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Do you talk to your kids? The four legged one's.

posted 8/8/2009 6:37:16 PM |
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I sometimes wonder if people could see me how I talk to my cats they would lock me up. They would think I have lost it. Or maybe I have. I am a animal lover of all kinds. Right now I have two cats.

I have always talked to my kids(animals) like they can talk back. Sometimes they do talk back of course it is me talking for me. I ask them a question and they answer me. I could carry on a conversation with them. Maybe they think I am crazy. I am their mom.

My orange cat is about 5 months old now. He was found in the street almost getting hit by a car. He was about 6 weeks old when he came to live with me. He has the most beautiful markings. Kind of like a tiger. I read him a bedtime story. Most of the time it is "The Three Little Kittens" or I sing him a song as I hold him upside down like a baby. I rub under his neck and he goes to sleep that way. Just like a baby would. Yes I do have a child that I gave birth to. She is a teen-ager and don't need me as much. Before I had her I had two small dogs. I would dress them up for halloween, had b-day parties for them, I never did invite neighborhood dogs. They both wore birthday hats and had cake and ice cream. They had stockings for Christmas with their names on them. Santa brought them treats. I would take them out to eat. They knew Mcdonalds, DQ, the bank would give them dog bisquits. They did get confussed at the ATM when they didn't get anything.
How many other people who have pets(kids) talk to them like they are human?

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Aug 8 @ 6:47PM  
My wife and I have a long haired Chihuahua named Sammy. We both talk to him like he was human. He just stares at us with his big brown eyes like he doesn't quite understand what the hell we are saying.

Aug 8 @ 6:51PM  
I talk to my dogs, and my cats. And yes, sometimes they get scolded. I'll start to ask the dogs if they are "ready to go outside"...I get as far as "are you...." and they're already at the door with their ears up and tails wagging. And when they have been bad, I don't yell at them....all I have to do is give them "the look"...oh yeah..they know it. Or I might tell them sternly they are being bad. To which their ears droop, and they give me the "puppy dog eyes".


Aug 8 @ 6:56PM  
I don't treat them like humans in other ways, but I always talk to dogs...
and other animals for that matter.

A former roommate of mine had two dogs (one who recently died ). She moved back in with her parents to take care of them in their old age. The mail man who had their route loved dogs and would always carry around treats for them. He would stop for at least five minutes if he saw her dogs and shoot the shit with her while petting her dogs and giving them treats.

Aug 8 @ 7:13PM  
I have been known to talk to my cats often...

Aug 8 @ 7:17PM  
I have been known to talk to my cats often...

I know. Your cats told my cats and they told me

Aug 8 @ 7:28PM  
oh I talk to my cats all the time... they might be getting cussed out sometimes but for the most part, it's ushy mushy lovey dovey talk!! LOL

I don't know anyone who doesn't talk to their animals.... sometimes I bet they wish we'd just shut the fuck up tho!!

Aug 8 @ 7:38PM  
I think that if a pet owner doesn't talk to their animals, there's something wrong with the people. Isn't that why we have pets? To accompany us? Mine think their names are Bastard and Bad Dog.. they wag their tails and come running when I say either one.

Molly has her own song.. to the tune of Must be Santa..

Who has a nose that's wet and black? Molly has a nose that's wet and black.
Who has a tail that wags in back? Molly has a tail that wags in back.
Wet and black, wags in back
Must be Molly, must be Molly must be Molly, Molly Flop.

Aug 8 @ 8:31PM  
I have come to learn that buzzwords and inflection are the key with my dogs over the years.

For example, if I say in a straight monotone, "How is everybody that is beautiful?" Nothing.

If I say in a with excitement, "How is everybody ugly?" They are extremely enthused.

Over a year ago, my 17 YO mutt matriarch passed. She was communicative and intuitively knew when the younger two needed to go outside and communicated it to me with a special bark, even if she didn't need to go. After she passed the younger dogs did not know how to express themselves as she always did it for them. There was a communication breakdown, often with disastrous results.

Over the last year, they have learned to respond to questions that they can answer by their actions. Sometimes their response to questions indicates that there is another need or concern to be met.

So when they come up to me a bit antsy, I first address the pee or poop issue. My question is, "Do we have a dog doo issue?" If so, they run to the door. If not, then the next question follows, "Is this all about dog food?" If so, they go to their bowls as that covers water too. If that is a "no", then they just want to go outside and run around the yard to bark at people passing by or the dog next door.

But the questions have to be asked the same way verbatim. For some unknown reason, they will not go the back door or dog food water area and park themselves, bark, or whine.

Unless you ask these questions, nothing will happen until they can barely hold it, are famished or parched. Then there is a doggie dance at the back door that is not unlike a four year old child's.

In the past, my other now departed dogs would come up and verbally get my attention, then walk of run off to the back door or dog food/water area. Not these two.

If any of these issues arise while I am asleep, they don't verbally say anything. They may bark about a squirrel across the street, but not about having to take a dump when I am asleep :/

Leaving you a green thing, and as it is green, it is not dog doo.


Aug 8 @ 9:54PM  
I've always talked to my dogs like they were human. Like the Skwirl I think it's odd if someone doesn't talk to thier animal. All of the pets i've ever had were part of the family, and treated accordingly. My baby that died in Dec. last year (poodle), Sam would sit up for everything LOL. If he wanted to go out, wanted a treat, was hungry, etc. We recently got another family member, Jack. Jack cries when he wants something. He knows the word "walk" so we have to spell it if we don't intend on taking him for one. He's gettng to know "hungry" and "treat" now too. He's an 8 year old cocapoo(I think that's how it's spelled) who was abandoned by his other family. He's quickly wormed his way into our hearts. We still miss Sam, and even though he's not a replacement, he's a welcome addition.

Aug 8 @ 10:16PM  
I always talk to my pup. She loves my enthusiasm, and gets that way just from the sound of my voice. She and I are very happy! Cute Blog! kudos to you for loving your pets!

Aug 9 @ 12:40AM  
My pets are like my kids! They get treated as such and I always talk to them! Before my cat passed away, I truly believe she could "talk" back! If I was gone for a very long day, she snitched out the dog the minute I walked in the door! I miss her, and I think the dog misses her even if she was a tattletale!

Aug 9 @ 4:07AM  
I had a 35 pound english Tabby named Marmalade. Oh we had a lot of conversations usually about his little "gift" he left me in the corner. I would talk to him and he would sit up like a person and watch tv with me. He passed away at he age of 16 last year. Now I just have 7 Bettas, not quite as responsive to conversation although two of them do like for me to feed then out of my hand.

Aug 9 @ 12:36PM  
Are you saying there might be a chance they don't understand us? I came home this morning and my Louie (my cat) was sitting in my chair..........i said Hi baby, can i have my chair and he jumped down and waited for me to sit down to get into my lap an give me lovings..............i believe he knows what i am saying.

Aug 9 @ 3:37PM  
Are you saying there might be a chance they don't understand us?

My famale cat does not understand the litter box and what it is for.
I have had her since she was a kitten. A friend was so kind as to bring her to me.
I have worked with her since she came here and using the litter box. She will shit right next to it. I keep it clean. When Pumpkin came here to live he took to the litter box right away. On his own. But not Rosy. I told my daughter that we are going to have to find a home for her in the country where she can be a outdoor cat.
I am tired of cleaning up after her daily. I keep the litter box in my laundry room and all the cleaning supplies.

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Do you talk to your kids? The four legged one's.