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Should kids be allowed to carry cell phones with them in schools?

posted 8/14/2009 8:07:51 PM |
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Should kids be allowed to carry cell phones all day long with them in school? I know that some people will say yes because of tragedies such as the one with Columbine in Colorado a few years back.

I feel that kids should not be allowed to carry the phone with them all day long. Sure, they can bring them to school with them, but it should be kept in their locker with the ringer off during school hours. If a tragedy occurs during the day, I'm sure teachers will have their phones closeby to where they can contact local law authories.

When I was growing up, we didn't have the luxury of cell phones. We managed to do just fine without them. I feel that society has been spoiled, especially over the last 10 years with thinking one must have a cell phone at all times to where they feel that one must be connected to the world every second of their lives.

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Aug 14 @ 8:22PM  
My sister recently gave her son and her daughter cell phones. With the strict rule that they only use the phones in case of emergency, or, if they are at a friends house, they can call her, or she can call them. They are not to use to phones for "sexting" or they will have them taken away.

I think it's a good idea for kids to have cell phones in case they have to get hold of their parents in an emergency, but, I don't feel they should have them in the classroom. School is for learning, not playing on the phone.

Aug 14 @ 8:23PM  
Not in a classroom. Too much distraction. Too much texting/sexting, who's got what, theft issues, etc....Umm, NO!

Aug 14 @ 8:52PM  
I'm ok with it with restrictions- not to be used during classes unless it's an absolute emergency! If that rule is broken the first time, the phone stays at home for a week or two- next time, it stays at home for an extended period!

The one good feature I like about the technology today is the GPS feature! If he/she didn't show up at home when they should- maybe has a flat tire or runs out of gas etc. or worse, you could most likely locate them!



Aug 14 @ 8:53PM  
I think with all that is going on in this country in schools and colleges... someone should have a cell phone and you never know who that someone should be.... be it a student or teacher.... you never know when someone is going to come into a school and shoot the place up... it'd be nice to know someone could call 911 ASAP or call their parents to report some very wrong doings.. but I know how kids are too... they'll be texting and talking all day... I'm torn either way.. I see both sides and appreciate both....

good thought Shawn!

Aug 14 @ 9:18PM  
My kids got a cell phone when I started my new job because there was days I had to work weekends and I don't have a home phone so I needed a way to get in touch with them.

It so happened that was the summer we started letting them stay home instead of going to daycare so again I needed a way to get in touch with them.

Now, my oldest takes the phone with her to school but she shuts it off during school and turns it on after school. She's only used it a couple of times during the day to call me but it was warranted.

So in general I don't think they need a phone and if it wasn't for my convienence more than anything then they wouldn't get a phone. And if I find out it's causing problems in school I'll make other arrangements, but at this moment I get peace knowing I can leave them a message or get a quick text to know they are home safe and my workday is not disrupted.

Aug 14 @ 10:20PM  
it's a security blanket for many.
however the kids can call in a hit,
arrange dope deals, porn deals,
prositution etc. right from their
phone in school. so i vote to ban.
gangs use cell phones all the time,
to run their rackets. spy on the police
etc. its like police radios are illegal.
but they are out there all the time,
spying on the police, outwitting them.
as they pull jobs from bank robbery
to kidnapping. so.......fuck it.

Aug 14 @ 10:36PM  
What makes kids today think that they HAVE to have a cellphone? Isn't that what the office is for???

Aug 14 @ 10:58PM  
I've had a cell phone for years and have never activated just sits in a drawer..I just use the land line...

I can see kids having them for safety reasons or parents to keep tabs on them but not at school...maybe the teacher could put them in a box during class and make sure the ringer is off.

There's nothing more irritating than being in a meeting and some idiot forgets to turn off his cellphone...then answers it and starts talking..

Aug 14 @ 11:35PM  
I think they should have basic cell phones for school. There are programs that lets you control when they can do certain things on a phone and you control the numbers they call. I sure needed one at school as my Dad would get busy at work and forget to pick me up from my music lessons. Then the office would be closed and I would have to walk downtown to the bank where my Aunt worked to call for a ride home or catch one with her. A cell phone would have been nice about then. If they can only call home or their parent's workplace during school hours they are not likely to abuse the phones.

Aug 15 @ 12:31AM  
My oldest two grandchildren have cell phones and they both take them to school. But, they are turned off and in their back packs before they get on the bus, and not back on until they are getting off the bus after school.

This is checked on periodically from both parents through their cell carrier.
My grand daughter broke the rule once and texted someone before going in the school. After her punishment she hasn't done it again..

Aug 15 @ 3:01AM  
If the basic reason for them having one is for emergencies, they make ones that only dial 911.And as far as I know, they do not accrue a monthly charge.

I would estimate 99% of any given faculty has one on them.

Many colleges are considering banning in school use of them, because people are text-cheating on exams or surfing for answers.Think that's not happening in lower schools?

Kids don't need one in school.

Aug 15 @ 7:58AM  
I finally got one that doesn't cost me anything and the minutes just keep adding up
because I rarely use it..I hardly ever use my landline except for messages from doctors and stuff.
Kids will abuse any privilege if you let them..

Aug 15 @ 8:57AM  
They should be able to have them as long as the phones are turned off during class. There are a lot of good reasons to have them like many other commentators have pointed out.

Aug 15 @ 3:31PM  
no, never

Aug 16 @ 2:18AM  
Somnium makes a good point about GPS with cell phones.. Sadly sick predators are hip to that but a quick chance of being able to dial 911 would be comforting for the kid & the parents which would alert the police to know there is a problem versus them being abducted for hours before anyone finding out or realizing they are missing. I wouldn't approve of them using them at school but if I was a parent I'd feel more comfortable for a kid having a cell for emergency purposes just as somnium mentioned which would be a better chance of avoiding or preventing a predator situation. The comfort of knowing help is on the way sets ones mind at ease even as an adult. No one likes the feeling of being a sitting duck for criminals no matter what kind they are. In closing a teacher holding on to their phones I would have to disagree with because a lot of kids are being abducted at schools with guardians, security, & teachers around in a blink of an eye without them knowing & that few minutes before anyone realizes the kid is missing could be too late & the child being able to or have a chance to dial 911 that instant rather than notifying authorities after elapsed time which could be a factor in a childs fate. Although when I was growing up they didn't exist but since they do now which have gps & up to date cell phones 911 can be used even if the cell has no service because the bill wasn't paid.

Aug 16 @ 5:19AM  
What makes kids today think that they HAVE to have a cellphone? Isn't that what the office is for???
AMEN!!! Thank God..someone said it!!!

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Should kids be allowed to carry cell phones with them in schools?