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All You Can Eat.. All At Once... Or...?

posted 8/12/2009 12:55:27 AM |
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I had quite a few things that I had to get done today, but at the top of that list was taking my grand daughters to the park before it got too hot and/or humid out.
We got that done and stayed longer than I had planned so I had to play catch up before a few places closed.

While we were out and after I had everything done but one more stop, they were both pretty hungry.
Since they have been so good and quite a bit of help to me the last few days, I treated them with Golden Corral.
The fact that it was still lunch price and I had found a $10 gift card in an old purse helped that decision out too....

Anyways, at the hot food bar they had a big pan that had potatoes, carrots, etc., left over from pot roast with little meat left in it. The cook then added 2 huge pot roasts to that pan and he left them whole.

About 5 minutes or so later I happened to look over at the table beside ours and the guy had 2 plates completely full of nothing but that pot roast. Looked like he just took one whole pot roast and cut it in half to fit on his plates.
It had to have been at least a 6 lb roast, after being cooked. But he didn't waste it, he ate the entire thing....... and then went up for more food.

Nope, he wasn't a big guy at all either.... creep lol

But my question is, would you do something like that .... or would you go back to get more and leave some for others to enjoy also.
yes, he left one, but the place was extremely busy

When you see someone doing something like that do you think it's rude and inconsiderate, or do you think it's a buffet and it's only natural or they have the right to get all the food they want regardless of anyone else wanting any of it?
A first come, first serve type of thing.

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Aug 12 @ 2:15AM  
Well, I try to be considerate of others, and I expect the same back from people.

Now, if there was one slice of pie left, I would pretty much take it if I wanted it. If there were two slices and I craved both of them, I would probably take them both knowing that the help will more than likely replace it with another whole size pie. As for the guy who had the two plate full of the roast beef, I would think that was pretty rude and inconsiderate on his part.

Aug 12 @ 7:10AM  
First of all, you have gotten me jealous, a you know there are none of those restaurants up here in MN..

The person was extremely rude, but considering the cook left them whole...

I had been at a seafood buffet once where the owner cut off a customer from getting any more crab legs. She would go up and fill her plate when a fresh batch came out...taking the entire pan, not letting others get any. After seeing this happen many times in a row, the owner decided to stop her. Of course things got pretty nasty for a few minutes...


Aug 12 @ 7:51AM  
I would say that it was pretty rude! Even if it was a buffet, all you can eat type, you still don't need to be a glutton!!

Aug 12 @ 8:14AM  
After living in Las Vegas and Reno for several years where all of the casinos
have the cheapest, most lavish all you can eat buffets, I found out after
awhile that it's not worth it to me because I take too much and don't
eat it all..
But the guy who took the whole thing was just an inconsiderate asshole!

Aug 12 @ 9:11AM  
But the guy who took the whole thing was just an inconsiderate asshole

He may have taken a whole pot toast but he didn't take all of it. When I was in the military it was all you could eat and they had a sign up: Take what you want. Eat what you take.

It is the responsibility of Golden Corral to make more and is nobody's business how much another person takes or eats.

Aug 12 @ 9:11AM  
Yes it's rude. The intention of the food is to serve a number of people, not one person.

We get that kind of nonsense where I work. The company provides free lunch, sometimes it's lasagna, baked spaghetti, chicken, chicken nuggets, ham, pork, Chinese, etc....and in the Waterpark division, the lifeguards are mostly 16 to 18 yrs old, and they PILE their plates! And the really annoying part? They are required to take a 15 minute break EVERY hour. While the rest of the departments take ONE half hour break.

Aug 12 @ 9:21AM  
When i managed a restaurant I saw people doing the strangest of things when they came in on buffet the little old lady that use to carry zip lock bags in her purse........she probably walked out of there with enough food to feed her for a week...........did i confront her with it? Nope.........its figured in that there will be some that we will lose money on while gaining on others. (little kids especially)

Do i think its think he needs to realize that no matter how much he eats he will get hungry again............but he can take all the food he wants to if its all you can eat............they should have cut it up in the first place.........

What i consider rude is when they take a big plate of food and waste 90% BUT still all in all ..............they paid for it..........they can do what they want............JMO

Aug 12 @ 9:47AM  
I think it's rude. I would have quietly mentioned something to the manager at some point. That's abusing a buffet. Really.

And this is where COMMON SENSE plays in. (Straddles Blog)!!!!

Aug 12 @ 11:44AM  
That's abusing a buffet
Please... don't give the cops ideas for another statute to use, for writing even more tickets on!

Yeah, it was kinda rude but then, it is an 'all you can eat' buffet! Like Ewe indicated, it was paid for!

But if it were me, I would have taken both, packed them in my car, come back in and asked for more!!



Aug 12 @ 12:13PM  
In a public buffet, I would call that rude. Having as many trips as you wish, there's no need to load up. Sounds more like someone training for an eating contest (or a PIG. )
Military is usually one trip through, so more need to load up in that trip.

Aug 12 @ 3:24PM  
I like variety when I buffet. I usually eat 2 - 2 1/2 plates full then an extra large salad. It's never just one food though. A big steak, macaroni, cole slaw, corn on the cob and mashed potatoes and gravy to start off with. Plate 2, another big steak, meat loaf, and some other things to fill that plate up with.

Aug 12 @ 8:04PM  
I don't care for our Golden Correl here. I took my daughter and her friend there a couple of weeks ago. I don't eat enough for what I had to pay. I did have coupon's so that helped out some. I take just a little of this and a little of that.

As for that guy you mentioned at least since he took 1/2 of it at least you know it will be fresh when it comes out again.

Aug 13 @ 9:58AM  
I like to make big plates of food, but of a variety of foods not just one thing...yeah he could have left some behind for the rest but then Golden Corral should have had a back up as well..

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All You Can Eat.. All At Once... Or...?