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posted 12/15/2006 2:44:19 AM |
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tagged: women

I've been curious for a while. Soft, smooth lips. Curious fingers.
And my mind wanders... to taboo places.

I was out with my friend... a guy, my best friend who knows all my thoughts
We talk about all our fantasies. And support each of our experiments..

The restaurant was full... but the ladies room was empty I thought.
A large lockable single...
And then sobbing came from behind the tasteful curtain
hiding the stool

I said sorry... do you want me to leave.

He is such an asshole." she wimpered"
" they can be" I replied

Then she appeared. Red nose running over dimpled cheeks.
Eyes red and swollen and so brown... Beautiful!

Breasts, high, small and firm... nipples alert.
My fingers twitched and my pussy weeped with her.

"why do I even bother with them" she sighed low and breathy.

"Because you can't find an alternative without Batteries?"

" or a woman man enough"

With that I stepped closer,
Till we almost touched nipples.
I had a tissue and wiped her eyes and nose.
Then I leaned in close.... just to see.
And she licked her lips and sighed into my open mouth.

With that, I pulled her full onto my mouth... fingers twined in her hair.
Pulling her breath into me, my tongue teasing her lips open
Diving into that moist opening, showing how I wanted to be in and on her.

We were now pressed hard together.
Breast smashed together, pubis grinding into each other.
She wimpered, and I ran my nails on the outside edge of her
braless breast.
She attempted to turn into it, but I still had her neck, and would not allow it.
Nails scraping over her outer breast... I could feel the nipple tense even harder... stretching out to my breasts.

She tried to rub and move against me.
My hand moved from her neck to her ass.
Pulling her skirt up and securing her firmly in place.
Pussy to pussy... each pulsing and succulent.

I slipped my fingers under her skirt and scaped my nails over her sensitive cheeks.
Down and then grabbing hard and pulling up onto my thigh
the friction pulling my skirt high.
I could feel her lips through her wet thong, riding my nylon clad thigh.
Hot wet and willing.
My hand had dug into and slightly parted her cheeks......
She moaned into my still avid mouth.
panting and rubbing herself against me.

I let go of her neck
She wasn't going anywhere.
And possesed her breast, twisting the nipple and pulling like I wanted to do with my teeth and mouth, sucking.
My thigh was now wet.
I fingered where her lips met my leg... delving under the edge of the thong.
Now bunching over her pulsing clit.

By now her moans were gaining in volume and
I swallowed her moans with my kisses.
And plunged my finger deep into her very wet pussy.
Timing the strokes of my tongue and fingers.
My thumb sliding over her erect clit, tickling
and teasing as she tried to force my
fingers deeper as she rode my thigh.

I grabbed her hair and yanked her head back,
exposing her throat.
I sucked and licked... the side and down into her cleavage.
My tongue sliding beneath the edge of her shirt.

She pulled her shirt aside, offering me her breast.
I clasped the nipple hard, sucking it into my mouth, squeezing in and
holding it still for my attention while inserting a third finger into her.
My thumb then got rougher.... rubbing in time to my sucking.
She was now humping my hand and thigh as hard as she could.
Riding my hand and gasping.
I could feel her pussy grabbing my hand and clenching until it hurt.
I shoved my fingers deeper... as she pushed down.
Her moans were desperate.
And I bit her nipple .
My mouth back on hers... she was now ravenous, and moaning and thrusting her tongue back at me.
her hand grabbing my breasts as I shoved all into her.

She screamed into my mouth, and squeezed my hand in her personal vice.
Her cum gushed all over my thigh.

She was now panting into my mouth, while sharing our breath.
quivering on my hand as i still lightly stroked her button,
eliciting her spasms with every touch.

We slowly started to pull back... and I eventually slid my hand out of her.
And she slide off my thigh.
Her skirt sliding down to cover our secret.

We both smiled.
" he's not worth your tears"
"Damn straight... thanks for the attitude adjustment."
"No problem... what are girlfriends for?" I grinned as I licked a finger.
She toke my hand and sucked another.
We both started giggling.
I wiped my hands and wiped some of her juice from my thigh.
"Sorry, not" she smile.
"Me neither"
And then we left the the ladied room and went to are separate tables.
When I got back, my friend was like... what happened... you were gone so long I thought maybe you were sick?

And then I placed his hand on my wet thigh, and rubbed my fingers over his face.
His eyebrows shot up, and he smiled.
Knowing, He could get me to share the story later.... after desert.

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Dec 15 @ 6:43AM many miles from here to there again???

Dec 15 @ 7:41AM  
Gasp.. I feel a sudden urge to go to the ladies room.

Dec 15 @ 4:41PM  

Dec 15 @ 8:34PM  
That is one of the best fantasy strories i have heard woooooww i couldnt stop reading n my cock couldnt resist pressing up againt my pants , awsomeeeee one !

Dec 15 @ 10:18PM  
Bravo! Very well written - certainly had my attention!

Dec 16 @ 2:16AM  
wow that was great

Dec 16 @ 1:42PM  
Had my whole attention also. I'll never think of the ladies room the same way again!

Dec 17 @ 6:05AM  
oh dayum

Dec 17 @ 5:52PM  
nice posting thanks keep up the writting and it would be nice to see a few pic,

Dec 23 @ 5:47AM  
This is hot and you have very sexy eyes

Dec 26 @ 2:02AM  
thank you all... a little meddicated...but taking scenario's....
like meg ryan, at the french cafe making fun of kline character's... lack of planning and power to enjoy,,,, When she huncker's down with the clove cigarette... say that he will end up a grumpy old man,,,,, sitting around frowning and saying "You People make my ass make my ass twitch! for all his days...
Another favorite scene is in tank girl.... when she slides under the bathroom wall on her back,,,face up between her friends legs, on thr tiole,to recruit another in an escape plan... on leaving slideds out on the words "Well, it's been swell.... but the swellings gone".... and slides away... ... IDEAS@@

Jan 10 @ 7:54PM  
BRAVO, Madame. BRAVO!!

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