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posted 8/11/2009 7:25:57 PM |
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I don't know if this is a nationwide law but, here in Florida the seatbelt law is "Click It Or Ticket!"

When your in your car is it a natural habit to put your seatbelt on??

Or do you just get in & drive?

Are you for or against the law of wearing seatbelts??

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Aug 11 @ 7:59PM  
yeah, it's the law here in GA and nationwide....the only exception here is ifyou drive a truck or aren't required to wear one. I put mine on because I have to....if I had a choice...nope. To my mind, another way for "Big Brother" to tell us what to do. JMO

Aug 11 @ 8:07PM  
I always have, so it would seem odd not too...

Aug 11 @ 8:09PM  
I don't particularly like the seatbelt law but if I'm on a long trip, I'll wear it but normally don't for short runs! As much as they threaten to pull us over if we don't wear it, I've never been pulled over for not doing so- [yet] even when a couple cops have pulled next to me at a light! In an accident, they certainly will ticket you if you weren't wearing yours, doesn't matter who caused it- puts the frosting on the cake, if you will!


Aug 11 @ 8:16PM  
I am a seatbelt girl. I used to not be, but after one pull over I decided it was in my best interest.

Aug 11 @ 8:27PM  
Well there was a situation that if I would have been wearing a seat belt I wouldn't be here typing this. Either way I've gotten so used to putting it on automatically & it's just like second nature to do so. Just like setting the parking break I do that out of a force of habit as well.

Aug 11 @ 8:30PM  
Damn it click it or ticket is in effect in Texas also.

Aug 11 @ 8:49PM  
I always wear my seatbelt... not only cause it's the law, but I have known people who have died cause they couldn't get out of the belt but in the next breath, I know some who have been thrown from vehicles and died...
But yeah, we have the click it or ticket here too and they are cracking down! They even have a really dork little jingle for it! it's not . but it is a little catchy!!

Aug 11 @ 8:51PM  
ooops... I meant to say I was torn between wearing my seat belt because of those reasons... but do cause I don't feel like dealing with the law!

Aug 11 @ 9:04PM  
It's just habit...1st thing I do when I get in, even if I'm only going a block. Like others, I've seen too many deaths due to no seatbelt. It's just sad they have to make it a law to get people to buckle up.

Aug 11 @ 9:19PM  
We have the same law here in Missouri. When I was younger, I didn't. Of course, most cars only had lap belts, and I had a big '65 Ford, so I figured I was safe. But when I was about twenty, my aunt was killed in an accident. The authorities said that if she had been wearing her seatbelt, she could very well have survived, instead of being partially ejected from her car. That was a sobering wake up call for me, and since then, I wear mine. I feel naked if I don't wear one. In fact, when I stop to pick up my mail, I buckle back up just to drive the two blocks to my house.

I'm for the law, even though some say it's your right to decide whether or not to wear a seatbelt. Everyone who knows me knows that if they ride with me, I don't put the car into drive until everyone is buckled in. My car, my rules. I don't care what they do in their own vehicles, but this is my car, and my butt on the line if I get stopped and there are unbuckled people in my car.

Aug 11 @ 9:47PM  
I never used to wear my seatbelt all the time when it wasn't a law.....and then we got a couple of Ford cars that had the automatic shoulder holsters but I still didn't belt the lap belt...

But I'll tell you one good accident when NOT wearing your seatbelt sure makes you make sure you wear them from that moment on....

And then one Head On Collision while wearing your seatbelt that saved your's and your childrens lives...makes you appreciate the SAFETY of those BELTS after all!!

Aug 11 @ 9:49PM  
What's Next? This guy goes OFF!!!!!!

Aug 11 @ 9:52PM  
I always wear my seatbelt, my family scared me into wearing it due to their bad driving. We now have the seatbelt law here too, but I always wore it before that anyway.

Aug 11 @ 10:39PM  
They have that law here in Ohio also.

I wear mine 90% of the time. My luck if I didn't have it on I would be pulled over.

Aug 11 @ 11:12PM  
$150 and three demerit points off your license is a reasonable incentive over here to wear the damn thing, but personally I think it should be up to the person involved, after all, its their life.
even if a lot of other ppl would dis-agree

Aug 11 @ 11:12PM  
Yeah, it's the law here in Michigan. Has been for about 20 years. I'm so used to putting on my seat belt that I just do so out of habit. The only thing I really have against this law is the fact that it should be my decision to make...not the laws.

Aug 11 @ 11:41PM  
After a head on collision with a drunk doper about 10 years ago
when my chest was slammed into the steering wheel and made sleeping
and breathing difficult for me for several months, I wear mine 99% of the time.

Aug 11 @ 11:49PM  
You won't get in my mustang without putting it on ,I'm kinda anal about it for

1.I have seen way to many of those cars crashed
2.Mine is a profile magnet trust me people look (especially cops)

I have actually shown cars and probably lost out on sales because I was so persistent about them putting them on if your sitting in the front seat of a newer model car and you don't have your seatbelt on and the airbag deploys you'll wear it afterwards if you live through it ....I'll promise you that

Aug 11 @ 11:52PM  
Hooking up the seatbelt is now an automatic reflex.

Aug 12 @ 12:17AM  
I'm pretty sure it's the law in all 50 states now... at least 48.
Some states they can stop you for just that, others they have to have another reason to stop you but can then add no seat belt to the offense.

I have a doctors slip, that is accepted through Bureau of Motor Vehicles, that says I don't have to wear one.

Honestly I seldomly ever wear mine, but I have decided to put it on from time to time lately.
And if I am in a vehicle that has automatic seatbelts I keep them on.

Aug 12 @ 12:35AM  
Illinois has a "click it or ticket" law.

Personally, I've been wearing them since I was 17. Damn glad, too. Had a roll over at age 19. My gf & I were both wearing belts and when the car came to a stop, unbuckled and crawled out with hardly a scratch. My son has also had a roll over... same results.... unbuckled with minor bumps & scratches.

I know of 3 separate accidents where neighbors of mine lost a child because the vehicle rolled over, they were not wearing belts, and they were ejected from the car & were crushed.

I was driving out in Virginia, saw a car run a stop sign, sideswipe another car 3 ahead of me. The one that got hit, flipped in the air and we saw someone get tossed out right in front of us. Found out next day in the paper they were killed.

Belts? Yeah, I wear them. ALWAYS.

Aug 12 @ 1:45AM  
I think wearing a seatbelt should be up to the driver. I normally don't wear one. However, I have learned that when I'm going out of town it's a good idea to wear one. I was pulled over, and Kim was with me, and a female trooper said I was speeding when I wasn't. That gave her reason to ticket me for not wearing a seatbelt. This was out of town of course.

Btw, here in Ohio it's a secondary offense.

Aug 12 @ 4:50AM  
Good Blog Sunshine!

I have always worn a seatbelt even before it was law here, for some reason I always felt more protected. I believe the Pros definitely outweigh the Cons for wearing one. Having worked in orthopedics for a few years sure opened the eyes to the benefits of "MAKING IT CLICK" which is the slogan I believe is used here or atleast was,,,,,its been along time since I've actually heard it.. Kudos

Aug 12 @ 9:10AM  
Who needs a seatbelt when you're....

bumpin' uglies in the back seat!

Aug 12 @ 9:26AM  
I use to never wear a seatbelt...........didn't really think it mattered that much.........but after being a paramedic and pulling numerous bodies out of cars from accidents...........I never put the vehicle in gear or allow anyone else too until all seat belts are put on...............its no longer a personal choice in my vehicle......

Aug 13 @ 12:49AM  
iowa has click it or ticket.if i am driving i always do but as a passenger i need to work on it

Aug 13 @ 4:27PM  
alot of people are here today because of seat belts


Aug 15 @ 11:07PM  
I think common sense and a little knowledge about inertia would be a no-brainer for most people. To not wear a seatbelt is not even a consideration for me, even before it was a law.

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