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Of all the rotten luck!

posted 8/7/2009 8:36:02 PM |
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tagged: rant

I'm on my way in to work this morning. So far, all was going good. I had left on time, traffic was light...things were going smooth. Then out of the Jeep started vibrating (and not in a pleasurable way either! ) and the steering was gone. And I was on I 75 going 70mph! I pulled off onto the shoulder....put on the flashers, (NO, not THOSE flashers...geez!!!!!!!! Get your minds out of the gutter! ) and got out my cell phone and called my Dad. Told him the Jeep "conked out" on me on the expressway. He said he would call his insurance company to have it towed...and for me to just sit there and wait till he got there. Sit there and wait? Well, with the Jeep "dead", I wasn't going anywhere at that moment. So, I called work to let my supervisor know that I would be late. Thankfully, my cell phone has games on it..not the best, but games nevertheless. It does have a fairly decent Tetris on it, and that was what I played while waiting for Dad to show up. I must have gotten pretty involved with that game cause I didn't know Dad had shown up till I caught a movement in my driver side mirror, and it was Dad walking up to the Jeep! About scared the hell out of me!

Anyway...Dad told me he would stay with the Jeep till the tow truck shows up and that I can use his van to get to work. I should have known that it was going to be a long day. For those who don't know, I clean rooms at a hotel...and usually I can get my rooms (10 of them) done by 4. Not today. Nope, and the bitch of it...instead of the usual 10 rooms, I had 9. ONE LESS room...I should have been done early!! But nooooooooo.........some cosmic force out there thought it would be great fun to "tell" the guests in the rooms I was assigned to to be slobs, lazy, and every kind of jerk. I didn't get out of work till 5 today.

After work, I stop by my parents house to see what Dad found out about my Jeep.'s crank shaft is broke..meaning the motor is seized up. For those who don't get what that means my Jeep is dead! My 94 Grand Cherokee decided it was done. Now, here I am, broke, no way to finance another vehicle. This really stinks!

Maybe I should dig out that Publishers Clearing House bulletin from the trash and enter?

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Aug 7 @ 8:39PM  
Nothing is worse than having your only mode of transportation give out on you, especially when you don't have the means to fix it or replace it.

I've been there and it's a dark place to be.

Sorry to hear about your day.

Aug 7 @ 8:48PM  
awww sugar! I hate to hear that!! I hope you find a resolution soon! It sucks being without a car... I don't know what I'll do if mine breaks down... and I drive a long way too and from work everyday.... might be something closer to home in the works!

I hope you can find something to get you to and from soon!!

Aug 7 @ 8:52PM  
Nothing worse than your only vehicle dying...........but not being able to afford another one..........I am so sorry Sugar........I hope something good comes along and helps you out of this jam............If i lived closer i would let you use my camaro........and i don't just loan that to anyone...........

Aug 7 @ 9:31PM  
it may sound krazy, but how about sleeping at work. most of can't
afford housing. so have a cot, a hot, a bot and a pot right there at
your work station. live underground of work. like mcdonald's workers do.
or all the other places like wal mart. you can live on 8 dollars an hour?
sure. if you don't make 250 thousand dollars a year, after taxes, you're
just are a slave. this is why i quit working, i made more money in the long
run, by doing nothing than if i worked. factoring in taxes, working does not pay.

Aug 7 @ 9:34PM  
Whapper....Live at work? There are 9 (omg!!!!) reasons I do not consider that. They are 5 dogs, 3 cats, and 1 bird. Animals are not allowed where I work, unless they are seeing eye dogs for the blind.

Besides...when I punch out at the end of the day....I want out of there.

Aug 7 @ 9:54PM  
A dead Jeep is a tragedy. Remind me to go out and pet mine later and tell it how much I love it.

Gawd hon... OUCH! I'm sorry for your loss.

Aug 7 @ 10:04PM  
Ooooh brainstorm.. get a kiddy wagon and get those dogs to haul you around!!! Put them beggars to work! You can have my two if those ones aren't enough! Upkeep is cheaper.

Aug 7 @ 10:46PM  
Sorry to hear about the car. Wish you the best on things.

Aug 7 @ 11:06PM  
This is everyone's worst nightmare come true; a vehicle that goes Kaput on you. Hopefully an easy solution will be found to get it running again.

Good luck.

Aug 7 @ 11:56PM  
Wish I had a car to loan. Is public transportation a reasonable option? If my car quits I can't go any where because public transport doesn't get out this far.

Great blog! I'm sorry for the turn of events, but you reported it well and it's funny as hell! So, you have the right attitude.

Aug 8 @ 12:37AM  
if its any consolation, when-ever we stay over anywhere, I always clean up after myself,and even put the sheets and pillow cases in a pile ready to go out to the laundry service.
just cos ppl have jobs as cleaners doesn't mean they have to be built in slaves for slobs. from someone who appreciates the taken for granted job you do .

Aug 8 @ 12:59AM  

I'm so soory to hear that.

Aug 8 @ 7:00AM  
Sorry that happened Sugar I had a van that became a dinosaur & was stuck on the side of the road like that so I know how you feel.

Aug 8 @ 8:05AM  
Sorry you're having it bad there with your Jeep, etc....maybe you can get Cash for your Clunker now?!? ..just a thought

Aug 8 @ 8:49AM  
I think we have all been there at one time or another. It is never a fun time.

Aug 8 @ 9:45AM  
Oh Sweetie, I'm sorry. I wish I could be of some help.
Thankfully it's been a long time, but I've been there.

And cash for clunkers is great, BUT, it only helps IF you have the extra money to make a payment on the new one...

I also try to help those who do your job also. I always make sure all trash is in one waste basket, nothing left sitting around, all used towels and such in one pile to be easily picked up, and such.
It's rediculous when people are slobs just because someone else has to clean it up.

Aug 8 @ 11:21AM  
Don't let Taisen take you car shopping! (this is intended to be kidding, not an insult).

Aug 8 @ 11:22AM  
cash for clunkers is great

They also must be in running condition.

Aug 8 @ 12:04PM  
...........If i lived closer i would let you use my camaro........and i don't just loan that to anyone...........

Make sure you ask her how many tickets that car has gotten

my fingers are crossed for something good to happen to you sugar!

Aug 8 @ 6:17PM  
Hate to hear that about your car. Your father really came through for you with flying colors. When he said stay put I'm sure he was very concerned about you getting out of your vehicle and walking along side the highway with the threat of getting hit by some moron. If there isn't a business close by and your car is off the road by a very good margin and out of the way of others cars, then it would be a good idea to stay inside the car with your seat belt on. Ya never know what idiot is going to ram into the back end of your car.

Aug 8 @ 8:27PM  
Make sure you ask her how many tickets that car has gotten
I don't think the car has gotten any........... but the driver of said car on the other hand.... lmao

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Of all the rotten luck!