's room? If not shut his mouth and leave her alone. He left her alone after that. LOL

Aug 19 @ 3:58AM  
Nope ... Milk is good to have with a meal

Aug 19 @ 5:54AM  
Seems like it's unanimous...

Like Z said , the time and place is when the baby decides he/she is hungry.
Other than staying home at all times, there sometimes is no proper place to feed a baby. And a public bathroom........umm, no thanks.

Most all mothers carry some sort of cloth to drape over her exposed breast and the babys head while nursing.
It's one of the most natural things in the world, and if people get offended, I would wonder why they can't separate something dirty or sexual and a womans God given ability to feed her hungry child.

Aug 19 @ 8:46AM  
You must have seen my wife Straddle. She feeds are baby when and where he is hungry and he always seems to be hungry when we are eating. No one seems to care. If someone does say something I would tell them they can eat somewhere else.

Aug 19 @ 9:18AM  
Only if the milk was spoiled.

Aug 19 @ 9:46AM  
Nope ! would'nt bother me in the's a natural and beautiful thing.

Aug 19 @ 10:48AM  
Why would it bother me? It is perfectly natural. We have some weird hang ups in this country.

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Would breastfeeding bother you while you ate?