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Son left ill mom on the floor for 2 days

posted 8/15/2009 8:21:23 PM |
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Associated press
FREEPORT, N.Y. -- A nursing-home worker let his ailing mother lie on the floor of their home for two days, stepping over her when he had to and not calling 911 until she was malnourished and dehydrated, police said yesterday.

When he finally called 911 and officers got to her, the 64-year-old woman was soiled with her feces and urine, according to police in Long Island's Nassau County. She suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest on the way to a hospital; she was in critical condition and on life support yesterday.

The son was identified as 45-year-old Lacy Reid of Freeport, a porter at a nursing home in North Woodmere. He was released after being arraigned yesterday on a charge of first-degree reckless endangerment, which carries as much as seven years in prison.
What should be done with her idiot son?

Police think Reid's relationship with his mother had been strained, Lt. Kevin Smith said.

The woman, whose name was not made public, fell in the kitchen Tuesday night, he said. The son "heard a large crash or thump" but did not investigate, Smith said. The next morning, he found her unresponsive on the floor but did not try to help, Smith said.

On Thursday night, Reid finally called police.

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Aug 15 @ 8:33PM  
He works at a nursing home???? If I was the head of that nursing home..he would be fired, no doubt about it.

And, I say if his mother does pass away, he should be charged with voluntary manslaughter and gross negligence.

If it weren't against the law.....I'd say strap his ass down in the middle of the desert naked with honey poured over him.

There is NO excuse to treat ones mother that way!

Aug 15 @ 8:39PM  
On Thursday night, Reid finally called police.

Yeah... to save his ass because she would have died soon- and that's the only reason he called IMO!

Gee... I dunno- attempted murder comes to mind!


Aug 15 @ 8:59PM  
What should be done with her idiot son?
The maximum the law allows, but IMO it wouldn't be enough!

Aug 15 @ 9:10PM  
I am not disputing the truth of this, though a link to a valid Web site link would be appreciated. There are a shitload of stories regarding loser kids. I have known many wonderful dads and moms that dedicated themselves to loser kids without shit to show for it.

Every slimeball in the news was someone's kid. Hitler was somebody's kid. Just because they popped out of your womb does not mean society is better for it.

Aug 15 @ 9:14PM  
Yeah, Bruce. It's

it's under news, and then nation

Aug 15 @ 10:48PM  
somebody has to wipe asses in a nursing home.
we can't all be the owner of standard oil.
nelson rockefeller died while screwing his
sexretary, in the saddle so to speak.
and who will wipe our asses when we get that age?
the smell of horse manure is so scintillating.
its a thankless task. i smell a comment
about universal health care.
alzheimers' and the like.
should the senile be allowed to roam free?
just let them be and do their thing.
just 'do it in the road'??? john lenin thought they should.
why don't we do it in the road? and the rolling
stones always bragged about being able to piss anywhere.
they were the stones. v.i.p. takes shit of goldbricks???? his shit
smelled to high heaven. the people who think their shit doesn't stink.
let me tell ya it does. megashit happens.

Aug 15 @ 10:50PM  
They should throw the book at him. I don't care how strained the relationship is. If it that bad you call 911 and then move out of her house. But you don't leave them laying on the floor.

Aug 15 @ 11:20PM  
Spread eagled, dick down, naked on a fire ant hill

Aug 15 @ 11:20PM  
The son was identified as 45-year-old Lacy Reid of Freeport
Uhhhh... IMO a 45 y/o offspring... is not a kid!!


Aug 15 @ 11:34PM  
Spread eagled, dick down, naked on a fire ant hill
Sounds like a pretty good idea!

Aug 16 @ 12:16AM  
Spread eagled, dick down, naked on a fire ant hill
Sounds like a pretty good idea!
Sure it does & reminds me of growing up winning a fight against a neighborhood bully. I shoved his face in an ant bed to seal the deal. FYI I assure you he wasn't naked

Aug 16 @ 1:25AM  
I don't care how strained a relationship may be, that's just inhuman and he should be severly punished for it. And if she dies, I think they should charge him with manslaughter, at the very least.
And he shouldn't be allowed to return to his job in the nursing home, who knows what he's doing to those patients and getting away with there.

Manslaughter is the killing or cause to death of a person without a pre-meditation or intention to kill or cause death, whether voluntarily or otherwise. In Man slaughter there is no intention or pre-plan to kill but killing or death occurred due to an impulsive act or a careless act.

Aug 16 @ 10:39AM  
Police think Reid's relationship with his mother had been strained, Lt. Kevin Smith said.
DO YA THINK? I wonder what their first clue was!! Should he be charged? You bet he should, the rotten bastard

Aug 16 @ 11:21AM  
Old timey justice sure is missed.. a week, tarred and feathered in the stocks in front of the rest of the town would do him good, then a nice new rope over the branch of the hangin tree.

I'm serious here, if people had to endure the public humiliation and then possibility of slow brutal death.. they might behave better.

Aug 16 @ 3:51PM  
why was he living at home?? Or even in the same building did mom pay the bills for him???? just curious

Aug 17 @ 5:35AM  
I live with my folks just because of people like that thing. Will take care of them, in comfort and dignity until....

Just send him to prison, but tattoo " I killed my mother" on his forehead, ass, belly, legs and arms. If he lives to get out, make him keep the tattoos for life.

Aug 17 @ 5:43AM  
Paul McCartney wrote "Why don't we do it in the Road", played the drums, bass, guitar, over-dubbed it all. Not John Lennon.

Aug 17 @ 9:45AM  
No matter what they did to you in never ever treat a parent like that...i agree with the room, if you aren't happy call 911 & then leave....

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Son left ill mom on the floor for 2 days