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Busy at your desk....

posted 12/15/2006 10:15:15 AM |
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Busy at your desk, you do not at first notice me as I slip noiselessly into your office. Backing up, I close and lock the door behind me, and it is at the "click" that you look up. I raise my hand in a classic "Shhhh" position, and step closer to you. Your eyes travel up and down my body, and your eyebrows rise questioningly at my attire. A raincoat? But it must be 90 degree's outside, and sunny, too, the look you give me seems to say. Silently, I untie the belt, and then slowly unbutton my coat, yet I keep the front closed. Enticingly, I slide first one, then the other shoulder out, the coat cascading down my arms. Revealed: two thin straps, leading down to an ivory lace and shell pink silk teddy. My breasts rise and fall, their lightly tanned crests rising about the plunging neckline, their hard pink nipples pressed firmly against the sheerness of the lace bodice. The raincoat drops to the floor, slipping silently down my legs. I take a few more steps towards you, and you roll backwards in your chair. I slip between your legs and the edge of the desk, and then sit gently, centered in the middle of your desk. A strappy high heel drops to the floor, and one ivory thigh high-encased foot finds its way into your lap, resting gingerly upon the swelling area there. Our eyes meet; our gaze’s lock, and your hands slide up my legs, to the creamy skin exposed at the top of my stocking. After a brief massage, your hunger for me barely controllable, your hands move to the closure of my teddy and unsnap it. A smile plays at the corners of your mouth as your fingers freely explore my warmth and moistfulness. You move closer, your mouth follows the path of your hands, your lips enfolding my outer lips, sucking them into your mouth, tongue running the length of each fold. You linger at the apex, your tongue fluttering across my hardened clit. I grind my hips into your face, smothering you. You lap at each honey drop issued by my box, burying your tongue deep inside of me, I begin fucking your face, muffled moans escaping my lips. My thighs begin quivering, and you replace your tongue with a finger, and your lips move up to my clit. Your hand and mouth move as one, none to gently and I press myself harder against you, my body trembling, rocking on the desk top, as a powerful orgasm overtakes me. My hunny floods your mouth and you lick up every drop your tongue tip flicking my sensitive clit every so often, sending shivers up and down my body. My hands reach for yours, and I stand you up. I unfasten your belt, unbutton and unzip your pants and watch them puddle at your ankles. I grab your underwear and in one quick movement, they join your pants on the floor. Your shoes and socks abruptly follow. I firmly push you back into your chair, staring up at your hardened cock, the tip of my tongue darting out to moisten my lips. I pull your hips closer to me, your bare ass resting on the edge of your seat. As I grasp each cheek firmly, I fall to my knees, in a position now to worship you. My tongue once again darts out, this time easing to touch the tip of your swollen cock head. My moistened lips barely part, then rest upon the crown in a gentle kiss. My eyes flutter open, and I stare up at you. Your gaze is intent upon my mouth, my lips parting as I slowly, inch by inch, take you into the heated recesses of my mouth. Our gaze meets as my lips and nose become buried in your pubes. A breathy, moan escapes your lips as I begin to enthusiastically suck your dick. You throw your head back, and revel in the moment. My mouth eases back, my tongue flickers at the small opening, licking at the drops of pre-cum oozing out. I slowly ease your cock out completely, then kiss and nibble the length of your shaft as you sigh. I stop to lick and suck each of your balls into my hot mouth. The muscles in your thighs spasm under my hands as I move lower still. My warm, moist breath blows across your tight little ass, sending shivers of anticipation up your spine. The first touch of my exploring tongue, pressing that tender area causes you to jerk, and you press tighter against my mouth. I circle your hole repeatedly. My tongue presses more firmly, the tip working its way into your puckered opening. Moistened now, with a mixture of your precum and my saliva, my smallest finger presses gently into your tight asshole. I feel you tense briefly, and then relax. With a sly smile, I slide back up to your pulsating cock, and sink it deeply into my mouth. I suck your phallus with zeal, pressing my tongue hard against your most sensitive spot, as my pinky delicately fucks your ass. My free hand frolics from your thighs, to your balls, across your tummy, finally coming to rest, encircling the base of your cock; my thumb and forefinger pressed firmly against my lips. Your hands are buried in my hair; your hips rise off the chair to meet my face. My little finger continues to invade your ass, my warm palm curves up to hold your tight ball sack. You hiss and moan with the first stream of cum. The months of longing and needing are vocalized in your sighs and gasps, as long streams of cum fill my waiting mouth. I lovingly drink down every bit. My tongue darts out to lap up any stray drops as our eyes meet, once again. Our passion appeased temporarily, we hurriedly dress, and I tug you out of your office, passing co-workers with a knowing wink, and out to a waiting cab. You open your mouth to speak, but the sparkle in my eyes and the hint of a smile on my lips silences you, as we are driven to a nearby hotel. I pay the driver, and we rush into the hotel, boarding the elevator with a few other guests. Standing behind me, your hands on my waist, you pull my back to your chest, and I feel your hard cock nestle between the cheeks of my ass as you chastely kiss my cheek. That same cheek them blushes furiously as one of our fellow passengers gives me a knowing look and a wink as we brush past him upon exiting at our floor. I open the door to my room, and we hurriedly enter, knowing that ecstasy awaits us. Impatiently, you grab me, lifting me into your strong arms and carry me to the bed, laying me down gently, then nearly tearing my coat off. Your eyes ravage me as you strip off your confining clothing. Fully naked, you stand before me proudly, seeing the pleasure of the sight of your body registering in my eyes. Wanting to be near and close to me, you lay down beside me. You lean over and push one strap off of my shoulder, then the second one. My hardened nipples are exposed to the cool air. You reach out to feel their firm, pink warmth. Taking the nearest one in your mouth, you suck and nibble at it teasingly. Not wishing to neglect the other nipple, you reach over and rub and tug at it, rolling it between your warm fingertips. My moans and gasps alert you to my complete surrender. A strong urge to see my naked form washes over you. In your hasteful attempt to slide off my teddy, you rip it slightly. Throwing subtlety to the wind

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Busy at your desk....


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Dec 15 @ 10:17AM tear it off and throw it to the wayside. Your stare envelops me, and I feel like a goddess... a princess even, beneath your gaze. Lowering your naked form atop mine, I feel the electric rush of our bodies’ first real contact. Our chests, stomachs, thighs, our faces buried in each other’s necks, inhaling deeply of each other’s scents. Our hips nestle together. Your cock sliding against the silken lips of my cunt. You feel the heat there, the wetness, the shuddering at the feel of your manhood against it. My thighs wrap around your hips, pulling you closer, urging you to go further, to unify our bodies and souls at last. I gaze into your eyes and see your happiness. You lean your face closer, and our lips meet, our tongues entwine, tasting of each other. Our first kiss. You pull away, and our eyes meet. A full smile anoints your mouth, causing me to break into a big grin. Closer, again, we nuzzle each other's neck, nibble shoulders, and find joy in each other's smell. Then once again, we kiss passionately, the taste of your jizz and my hunny happily comingling on our tongues. The head of your cock presses against my pussy, sliding between the lips, gliding along the length until it touches my fully erect clit. Feeling your eagerness, sharing in it, I lift and tilt my hips to meet your strokes. As you glide back, the head of your dick slides into the hot tightness of my snatch. Slowly, it slides in, the head snugly engulfed. I wrap my legs tightly about you, drawing you deep inside. My warmth squeezes you gently, as we hold each other tenderly. Our souls and hearts entwine. We lay against each other, bathing in the glow of this union. Slowly, you pull out your length, hovering at my entrance, and then thrusting yourself in up to the hilt. We raise my legs to your shoulders, and you plunge your cock in and out of my box mercilessly. We roll over, so that I am now astride you. I ride you with pure abandon, my cunt muscles milking your pulsing shaft. Your hands pull my shoulders down, and my breasts sway above your mouth, pointy nips brushing at your lips. You suck and bite at them as our hips continue to thrust together, my ass cheeks caressing your balls. My neck arches back, my hair teasing your thighs. You pull out, abruptly flipping me over so that I am on my hands and knees. Grabbing my hips, violently, you plunge your shaft deep inside of me; your balls slam into my pussy. My fingers reach between my legs, and I pull and rub at my throbbing clit as you grind your hips into my soft ass cheeks. Your tongue runs up and down my spine as your fingertips play in the crack of my ass, exploring my rosebud. Your balls tighten, and as you begin to cum, you jam a finger abruptly into my ass, plunging me into an inescapable orgasm. You spill your seed deep within my sex. My cunt muscles massage your sensitive yet still stiff shaft. Tingling with pleasure, we roll into each other’s embrace. Our eyes meet, and a wickedly evil grin lights up your face, as you speak the first words uttered by either of us, a question... "By the way, you are the princess, aren't you?" A smile spreads across my face as I nod........

Dec 15 @ 11:01AM  
Soo when are you available for this.?.Damn I need a cold shower and a smoke:)

Dec 15 @ 12:03PM  
busy now? i'm not

Dec 15 @ 12:19PM  
Never to busy for you, Y, c'mere Sugar

Dec 15 @ 12:26PM  
wow I would love for that to be real life I would have spent more time eating you and from cowgirl I would have filped you into doggy for deeper penatration if you ever want to role play let me know

Dec 15 @ 4:46PM have managed to work in your story silk and stockings (I love womens feet). That's a good sexual story!

Dec 17 @ 5:52AM  
Jeeze just jump right and make yourself at home getting attention and all like you been here forever lol.

Well written, you'll get along great here.

Dec 18 @ 5:38PM  
Damn, thats hot! great story!

Dec 19 @ 5:40PM  
nice hot story

Dec 20 @ 5:51PM  
Damn! Well written and descriptive! Makes me whish I was the guy!

Dec 23 @ 4:24PM  
Now that you got me all hard , please get on a plane and fly in to JFK Airport and tell me what flight you will be on so we can now actually do all that and make each other smile with cheer .
Umm , Cuming to New York soon I hope


Dec 27 @ 9:51PM  
smart, intelligent & good writer woman![B]

Dec 30 @ 2:33PM  
2 words...WOW and DAMN!!

Now it's said that men are visual animals, and I can admit it that it's true! As I do get turned on more so by watching a porn movie, or what have you. And it's not often mere words can turn me on like watching people having sex, or me watching a woman and myself in the sex act...

However, every now and then a simple story of ones imagination, or be it a true story like what one might read in the back of a Hustler...LOL

And this happens to be one of those times! I have to admit, and am a little about it. But I don't care...

This was a great story, very hot, sexy, and steamy!

And well, I admit... it got me hard! And being we men are visual animals...I had no problem visualizing I was the man in this story! And I really need a desk job in an office!! LOL

Jan 30 @ 9:47PM  
damn girl awesome story telling I could visualize it to the max

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Busy at your desk....