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posted 8/11/2009 2:25:04 PM |
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The other night I met a couple of old friends for happy hour. Guys I went to high school with but have remained close with over the years. The one guy has been on Facebook and contacted a couple of guys from our old crew that I haven’t seen for over 20 years, and these guys showed up too. It was really fun to see them….for about half an hour. We did the “what have you been up to” thing. It is kind of difficult to summarize 25 years of living in setting like that. We then did the “remember when we did such and such” thing. That was okay for awhile, but interesting to me how either my memory isn’t as good as theirs, or the stories have been embellished over the years. I noticed after a half an hour I became completely bored with the whole thing. I felt kind of awkward and really had nothing to contribute to the conversation. I toughed it out for another 45 minutes or so and then made my escape.

I’m trying to figure out why I felt this way. I never have been big on reliving the “Glory Days” like so many people I know are. But I felt like this was more than that. I guess part of it is I’m not the same person I was 25 years ago, and neither are they. We just don’t have anything in common anymore as far as I could tell, other than a shared past. And maybe seeing these guys after 25 years hammered home the point that I am now middle aged, not young anymore. Or maybe it is as simple as Dee put it when I asked her, I’m just becoming more and more of an anti-social bastard as I get older!

I have my 25 year reunion coming up and before this was considering going, and now obviously that is out of the question. Anyways, long story longer, do other people react like me in these situations? Or do you enjoy these “blasts from the past”?

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Aug 11 @ 2:45PM  
This is a good question. I posted a blog on this subject (since deleted) about a month ago. There are some people that we have lost track of that we miss, and we welcome the opportunity to reconnect. There are others that we just want to know how their lives turned out.

Everyone, in a stray moment asks, " What ever happened to...?" They came, they went, as did our times. We wish them well and hope that what transpired after our times together came to pass was positive.

I have found that in a group, the recounting of lives since is given a positive spin to the point of deception and propaganda. One on one reveals more reality including broken dreams, loser kids, mistakes in life.

The group reunion or GTG is a public forum, often it is show time with maximum spin doctoring. When I have been in those, I find that private conversations produce much more reality and substance.

Green thing for ya. Great post!!

Aug 11 @ 3:16PM  
I agree...this is a good blog subject.......and I too.....don't get off on rehashing the past...that's why it's called the "past"...gone.....behind us.....and people DO change as they get older and you DON"T have the same interests and trying to be the same person you were"back then" doesn't work anymore. So I embrace the future and leave the past in the past!'s a kudo for the fresh idea!

Aug 11 @ 3:32PM  

My friend; If they even have one ? It would be a 50 year reunion coming up for me.
I have never attended any of them. Why ? I guess maybe I am a anti social bastard
myself. Like you and many others, we no longer have anything in common. There is also the fact that most are probably dead or in a home some place.
I am of the opinion that a class reunion is where old friend gather to see who is falling apart.
I like the way you wrote and worded this. Good Blog my friend. I also give a Kudo.

Aug 11 @ 4:43PM  
I think its would be different with what type of relationship was........

Work friends.......I have made some really good friends over the years at work........but we didn't really spend that much time outside of work together....and if we did it had something to do with the people we worked showers, wedding showers, stuff like when I see old co-workers that were friends we spend about 10 hot seconds catching of us saying call me and let's get together and it never happens..........because we only really had work in common for the most part........

School Friends..........most of the people I went to school with I didn't spend time with while we were in school why would i want to now that we are out of school........I don't give a rats ass who got fat, who went bald.........and who turned out to be a cook at McDonalds when he had everything offered to him..........

Friends I grew up with...........well most of those i stay in contact with and always have so there is no catching up to be done........and the few that moved away........come home for family functions..............and we catch up then............

Guess its how the person was in your life before you really care to do any catching up with least for me.

Aug 11 @ 5:44PM  
Ewe- to clarify, these guys were really, really close friends of mine growing up. We were thick as thieves, played sports together, partied together, double dates, all of that. So it isn't like we were just casual friends. But one guy got married and had kids right out of school, the other guy went into the service, I went to college and we drifted apart. These guys were an integral part of my life back then, which is why I found it strange and a little sad maybe that I had nothing really to say to them anymore.

Aug 11 @ 6:48PM  
The people I wanted to talk to from the past I stayed in touch with, the rest I have no interest in. Really don't care to relive my teens and twenties again. I surviived them which is more than I can say for most of them. I really have no need to relive the Rhonda stories that they all seem to remember. I can remember most of them quite well on my own. And those I can't are not that important anymore. So no I won't go to any reunions, heck I don't even like family reunions.

Aug 11 @ 7:55PM  
I just ran into a TON of old school friends on Facebook.

As a matter of fact, one girl just called me. I haven't spoke to her in
over 10 years. I didn't know what to say. She didn't seem all there
either, so that made the conversation kind of hard. She has set up
several reunion/get togethers, I haven't attended any. I don't want to
see those people, really.

Aug 11 @ 9:04PM  
I got on Facebook to find 2 girlfriends of mine from back in the early highschool days. I couldn't find them, so I did a search for their older brother. They were 3 of the 7 kids so I figured I would find one of them and get the up to date news. Well I found the older brother. My 2 girlfriends (sisters) committed suicide. The first one did it and 10 years late to the date the second one did it. It was a complete shocker for me and their brother told me with regret. I felt so bad, but could only tell him how sorry I was. It is a long story. The younger sister had serious problems and disfigured when I knew her and the older felt responsible for her at all times, even back then. I am very sad about this and kinda wish I didn't search. Somethings you don't want to know. But, there ya have it. Stirring up the past isn't all pleasant.

Aug 11 @ 11:08PM  
Good question!

I recently met up, on facebook, with an old friend from high-school..
This was a person I had admired and looked up to as somewhat of a role model in school. I never thought about how my friendship may have been any kind of important to her during that time. After all, she was perfect right?

Well, I found out a week or so after our 'reunion' that she had appreciated and looked up to me as much as I had her. I was blown away that her perfect life wasn't so perfect after all.. and that I had shown her how to tuff it out and just make it through the hard bits.

But yeah..t here's not a lot from my youth I'd particularly care to revisit. It was not a happy time for me.. and I never really formed too many bonds with others in that time frame.

Aug 11 @ 11:27PM  
I haven't gone to either one of my high school reunions. For whatever reasons..they are people I haven't had contact with for over 20 years....and while some were friends and partners in crime during high school, we've all gone our separate ways. I have one good friend from high school that I am still close with, she was my best friend in school, and throughout the years, she's become more like a sister.

It's always fun to remember the good old days, but I don't need to bore myself to tears at some reunion to do that. That's just me though.

Aug 12 @ 2:02AM  
I'm the type that cheerishes his "glory days", to where it started for me when I was in high school. For some reason, my class has never had a reunion, but I have always welcomed one. One can cheerish their "glory days", but it's also important to look forward to the present and future is what I have learned.

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