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posted 8/10/2009 10:49:36 PM |
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tagged: fuck, serious, life, sunshine

Are law enforcement/street cameras an invasion of privacy?

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It seems there are an influx of cameras at ever roof top corner you look at.
You go to Walmart and they are on top of the building and all in the parking lot.
On the side of the highway, traffic cams. Red light cameras.

Does it bother you? Are they over doing it? Or are you ok with it?

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Aug 10 @ 10:53PM  
As long as those cameras are in public, doesn't bother me at all. Now, if they try putting that INSIDE my home or vehicle..then I have a major problem.

Aug 10 @ 11:00PM  
Legally, no.... but it sure feels like it.

"Big Brother" is watching.......

Yes, it bothers me. (I usually drive too fast)
Over doing it..... they're getting close.
No, I'm not ok with it..... but don't have much choice.

Hell yeah !

Aug 10 @ 11:49PM  
Other than the fact that when they get by doing one thing to violate our privacy they will push it know give them an inch they will take a mile...........I don't think its a big deal for a matter of fact I look at it this way..........

If your grandma stopped at Walmart to shop and upon returning to her vehicle she is jumped robbed and beaten...........wouldn't having a video tape to bring those people to justice make you feel better.............Perhaps if it was known that there were video cameras there..........maybe there would be less kidnappings, rapes and murders in parking would probably cut down on the drug deals too..........of course they would just move to some place that didn't have video cameras but i think they could have their use..........

Aug 11 @ 12:49AM  
I wanna fuck and let the cameras see us You are a hottie baby

Aug 11 @ 12:54AM  
I have no problem with them...where were they when smeone stole my 40 foot extension ladder from my backyard the other night?

Aug 11 @ 6:44AM  
Their existance is not an invasion of my privacy. The fact that they are there is not overdoing it.

However it DOES bother me because I don't trust human nature.

The MIS-USE and ABUSE of those cameras DOES bother me. I'm afraid that charismatic individuals and small special interest groups will convince people that they must be used to modify behavior for the "greater good". Big Brother is watching, and "1984" is here.


Aug 11 @ 7:54AM  
not much differance to whats on google earth... someones always watching what your doing half the time without you even realising it.

Aug 11 @ 8:55AM  
While they may sound like a good idea they will only stop an honest criminal. Anyone dishonest will figure out a way around them. We had security cameras in the store where I worked and they were used by managers to spy on the workers more than to look for shoplifters. I am reminded of a quote by Ben Franklin. "Those who would give up any part of their liberty for personal safety deserve neither liberty or safety." Has anyone ever thought of what these cameras could be used for if they were installed into residental neighborhoods? Legally they could do this as long as they were on public property. Would you be comfortable with someone watching your coming and going and who you associate with? Not that you would have anything to hide, but wouldn't you find that just a little creepy? And where do you draw the line with being watched? And the big question is who is going to draw that line?

Aug 11 @ 9:06AM  
And the big question is who is going to draw that line?

As the saying goes, "there's strength in numbers". In this country we do have the right to let our elected officials know when we don't approve of something. Don't need to get nasty or violent..but show up in groups big enough to be heard. Like the protesters against healthcare reform are doing. They're raising enough noise that it's at least getting attention.

For too long people in this country just roll over and let our government run away with whatever they want to do. Don't like what's going on....practice your right to assemble.

Aug 11 @ 9:29AM  
Red light cameras.

Huh!!! And here I thought those were for 'red light districts' in unsavory areas of major cities... wadda I know??


Aug 11 @ 9:41AM  
Could not resist posting this one LOL

Aug 11 @ 9:55AM  
But, look at all the bad guys they've caught in everything from convenience store hold ups to murder to muggings to police brutality..

Aug 11 @ 4:37PM  
I was flipping them street cameras off today .... The fucking yellow light popped up like a subliminal message. You couldn't say 1001 & the lights changed from green to red that fast.

Aug 11 @ 7:14PM  
well IF i see em' in the bathroom i'm gonna just piss all over em

Aug 13 @ 12:44AM  
we just got red light camaras in town.and i have seen 2 wrecks because people slam their brakes so they can avoid a $107 ticket.guess i will find out if i get my ticket in a couple of weeks.

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