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Sick Fucks On This Site

posted 8/7/2009 3:15:08 PM |
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tagged: fuck, sad, sick, sunshine

Raped, abused, molested? And now you crave rough, humiliating sex? So, the only sex that REALLY excites and arouses you is hard, rough, humiliating and degrading sex; the kind that makes you feel like a helpless little slut doll fuck toy!? I understand your ambivalence about those desires and view that as a perfectly normal feeling, but yet something you can not only endure but actually indulge, accept and embrace. If the feeling of being a used, violated and helpless lil fuck toy, despite any misgivings you may have, provides EXTREME sexual pleasure for you, I understand your needs and can and will fulfill your decadent desires without any judgment or condemnation! Rather than judge or condemn you, I will give you exactly the sort of rough, kinky, nasty and humiliating use you fantasize about and crave, while making sure you are safe and secure. I am very clean, fit, good-looking white professional man -- normal, fun, and decent, but I am also MUCH more sexually adventurous, rough and kinky than the average man. I totally GET OFF ON on manhandling you and forcefully violating, humiliating and degrading you, as long as it gets you off too! I'm no animal (at all), just a very uninhibited, rough and wild, aggressively kinky, Dominant man. While I will never harm you, I will excite you, overwhelm you, violate and degrade you and MAKE you LOVE being my helpless little fuck doll slut and submissive sex pet. If you're an attractive, clean, slim, FIT (and relatively sane) woman who NEEDS a man who can understand you and FULLY satisfy your needs and treat you as a friend, as well as like the dirty lil whore you NEED to be treated as, lets talk. I guarantee if you are hot, I will SURPASS your wildest needs and desires while making you feel totally safe and comfortable. I am not looking just to chat or engage in cyber fantasy play, but rather to explore your naughty and nasty desires in real life, or as they say, in the flesh! While I LOVE kinky, nasty girls, you MUST be attractive (meaning pretty and not overweight) for this to be viable. You MUST be at least 18 yrs old. I am 100% REAL and demand the same: no games, lies or bullshit! If you are not looking to meet in person, do not respond! I'm here to MEET a like minded, attractive young woman in REAL life who is READY to be USED HARD by a strong and rough dominant MAN who knows how! Be a good girl and start communicating - NOW!

This is from JR90008......sick fucker.......Hope you rot in hell. I pray you never have children.

I'm sure more than just myself got this letter.

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Aug 7 @ 3:19PM  
lol wow what the fuck ........ guy sounds like a deuche

Aug 7 @ 3:31PM  
Nice guy.............the type you would want to take home so dad could hook him to a chain and drag him down the road.............for just a little ways..........

Guess it takes all types to make the world go round......

Aug 7 @ 3:35PM  
(and relatively sane) woman
If she were even relatively sane, why would she contact him?

It must just be one of those days....... Was it a full moon?

Aug 7 @ 3:52PM  
Well damn sounds like the kinda guy I've been looking for,,,,,and he DIDN'T email me!!


Aug 7 @ 3:52PM  
ALRIGHT!!! THAT'S IT!!! You told me you wouldn't tell everyone about the letter I sent you let alone post it. I'M JUST KIDDING!!! Send him to me and I'll rape, abuse and molest him with a weed eater.

Aug 7 @ 3:57PM  
YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all I have to say about him.

Aug 7 @ 4:03PM  
I've got a spare drag chain Dayna , and I'll even offer to do the dragging

and he even describes himself as ; a professional man - normal, fun and decent ???

I'm pretty open minded but whats normal or fun about any of that ?

Aug 7 @ 4:06PM  
Looks like you found another one whose dad jerk off in a flower pot an his kid grew up a BLOOMIN IDIOT

Aug 7 @ 4:53PM  
I am very clean, fit, good-looking white professional man

Hmmm... sounds like the typical politician you see getting busted these days!


Aug 7 @ 5:00PM  
! Send him to me and I'll rape, abuse and molest him with a weed eater.

Damn, when Ynot was here............he use to offer to ass fuck them............I sure miss him when I get those emails.........................but thank God..........Max has stepped up to the plate..........................remember ladies..............and abusive, sick, nasty emails can be forwarded to Max............................He's my Hero............

Aug 7 @ 5:02PM  
*does jackass call and sees if this jackass answers*

Aug 7 @ 5:42PM  
I threw up in my mouth a little. What a gross sales pitch!

Aug 7 @ 6:02PM  
He's probably some big ugly hairy fucker that can't get a date!!

Aug 7 @ 6:12PM  
Eww gross!!

Aug 7 @ 6:33PM  
If I was a woman and that was sent to me, my response would be very short and clear:

If I wanted to hear from an asshole, I'd fart.

Aug 7 @ 6:43PM  
I saw an ad on craigslist yesterday where a picture of a woman was licking the inside rim of the toilet bowl with her hands bound behind her back. I can't remember what section it was in but this guy sounds like one of those sick individuals.

Aug 7 @ 6:59PM  
Someone should tell him to crawl back to the mudhole he came from.

Aug 7 @ 7:01PM  
It takes all kinds...

Aug 7 @ 7:05PM  
yeah i have had a male species send me one similar to this..different name though...christ & they say woman are hard up for quality..take one look a t loser like that & you see what types of a holes we deal with...hey you guys get the chain, I will bring my pickup truck we will make a night of it you guys...

Aug 7 @ 8:15PM  
You know how is goes "if you cast your line in the water enough times you will eventually catch something".

He is trolling !

Aug 7 @ 10:34PM  
Ya know Sunshine I think i'm gonna buy that bullwhip after all.

Aug 7 @ 10:53PM  
No doubt the guy's got a tiny little penis. And possibly a very domineering mother.

Aug 9 @ 12:48AM  
sounds like he needs to be violated,raped and humiliated with a baseball bat up his ass.then beat up side his sick twisted skull

Aug 9 @ 2:51AM  
Sad thing is....he only wrote this because there are woman out there that actually want this

Aug 9 @ 6:55PM  

Cantcha just feel the l-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-v-v-v-e.


Aug 12 @ 11:02AM  
Perfectly sane individual! No, honest....:-)

Aug 12 @ 10:40PM  
As insane as this creep is (and he most definitely is) there ARE women on here who have rape fantasies. And all I gotta say is obviously those women have never been raped, and have no idea what it entails, or they're just as sick as the guy described in the original post.

Aug 13 @ 4:23PM  
he is a big ass hole for sure.ill email him and tell him were are comming to get you haha


Aug 19 @ 5:12AM  
This psycho is so blinded by his own malformed emotions and twisted by his own perversion that he perhaps cannot imagine any other desire existing in women other than for a man to treat them abusively and to humiliate them through sex. Does that sound right to everybody else? Some people should go to the gallows just for being whom they are.

My emoticons above shall send the message that I intend for these perverts to receive. Without them, I would be at a loss for words, but with them, I go forth boldly.

I do not even threaten my enemies with such vile treatment as he promises to deal to his sexual partners.

Aug 19 @ 10:02PM  
I agree..he is a very sick person..if anyone tried that kind of stuff with me..I would chop his balls off and hand them to

Aug 21 @ 1:30PM  
Most people that "claim" they want to or claim to be able to do these things are usually the ones that CAN'T do much of anything at all....I think if they have to advertise that they can do these things they probably aren't able to do much at all...except in their own minds...It is sad that it is this way.... BUT....then again...that is sort of what this site is all about .... letting it all hang out.. finding someone that is on the same page as a person is, pertaining to IS Adult I think that it is just about anything goes on here...which is why a lot of us log in once in a while..then GET out while the gettin' is good.... SO... watch out, beware and be careful...cause this is a NO hold barred site..or so it seems... NOT that I agree with what all this joker is just the way it IS!

Aug 22 @ 2:53PM  
LOL, that guy is hilarious. If there is a market for it, why not supply the demand?

Aug 22 @ 10:40PM  
What a sick fuck.String him by the balls.Then leave him hang.

Aug 26 @ 4:11AM  
He doesn't sound like he's far off from killing. Scary motherfucker!

Aug 29 @ 12:39PM  
That guy must be raped in his childhood

Aug 29 @ 5:09PM  
If I was a woman and that was sent to me, my response would be very short and clear:

If I wanted to hear from an asshole, I'd fart.


Aug 31 @ 6:57PM  
you MUST be attractive (meaning pretty and not overweight) for this to be viable. You MUST be at least 18 yrs old.

Wheeeewwww.....this one time I am rather glad I have some meat on my bones... this fucker will definitely by pass my profile.......... How dare he talk that way with his potty mouth trash............I would be interested to know if anyone responded to his demeaning email...................yikes

Sep 8 @ 10:44PM  
well considering what website were on I'm sure some equally nasty female actallly did reply to his perverted post.

*yack yack

Sep 11 @ 8:50AM  
straddlemynose "It takes all kinds... " Now here's a guy that should talk!

Sep 11 @ 11:26AM  
I think this young lady above me has a serious crush on Straddle Get them digits man

Sep 14 @ 9:43PM  
I know some are play games. I am real person and meet somewhere in the public before fun role play in private place.

Have a great day :-)

Sep 16 @ 12:35AM  
What I want to know is if he is related to The Author? Y'all know who HE is, rite? If not, look him up. He's a sick fuck too! Scary!

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