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Cash for Clunkers, huh?

posted 8/15/2009 11:46:04 AM |
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Oh, hey! Here's a real fucking surprise 4 U guys. I have a problem with the way our government is doing shit. But everyone just treats me like Im some sexually deviant nut case who doesn't know WTF he is talking about. Well...let me explain what my issue is and then U tell me if Im the one who is crazy.

The government recently implemented this "Cash for Clunkers" program, which as I am sure U know was set up 2 seduce people 2 trade-in their older, less fuel efficient vehicles for newer, greener cars that will transport us all N2 some Utopian future, in which global warming is just another unpleasant memory. They did this by offering people $4500 apiece for their old shit. I don't really have a problem with that part. I have serious doubts about whether or not it will actually do any fucking good, but I don't have a fundamental problem with the concept. I mean, come on already. We've all seen the Al Gore movie. Better 2 be doing anything rather than nothing at all, right? Right. Plus, as an added bonus our economy is supposed 2 be stimulated right out of the recession due 2 all the folks out there buying new shit. Seems like a win-win for everyone, doesn't it?

Here's my issue. Who do U think really benefited the most? What were the top 10 models sold under this magical program? Here they are:

1. Ford Focus
2. Toyota Corolla
3. Honda Civic
4. Toyota Prius
5. Toyota Camry
6. Ford Escape
7. Hyundai Elantra
8. Dodge Caliber
9. Honda Fit
10. Chevrolet Cobalt

So, whats the problem? I'll tell U what the problem is, folks.WE FUCKING OWN GM, PEOPLE!!! Count them...FIVE other auto manufacturers outsold General fucking Motors, and THREE of those companies weren't even American! ...are U really serious with this right now?!!! Way 2 stimulate Japan's economy, boys! Way 2 bail out the one US automaker that didn't need bailing out! Am I the only person who notices just how fucking stupid this is?

What fucking successful business offers cash back incentives for shopping at their competitors? The answer is NONE. Why? Because that would be fucking stupid and borderline communist, thats why! America was founded upon the ideal that U crush Ur competitors, not subsidize them! Does anybody know who Andrew Carnegie's main competitors were? Of course not, because US Steel fucking crushed them! Where would Sam Walton be he spent all his time slashing prices over at Target? I don't know, but it damned sure would not be at the top of the Fortune 500!

What we should have done (and still should do, BTW. It's not 2 late...) was offer people a cash incentive 2 buy our crappy cars instead of the other guys. Lord knows that the cars themselves can't seem 2 get the job done, so congress should have said, "Look, people, bring Ur crappy car in and trade it for one of our crappy cars and we'll give U $4500 back for Ur troubles." Fuck Ford, fuck Toyota, fuck Honda, fuck Chrysler and fuck motherfucking Hyundai. Let them motherfuckers get some cash from the mother country if they want 2 compete with us, goddamnit! They're all 2 busy building fucking robots 2 give a shit.

But that's not what they did, is it? Nope...they fucking hung us all out 2 dry instead. First by forcing us (when was the public vote on that shit, anyway?) 2 buy this fucking train wreck of a company (we don't even want the cars, why the fuck would we want the whole kit and kaboodle?), then by undercutting us and bailing out the competition! Its so fucking stupid that it makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

What's next? Putting the good folks at Pfizer in charge of health care reform?

Just something I thought U ought 2 be thinking about...

Keeping U posted,


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Aug 15 @ 12:14PM  
Greenie......Oh, and almost time for us to party it up Sir!

Aug 15 @ 12:41PM  
On the surface it sounds good, but it is way too simplistic. There are all sorts of trade agreements that play into this. Much of this is done to get money flowing again to percolate down through the economy and get money changing hands again. Many people, even if they have a little disposable income, a job, and good credit are standing down on new purchases and unwilling to take on new debt. As I recall from economics 101 in college, every dollar that is spent changes hands five times. So the idea is alleviate economic stagnation.

Aug 15 @ 3:20PM  
Just another program quickly implemented, with not one grain of thought to any possible negative consequences beforehand!

Good blog and a green pumpkin to ya!

Aug 15 @ 3:40PM  
Hey..... Dick Slippery is back in town ! ! Yee HAW.

(yeah, yeah.... he's been back a few weeks, but I was on vacation for 2 weeks WITHOUT a computer...... so I missed a lot of shit.)

and fuck motherfucking Hyundai.

Amen. What does it say for the American business model when some piece of shit company that's about 10 years old is gobbling up market share? I read not too long ago that about 1 in 4 Americans goes to college. You get 6 or 7 years of college, 2 degrees and you are instant management cuz U so smart. Time was, you worked your way up over the years so that you actually have a clue about the product you made. Now... you regurgitate policy taught by your liberal arts / socialist professor and US manufacturing is going down the poop chute faster than a greasy burrito.

I also read where a few people actually qualified to trade up for a Hummer. What piece of shit car gets worse gas mileage than that urban assault bad boy?

Aug 15 @ 7:35PM  
Most of the Hyundai, Honda and Toyotas
sold in the USA are made in the USA

Aug 16 @ 5:07AM  
I use to work for a Co. that made parts for Most All of the auto MFG's.(But I am Laid Off..because of the economy being like it is!!!!)

Look at the over all Picture......
There are more companies than the Big picture Companies (such as GM,Ford, Toyota etc.) that are feeling this suck shit economy.
Shit runs down hill!!! Everyone that Makes anything at all for the Auto industry is /was being hit pretty hard!!! (No new car sales)

This has Helped!!! (Short term..or long term...? We will see!!! )
I was told last week that the Co. I worked very busy..and needs to bring all of us back..just to keep up!!!
Most of the Hyundai, Honda and Toyotas
sold in the USA are made in the USA
Yeah...Most ppl don't know this!!!

Aug 23 @ 10:36PM  
You made some great points as only you can.

Aug 24 @ 3:24AM  
Just a quick note here. I am in the car biz and believe or not most of the american cars are built overseas now and most japanese are built in Ky and Tn with Vw building a huge plant in Tn. So even though they are jap companies americans are still keeping thier jobs building cars and parts.
On another bad note about the japs they never donate money back to any of our causes where gm ford and chrysler and only a couple imports do. The japs keep all thier money

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Cash for Clunkers, huh?